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......multiplied by 16 and 2 is added, the result is 10. what is the fraction result?

In a calorimeter, there's 5mL of water. The temperature rises by 5 degrees (F). How many calories are in the item put in the calorimeter?

The water in a calorimeter raises five degrees (F). There was five mL of water to start with.

math 7 th grade asap
PEMDAS! do the things in the ( ) first. that'd be b-4 which is probably base minus four then multiply by six.

1/3 of the total barn animals were chickens and rest were pigs there were total 20 legs. How many were pigs?

divide 4 by 14 on a calc and u get 0.214285714 round to nearest fourth: 0.2143

If by MB you mean Megabyte (not Megabit) then: 18 MB = 18*8 = 144 Megabits 144/4 = 36 seconds

advanced funtions
when u have an even power, the value of y will always be positive, when u have an odd power, the value of y will be negative for x < 0 The higher the power the steeper the slope will be the graphs of x^n for even and odd n's are the same except that they are inverted ...

work = forcs*distance = 70*1.1 = 77 N.m

Current velocity = (time)*(acceleration) + initial velocity 12 = (0.96)*acceleration + 0 acceleration = 12.5 m/s2

Current velocity = (time)*(acceleration) + initial velocity 22.5 = time*4 + 0 time = 22.5/4 = 5.625 seconds

algebra 2
unless there is a special definition of "average rate of change" that im not aware of, ur answer is (f(19) - f(6))/(19-6)

More electrons than protons means the object has a negative charge Since a CL^-1 ion is negative, the two will repel each other

y=2x-2 y+2=2x (y+2)/2 = x y/2 +1 = x Answer: x=y/2+1

1st you find the vertical component of its speed which = (120)sin(60)=103.92 m/s Gravity's pull will decrease its vertical speed by G (=9.8 m/s^2) Therefore the vertical velocity of the projectile = 103.92 - (9.8)*t (whee t is time in seconds) It will reach maximum height ...

useing these numbers: 25 - 7 - 8 - 5 - 4 - 3 make an equation so that the answer equals 828,but you can ONLY use those numbers. you cant add any more numbers and you cant repeat any of the numbers. you DON'T have to use all the numbers though