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Number of solutions satisfying the equation, 3x²-2x³=log(x²+1)-logx is a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) none

Language arts
ms.sue I have a quiz tomorrow and I wanted to do it a head of time

Language arts
Ms. Sue thanks your a big help!

Language arts
has anyone got to unit 3 lesson 6 quiz yet because I need help!! I have to turn it in by 5:30

ED TECH Ms Sue Check Answer
What is the rhyme scheme of the following poem? He sat upon his brand new bike waiting for his best friend mike He couldn't wait to ride to school others would say his bike is cool. 1. a a b b 2. a b a b 3. a b c d 4. a a b a I think its 1 aabb am I correct?


Social studies
Landlocked I think

Thanks "anon" I got 100%

All your answers are correct

Shelle is correct just did the test got %100

I did the CCA quickcheck U2L3 and haleyy is right

hey flameblaze I got a 100% with the B.A.C.C

they are wrong I got 7/8 because of that. it is sediment B

Find the future value of $800 deposited at 5% for 2 years if the account pays simple interest, and the account pays interest compounded annually

Yes Meant interest

Find the simple rate Principal $2400 Rate 10 1/2% Time in years 1 1/2

Given: VYX = 23x - 5 WYX = 18x - 2 VYW = 3x + 7 Find all three angles.

Your exact equation would look like [5(x+4)^2 - (x+2)^2] + [5(x+2)^2 - x^2] + 5x^2 = 381. If you solve that through for x you will get your exact value of x, which is 3. From that you can find the other odd integers

Starting with 1.0M acetic acid and 0.50M NaOH, how would you prepare 100ml of 0.10M acetate buffer , pH =4.50? pKa of acetic acid is 4.74 (abbreviations : acetic acid = HAc,Acetate =Ac- )

what is the composition of 0.05M potassium phthalate buffer ,pH 5.00? phathalic acid (PH2,PH^-1,P^-2)is dibasic with pKa values of 2.95 and 5.41

What is the composition of 0.1M sodium acetate buffer,pH 5.00?

How does the pH of 400mL of water change when a. 100mL 0.0500M NaOH is added? b. 100mL 0.0500M HCl is added?

Could you please check these thanks god bless. Directions: Give your favorite color( mine) for the following items. Note that when a color is used as a noun, it is masculine: le bleu, le rouge, etc. 1. un blouson Answer: Ma couleur favorite pour un blouson est le bleu. 2. un ...

Could you please check these thanks god bless. Directions: Describe your favorite outfit, including each item of clothing and its color. Ma l'ensemble favorite est un aeropostale t-shirt rose, un short bleu, et des sandales rose. Question: When I put un t-shirt, and un ...

Could you please check these thanks god bless. Directions: Match each word in the left hand column with it's opposite in the right hand column. 1. -------- large A. au- dessous 2. -------- long B. noir 3. -------- sport C. serré 4. -------- au-dessus D. plus cher 5...

To: SraJMcGin
Is Frollo from Hunchback of Notre Dome a good character to be Tybalt?? Thanks:)

(Need an idea) Literature if considered that
Thanks for that wonderful idea but I would rather have a human character. Thanks though.

It's a quick question please someone help
Can someone please help me

(Need an idea) Literature if considered that
I am doing a comic on Romeo and Juliet and I can't find a cartoon character who can be Tybalt. Have any ideas? The cartoon character can be from a disney movie or from a television series. It can even be a villian. I really need help. thank you:)

A balloon filled with 0.01 mol of hydrogen gas is kept constant at 25 degrees Celsius. If the pressure is increased from 1atm to 1.5atm, what is the resulting volume? _______________________________________ C3H8(g) + 5 O2(g)-->3 CO2(g) + 4 H2O(g) A 0.03 mol sample of C3H8 ...