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  1. Math

    If you want the vertical distance from point A to the bottom of the window you would use the right angled triangle produced by your sketch and find the height using the tangent ratio. Tan theta = opposite / adjacent tan30=height/15 Now... if you were actually looking for the ...
  2. Science - Global Warming

    glob·al warm·ing ??l?b?l ?wôrmiNG/ noun noun: global warming; noun: globalwarming a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth's atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, ...
  3. math

    1) The parabola opens downwards because it is a maximum value 2) The vertex is located at the maximum value (-3, -11) 3) There are no zeros because the parabola opens downwards and has a maximum value below the x-axis. 4) YOUR TURN... sketch the parabola and describe what you ...
  4. Math

    Dear Kaitlynn; This website was set up to help students with their school subjects. It was not set up to give you answers. If someone posts the answers to this or any connexus materials they will be banned from the website for cheating. If you want to ask specific questions ...
  5. math

    The Jiskha tutor Steve posted this answer to the exact same question in 2015... Perhaps it will start you in the right direction :) The trailer went 300 km in t-1 hours, so its avg speed is 300/(t-1) Let the bus's speed be x, and the trailer's speed be y. The bus went ...
  6. Math

    Have you typed your question in correctly? Is the variable "A" ? As there appears to be a really long dash after the "A"? Please advise.
  7. math

    1x^2 -8x +20 = 0 if a =1, b=- 8 and c=20 and the discriminant is b^2 - 4ac sub in your values : )
  8. maths

    Indira; Do this question one small step at a time. I would suggest highlighting the important information and omitting the irrelevant information. So... 60 boxes and each class gets 2 boxes. So 60 divided by 2 = 30 classes Each box has 30 cupcakes, 30 cupcakes x 2 boxes = 60 ...
  9. LA

    Well... Cliff notes has a lot to say about the book : ) The major themes of Walk Two Moons include the feelings of grief as a response to death and loss, the discovery of self-identity, and hope...
  10. LA

    You could just "google search" it...
  11. Math

    9x8x7x6x5x4xx2x1 = . ! is just a "factorial" sign, it means to start at that number and multiply each number in a descending order until you get down to x1
  12. Math

    Two sides are the same length so the triangle is isosceles.
  13. Algebra 1

    In one variable Pauline is x, while Max is x +5 One year later Pauline is x + 1 while Max is x + 5 + 1 But he will be twice as old as she will be, so you multiply her future age by 2 to get it up to his age 2(x + 1) = x + 5 + 1 Solve for x and you have Pauline's age : )
  14. Physics

    average speed is total distance divided by total time....
  15. English

    Your secret is safe in this arena : ) Best wishes Reed. English is tricky at the best of times.
  16. BC Calculus

    You have information about the perimeter and area. Use them both. P=w + L + w 800 = 2w + L 800 - 2w = L Area = L(w) Does this twig any thoughts about what you have learned? then you will need the first and second derivatives.
  17. Algebra 2

    Draw the point on the cartesian plane, then use the pythagorean theorem to find the longest side of the triangle made with the x-axis, then use your primary trig ratios first. for instance sintheta = opp/hyp
  18. Math

    Volume = L x W x H
  19. Math

    or... are you simplifying when y=2 in that case you have 2(y+1) =2(2+1) =2(3) =6 this is the answer if you are asked to simplify... but not solve... your question was not clear (perhaps you made a wee typo in typing it up)
  20. math

    #12.. should read "a point" such as a point on the graph. #13 is just not a usual statement. It could be re-written as "The point on the graph is one-dimensional" If you need to re-write 13 it could say "the picture is drawn in two dimensions." #...
  21. Statisitcs

    This is a z-score z=(x-mu)/(standard deviation) z=(2.55-5)/(1.75) find z then look it up on your "areas under the curve normal distribution table" in the back of your textbook : )
  22. math

    Your answers are correct : )
  23. math

    You have two equations in two unknowns to solve. x + y = 8000 .04x + .05y = 350 solve for x and y then continue : )
  24. math

    You are very welcome!
  25. math

    Surface Area = 2wL +2LH + 2Hw and you have a length of 5, a width of 6, so your height is X 157.9 = (2)(6)(5) + 2(5)(x) + 2(x)(6) Simplify, gather like terms and solve for x then to find the volume sub your values into Volume = LWH
  26. Finance

