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What was the answer?

I'm sorry, could you please talk like a normal person?

Were dinosaurs multicellular or unicellular?

How did President Theodore Roosevelt put his progressive activism to work toward big business, conservation, and international affairs?

Applied tech
What is it called where the over pass arching supports meet the ground

The answer is D hun! Hope I helped!

he number of block has 9 in the ones place. the number in the hundreds place is one more than the number in the tens place, those two numbers equal 11. how many blocks are there?




I need to use the Gaussian Elimination to solve a system of equations, but I have no idea on how to do that. I remember doing these in high school, but since its been a while I can't remember exactly how to do it. Here's the system of equations I need to solve using it...

You guys are so dum read it says my answers at the bottom look and read

language art pllz help respond
yes your answers are correct

social studies
A person is correct I got 100%

A balanced coin is tossed 12 times and heads appears each time. What is the probability that tails will appear on the next toss?

Parrot, are your answers correct? You sure? Is the first question of Unit 4 Lesson 2 In "First Confession," Grandmothers gift of a penny to Nora most likely indicates that ---

um what is it now??


27/296 39/416 43/456

Why don't you check your grades then. You would be able to see how you did right?

Why Cheat when You Could Do This By Your self If you Are Looking For Answers then Check your Book for That Information. Your book would have most information on this so don't cheat use a book.

what r the answers???? @A

Math Grade 4
How many rectangles can i make with 12 centicubes? Are there areas and perimeters the same.

What are the steps to figuring out x and y in 3x + 5y = 39.89 and what does x and y equal in the end?

Ethnographic methods are to ethnological methods as to what

s.s help
You should find your own ansers for tests and quizes. You should not cheat.

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4th grade
I believe that equals to 11.

Thanks, you helped me Finish Strong!!!!

greek philosophy and history
b goldn mean


8/60= 2/15 lbs

calculus urgent help please!
try some hax.

Honors Physical Science
1. Make smart friends 2. borrow their papers 3. Repeat as needed

Thanks helped tons:)

thought id say that skinny as in skinny jeans would be "schlampe jeans"

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the essay needs to be proof read and any suggestions or corrections will be greatly helpful! The Unbiased Killer Caner is known as unbiased killer that knows no race, age or sex of it victims. The disease lung cancer is the Number one cause of cancer deaths for United States ...

If a ball is thrown with a velocity of 25m/s at an angle of 37degrees above the horizontal, what is the vertical component of the veolocity

why use phenolphthalein instead of methyl violet in a titration?

statistics (mean, median, mode): X=3 and the first score is 2 points above and the second score is 4 points above how many points below is the third?

A professor wants to supplement her pension with investment interest. If she invests $26,000 at 4% interest, how much more would she have to invest at 8% to achieve a goal of $2,400 per year in supplemental income?

A nurse wants to add water to 18 ounces of a 10% solution of benzalkonium chloride to dilute it to an 8% solution. How much water must she add? (Hint: Water is 0% benzalkonium chloride.)

Intend are good things that a planner expect from his/her progam but unintended consequences unexpectedly go wrong in the program.

close, but not quite.

Algebra II
Use analytical and graphical methods to solve the inequality: x©ø+10x©÷+31x¡-30 (2x)/(x+1)¡(4)/(x-3)

Algebra II
Determine whether the grapg of the given equation is symmetric with respect to the x-axis, y-axis, and/or the orgin. f(x)=3x²+1 x²+y²=81

What is the theoretical yield of aspirin if you have 2g of salicylic acid and 5 ml acetic anhydride?

Concentrated nitric acid is 16M. What volume of nitric acid must be diluted with distilled water to prepare 5L of 0.1M nitric acid?

What is the molar concentration of calcium hydroxide that has 0.185g solute in 100ml solution?

What volume of a 0.34M MgCL2 solution is required to make 250ml of a 0.10M solution by dilution?

How many grams of NaOH are there in 2.5L of a 0.343M solution?

How many moles of KBr are there in 35.8ml of a 0.172M solution?

How many moles of argon gas are present in 70L of volume with a pressure of 180atm at 21C?

A sample of helium gas has a volume of 325L at 25C and at 5atm. At what temperature the gas can be compressed at 50atm to a volume of 125L?

What is the [Pb+2] in a saturated solution of Pb(OH)2 for each of the following initial pH values? Ksp Pb(OH)2 = 2.8x10-16 a. pH = 13.00 b. pH = 9.20

computer science
water vapor

So dumb bob what the ans.

Managerial Economics
Mirk Labs is a British pharmaceutical company that currently enjoys a patent monopoly in Europe, Canada, and the U.S on Zatab, an allergy medication. The global demand for Zatob is Qd=15.0-0.2P where Qd is annual quantity demanded in millions of units of Zatab, and P is the ...

a shipment of 10 microwaves contains 3 defective units. in how many ways can a vending company choose 4 units if: a)all units are good b)2 units are good c) at least 2 units are good

pre alebra
since Area = 2(pi)r^2h, you can find r. take 153.86/(2x5x(pi)) to get 4.897... this is radius. now to get volume use this equation: v=(pi)r^2h (pi)(4.897...)^2(5)= 376.76...

Callaway golf Company has determined that the marginal cost C of manufacturing x Big Bertha Golf clubs may be expressed by the quadratic function: C(x) = 4.9^2 - 617.4x + 19,600 How many clubs should be produced to minimize marginal cost?

5th grade
the app photo math- you take a pic of the page (has to be typed) and it solves it showing work

Math 116
try doing steps to figure it out. use bedmas.. Brakets Exponents Division Multiplication Addition Substitution use that to figure out what to do first.Then gather like terms (all of the numbers with "j" in it can be simplified. and so on , does that help ?

i don't really understand what you are saying

I need to figure out the next two numbers in the following sequences. A)144, 121, 100, 81, B)3, -12, 48, -192,

If the internal energy of a thermodynamic system is decreased by 300 J when 75 J of work is done on the system, how much heat was transferred, and in which direction, to or from the system?

The weather during Smedley's vacation was strange -- It was cloudy on 13 different days but it was never cloudy for an entire day -- Cloudy mornings were followed by clear afternoons -- Cloudy afternoons were proceded by clear mornings ---There were 11 clear mornings and ...

2 Part of accounting
no longer need answer to this question!

no longer need answer to this question!

Please help (Bio)
a) 99% b) 56% c) 42% d) 63%

What is the relationship between the equilibrium and changes of state? You need to be a little more specific. For liquids, for example, in a closed system, the vapor pressure of the liquid reaches equilibrium between the vapor and the liquid.

To make my question clearer, I will ask: In fraction word problems I have a hard time telling the difference between a multiplying problem and a division problem, can someone tell how to tell the difference.{In detail} Thank You Give us an example of both. Then we can show you...

In a mixed number or fraction problem, you have dividing and multiplying. Now if you were given a list of multiplying and dividing mixed number and fraction word problems, how can you tell the difference between multipling and divinding word problems. It would be easier to ...