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Math, science.
If two parallel lines are intersected by a transversal, prove that the bisectors of the interior angles on the same side of the transversal intersect each other at right angles.

angular velocity/ physics
how to find time period in angular velocity if body is equal to twice of the radius of the gravity

angular velocity/ physics
in 10s a fan rotates 500 rotation times angular velocity is

11 grade / physics
a body reaches the max height of 80m when projected at the angle of 30degree find the horizontal component

A rectangular box is of length 2/5 m. It has a square base of area 9cm*cm. What is the greatest number of 2 cm cubes that can be cut from it?

A heat engine operating between a cold reservoir temperature of 300K and a hot reservoir takes 200J of heat from the hot reservoir and delivers 120J of heat to the cold reservoir in a cycle. The minimum temperature of the hot reservoir is :

science (chemistry)
The % (by weight) of methanol in a mixturevof methanol and ethanol is50%.Therefore,the mole fraction of methanol in the mixture is

What is a mean of glidden?

Math/Compound Interest
Manoj deposited a sum of rs64000 in a post office for 3 years compounded annually 9%/ annum.what amount will he get on maturity?

Why Delhi is known as union territory?

1.44090 cm


Chandini purchased some parrots.20% flew away 5%died. Of the remaining 45%were sold. Now 33 parrots remain. How many parrots had chansini purchased?

let x be a number,then 1\x is its reciprocal A.Q =x+1\x=7\20 14+1/x=7/20 280x + 20 =7x 280x + 20 - 7x = 0 hence ,answer completed ��

tsunami which was occur on 26 dec was caused by a powerful earthquake in the indian ocean

calculate the molarity of solution cacl2 . if on the chemical analysis . it is found that 200 ml of solution contains 3 into 10 raise the power 22 cl- ions

a wheel with diameter 40 cm makes 50 revolutions per minute. how long it take to cover a distance of 6.28 km?

a)6N 10N

Science(electric circuits)
what is the potential difference readings from volt meter

the answer is row 4


maths-Surface aea

make a poem on rain, first word of all lines verticaly MUSKAN Like: M................. U.................. S................... k.................... A.................... N...................

a)The number 19 to the power 100(sexdecillion) is called a 'Googol'!If it takes 1/5 secod to write a zero and 1/10 second to write a 'one', how long would it take to write the number 100 'Googols' in full b)The number 10 to the power of a 'Googol&#...

science hitory of silkworm. 2.working model on any one topic. related to floods & drought. This site tells about the life history of the silkworm. You can check Google Images for pictures.

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what is 2/5 plus 3/10 ? What is 4/10 + 3/10 ?

What is a pronoun? A word that can replace a noun. She is an example of a pronoun because it can replace a girl's name, such as Elizabeth. You could say: She threw the ball. or You could say: Elizabeth threw the ball.

Noun means a person,place thing or idea. List 3 things for each. Person: teacher,doctor,nurse Place: park,school,store Thing: pen,notebook,book Idea: I need help with the idea Please help Thank you! idea: Peace, tranquility, hope, love, hatred. Ideas might be beauty, ...