    You have done a great job with your answers. 6 is C, and 8 is D, all the rest are correct. Just check these two... Double check that your textbook supports 5 as D. And Double check that your textbook supports 10 as B, as a credit card debt is considered an unsecured bank loan...
  27. Finance

    If you type in your answers we will check them : )
  28. Math

    They are also the same in that they both have a maximum value at a their respective vertices : )
  29. Math

    Well.. They are same in such... they both open downwards They are different in... their y-intercepts are different, their x-intercepts are different. Once you have them graphed you will see the exact values :)
  30. Finance Math

    Steve wrote a nice solution several years back... M = Pr/(1-(1+r)^-n) = 40,000,000*(.07/12)/(1-(1+.07/12)^(-12*30)) = 266121
  31. Finance Math

    LOL! Someone asked this same question yesterday... but did not respond when I asked what is the compounding of the loan??
  32. math

    I can't seem to figure out your bearing measures for where your two towns are. The question does not seem to use standard direction measures. If you can repost them we can solve them.
  33. statistics

    Thanks to Dr Bob for presenting this solution earlier : ) mu = bar x +/- 3(sigma/sqrt N) mu is the population mean. bar x is the average. 3 gives the 99% confidence interval. sigma is standard deviation. N is the number of sample. Solve for N.
  34. Pre-calc

    a) Tan5=(1550)/distance similar for plane A Start there : )
  35. Pre-calc

    hint...Your right angle triangle uses the tangent ratio (O/A). b) hint... Your right angle triangle uses the tangent ratio where the adjacent is now 160 m
  36. math

    By guess and check with r bigger than s, r could be 7 and s could equal 2 thus giving the sum of 47 when substituted into your equation : )
  37. Math

    Does your picture show the similar triangles (the big triangle made by the light post light to the end of the person's shadow... and the little triangle the person makes with his own shadow)? If so then dx/dt = 5 ft/s, and we need ds/dt when x = 10.
  38. Finance Math

    What is the compounding on her loan? Is it monthly? Or yearly? Or is it SIMPLE Interest? I=PRT ?
  39. Algebra

    When you sub in the value of -2 into your equation you obtain y = 4x - 1 y = (4) times (-2) - 1 y = -8 - 1 y = -9 follow this similar procedure to figure out the values that go with each x value that you sub into the equation.
  40. English

    The ones that make sense are #1, #2, #3, #9 should read... It is in three dimensions #10 should read ... It is in three dimensions #11 should read... It is in the third dimension. That is, the z-coordinate is in the third dimension. Hope this helps : )
  41. Math

    It represents the y-intercept of the function. It represents when x=0 the value of y. It is sometimes referred to as the "base value" of the function (because you can graph the function using that y-intercept and the slope)
  42. Algebra & Stumped

    Dr Bob answered your question earlier this evening... He wrote... diatance = rate x time. It took t1 to go there so d1 = 14*t1 It took t2 to get back and you know t1 + t2 = 3.4 hours. distance there = 14*t1 distance back = 20*t2. Since the distance is the same, then 14(t1 = 20...
  43. Third grade math

    If you work backwards (which is a viable problem solving strategy in grade 3 you have). He gave a marble away and had 1 left. So... he had 2 marbles. But before that he had to lose 1/3 of his marbles (and still have 2 left) so... 1/3 of 3 marbles is one marble. 3 - 1 = 2 ...
  44. Math

    Interest = (Principal)x(Rate)x(time) of the loan : )
  45. Math -- repost for Diana

    You can use two equations in 2 unknowns to solve. Let A be the apples and B be the peaches. 6A + 9B = 9.75 4A + 5B = 5.75 If you use the process of "elimination" that is multiply all part of the first equation by -4 and all parts of the second equation by 6 then add ...
  46. Math

    Or... Set the area of the triangle = area of the trapezoid Then re-arrange for "the missing length" And you will have your formula for the length of the long side : )
  47. Physics The buoyant force. When an object is placed in a fluid, the fluid exerts an upward force we call the buoyant force. The buoyant force comes from the pressure exerted on the object by the fluid. Because the pressure increases as ...
  48. Physics

