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Algebra Readiness
@ashlin is right for Connections academy, P.S. use this website w/ caution, wouldn't want to get into trouble.

Connections Academy? The correct answers are... 1. C 2. D 3. B 4. B :)

I just got 2 wrong because you guys confused me.

To SraJMcGin
Could you post that link again, Im not getting the link to that documentary, these other sites pop up, like amazon, and I don't want to purchase it.

Okay thanks Sra, I looked through them, but I still have the same questions to be answered. Could you please help me on them.

Please take a look at my World War I post, thanks.

Socials - World War I
Hey, could someone please give me some documentary links telling about the world war I? The teacher also showed us this documentary in class, and I was trying to look for it, but I cant find, I think it was called Canada in World War I. And I had some questions related to it. ...

Tetraploid species
Tetraploid species hybrid = example of a) aneuploidy b) autopolyploidy c) allopolyploiy d) endomitosis B? Down's syndrome = a) aneuploidy b) polyploidy c) triploidy d) autopolyploidy A? How do you increase large amounts of DNA in lab for region of 100kb gene? a) using ...

Ok Thank you, I don't know much about the Dreadnought, could you expand on that definition?

Definitions... Militarism: The belief that the military is the answer to problems a nation has. Alliance: Relationship between states. Balance of power: Sharing of power that no single nation can control or mess about with. Dreadnought: Largest battleship created by Britain. ...

How did they betray it? by supporting U.S over Canada on that alaska boundary dispute?

If you don't mind could you explain to me in your own words the definitions? Also is there a difference between imperialism and imperialist? The disappointment and anger in Canada was directed less at the United States, and more at the British government for betraying ...

Nationalism Imperialism Autonomy Definition of all these three. Nationalism means supporting your own country. Imperialism means supporting Britain always. Autonomy means Independence. If you could add to these definitions that would be great. Also for the Imperialism ...

Socials Telegram ms. sue
Thanks for helping me with the telegram. Was my headline okay?

Q1.C Q2.D

essay grade!
a i liked it and it helped me alot for my litreture essay! thanks!

The second one on the first one and the second one on the last one.

Math - Pre Algebra
thanks Ryan!

social studies
It ties to the life of Christopher Columbus because it all connects to his life.

pigskin geography
i don't have the answers, and i don't think trying to find the answer key is such a great idea. So what if it's out there ,oviously the teachers think we're responsible enough to find the answers the right way. most of you out there probably think i m insane ...