    I just google searched your exact question and it happily came up with a great description. Did you try google?
  49. Physics Jul 9, 2009 - Liquid water has a specific heat about twice that of ice, so it is completely clear that a given mass of water will require twice as much heat to raise its temperature one degree compared to ...
  50. Math

    Mean... add them all up and divide by the number of pieces of data. Start there : )
  51. Pre-algebra

    You can either do this with 2 variables or one. In one variable you have the equation... Let x represent the nickels, so there are 90-x dimes .05x + (90-x)(.10) = 6.30 Solve for x
  52. Calculus

    Well you know that cos(x) is sketched between 1 and -1 on the graph. And you are looking at the average value between two points.
  53. Algebra

    Remember to state your restrictions before you reduce any of your expression.
  54. Algebra

    I am not certain which is the numerator and which is the denominator. You can start by factoring the two trinomials on top. I think they are being multiplied together... Please advise.
  55. Other: Writing

    You need to start your book with the definition of a bully. You also need to list the forms and types of bullies and bullying. Once that is all defined you need to defend your thesis. And you should provide concrete examples of how to prevent and stop bullying.
  56. prealgebra

    slope is m y-intercept is the b value sub your two numbers in
  57. Math

    Sure : ) It just has a radius of the square root of 6. It has a center at the origin (0,0)
  58. Geometry

    Find the area of the dance floor Area=Lengthxwidth Then divide by the 2x2=4feet each person needs. This will tell you how many people fit on the dance floor.
  59. Math

    Here is your 7 digit phone number represented with a blank line for each digit. So the first x can be 10 different numbers _10__ ___ ___ ____ ____ ____ ____, but which ever number you use, it is then used up. So then you only have 9 numbers left _10_ x _9_ x ___ x ___ x ___ x ...
  60. Business Calculus I found this free calculator on-line. I saw your question earlier in the day but was unable to help you.
  61. math

    Consider the code as 8 spaces for the combination. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ There are 0-9 numbers (that is 10 options) for each space for the code. And we know that each number can be repeated for any place in the code so, 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 possible ...
  62. Geomtry

    Volume = height x width x depth
  63. math

    ? 27 = ? 9x3 = 3 ? 3
  64. math

    You are really just looking for a perfect square hiding under the square root sign. The square root of 45 has 5 x (the perfect square 9). The square root of 9 moves to the front of the root sign, as it is perfect (the square root of 9 is 3). A second example. The square root ...
  65. Math

    You need to use the pythagorean theorem to find length of the base. c2 = a2 +b2 Then use (bxh)/2 to find the area
  66. Math

    Diverge means gets bigger, converge means gets smaller. All of your numbers follow one pattern or the other.
  67. Geometry

    The area is (bxh)/2 If the hypotenuse is 9 and one leg of the triangle is 4 then by the Pythagorean Theorem the other leg is 8.0622. How did you get 8.24621?
  68. Geometry

    The definition of a rectangle is....."a plane figure with four straight sides and four right angles, especially one with unequal adjacent sides, in contrast to a square." Your question asked for the length of GK. Do you need the area as well ? (bxh)/2
  69. Math~Coordinate Planes

    You are correct : ) Two transformations have been performed on the ordered pairs. One right after the other.
  70. math

    Dear Tom; This is not the final solution yet... Sincerely, Ms Pi
  71. math

    Find the rate per year. That is take the difference between 155 and 125 and divide it by the number of years between 2009 and 2011. Then multiply this yearly rate by the number of years between 2011 and 2014.
  72. math

    It depends on how advanced your math is... You could do this question merely by looking at the patterns If you consider a) 100km distance between them then at 100km/h it took 1 hr and at 80km/h it took under two hours so the time is NOT 3 hours more. So you must up the ...
  73. English

    Yes, your explanations are good. You may want to add a wee bit to your explanation of #7 such as [a book in general versus a magazine or other print materials]
  74. English

    #4 should read "A" book in general, is expensive. #7 works when it refers to The person likes reading a book versus reading a magazine.
  75. Math

    Circumference = pi x(diameter), and we know that the radius is half of the diameter. So the radius x 2 is the diameter.
  76. Math

    Start by determining how much paint is needed for the 7 chairs, that is 7 x 1/9. Then check if 3/4 is smaller or bigger then the amount needed for 7 chairs)
  77. Pre Algebra

    Area is Length x width Perimeter is Length + Length + width + width or 2*L + 2*w
  78. Math

    You can solve the equation "how many 1/3 pitchers must you fill to make 3/4" that is... (1/3)times Pitcher = 3/4 (1/3)(P)= 3/4 so multiply both sides by 3 (3)(1/3)(P) = (3)(3/4) the 3's reduce on the left leaving P = 9/4 or as Ms Sue said a little more than 2 ...
  79. Algebra 1

    Dimes are 10 cents, quarters are 25 cents. Your equation is the number of them times their value : ) Let x represent the dimes 10x + 25(x + 13) = 360 You can either work in pennies or dollars. This equation is if you work in pennies : ) Use the distributive property and solve ...
  80. Consumer math

    You are correct : ) As the others are all things that occur in your year on a regular basis and must be considered when deciding how to best spend your money. The discretionary expenses could be things like going out to StarBucks everyday (it may be nice, but will eat up a lot...
  81. Science

    Correct : )
  82. research paper

    Far too informal...
  83. Calculus 1

    y = 5x + 4 is a line, so I am not certain where the curve comes from... did you make a typo?
  84. MATh

    Proof by induction takes two steps. Step 1: Show that the left hand side equals the right hand side for n = 1 LS... 2(1) - 1 = 1 RS... 1^2 = 1 So step 1 holds true, thus meaning we can proceed to step 2 the induction step: Assume true for n=k and show true for n=k+1 Show that ...
  85. Math HELP please!!!

    OOOOPS! so sorry! I thought it was compounded SEMI-ANNUALLy! So very sorry. Thanks for the proper solution Reiny : )
  86. Math HELP please!!!

    Semi-annually means the money is looked at twice a year (for each of the three years), and the interest at 4% is split into 2 (for semi-annually) each year so... A = P(1 + i)^n A=4000( 1 + 0.04/2)^(3x2) .... Solve for the accumulated amount in the account.
  87. Math

    Simplest form is a reduced fraction.
  88. Math

    No. The places the spinner could land are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 these are the five sections that would be on a circular spinner. Now the even numbers where it could land are the numbers 2 and 4. So there are TWO out of the FIVE sections that would give you an even number. 2 out of 5 ...
  89. Math

    Draw a spinner. Circle the even numbers. How many numbers out of the 5 possible are even?
  90. Geography

    So the new dimensions are 5x3=15m by 5x3=15m So... the new area is 15 x 15 = 225 And the question asks how will the area be affected. They are looking to see the relationship between 25 and 225 (that is, how many times bigger is 225 than 25)
  91. math

    Is this an I = (p)(r)(t) loan, or a COMPOUNDED loan?
  92. Math

  93. Math

    2 out of 12 picks get you a number divisible by 5 (that is only 2 divided by 12 of a chance). This is NOT very likely.... You have stated you think the probability is 1, the 1 you have stated means 100% chance. Do you still feel your answer is correct?
  94. science

    Isn't my telling you breaking the honor code as well then??? If you are being tested on this, then any looking up (or asking for answers) is an honor code violation.
  95. science

    This is directly out of your science text book. I did an on-call last week in a grade 9 science classroom and it was in their textbook. If you do not have access to a textbook this evening... just google search it :)
  96. Math

    1. So in your formula replace the r with (2x+3) that is... S = 4(PI)(2x+3)(2x +3) Now use the distributive property to simplify... 2. total area - sky light = area remaining (10x+9)(7x+7) - (x+5)(3x+3) = remaining area. Use the distributive property to expand both sets of ...
  97. History

    And... refer to the notes your teacher has given you. And... refer to any hand outs and text book pages that relate to your topic.
  98. History

    Google search your phrase : )
  99. Math

    You are very welcome! Enjoy your day : )
  100. Math

    Take the 3 to the side that has the number... - 147 = 3x + 3 So if you balance it off - 147 - 3 = 3x +3 - 3 -150 = 3x .... and you can solve for x
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