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  1. Maths lit economics business, history

    Happy Sunday Hazel! You have a great diverse background. You should probably go to your local high school and see a guidance councilor to see what career paths you have available. I would suggest you choose a career that "makes your heart sing", as you will be ...
  2. MATH - circles, circles, circles

    Thank you so much Math Gang for your outstanding tutorials on my problem! Yippeeee! I do love a good math problem. Yours in Mathematical fun, Mrs Pi 3.141592653589793238462643383...
  3. MATH - circles, circles, circles

    Totally AWESOME graphics! Thank you so much! I hunted, and hunted and found nothing as lovely as that! Thanks again, Happy Friday Night! Yours in Mathematical fun, Ms_Pi_3.1415926535897933238462643383...
  4. MATH - circles, circles, circles

    Happy Friday Math Gang; I can't seem to wrap my head around this one... If two circles have at most 2 places of intersections, 3 circles have at most 6 places of intersection, and so on... How many places of intersection do 100 circles have? Well... I can't even draw ...
  5. Math

    Hi Jacob; Have you considered the two equation (then their inequalities) that have to be considered. You know 1) x + y = 480 the money divided up 2) y = 4x as he would like to donate four times the amount to the youth fund. If you graph these two lines then check the ...
  6. Science

    Happy Saturday Anna! I cut and pasted your exact question into the search engine at the top of this page... and got 84,218 hits : ) So apparently this is a well asked question : ) Happy weekend. Ms Pi : )
  7. science

    WAIT... a better one! When I did a google search for imagages of house hold suspensions I saw a few of interest... 1) flour and water to make gravy 2) oil, vinegar, and herbs shaken up to make salad dressing : )
  8. science Suspensions …
  9. Quadratics

    Have you thought about narrowing it down a bit? Suggestions... 1) sketch it with the information given (one x intercept) 2) sub in your point on the quadratic and see what results :) What do those two suggestions help you to see?
  10. Math

    YES, now it is a much better answer : ) It is mathematically correct : )
  11. Math

    77) is correct 78) does not match my answer. 32000 is way more than 2% of 115,000 A good bench mark number would be 10%. 10% of 115000 is 11000. And she paid 32000$ 81) is rounded correctly : )
  12. MATH

    YES : ) If you re-arrange and get x all by itself it truly does equal y^(2/3) The steps would have been... 1) square both sides 2) take the cube root of both sides
  13. Chemistry

    Please ??
  14. Math

    Did you solve it ?? : )
  15. Math

    Use your arithmetic formula to get two equations in two unknowns : ) tn= a + (n-1)d t4 = a + (4-1)d while t4=18 18 = a + 3d and t6 = 28 so 28 = a + (6-1)d and then just solve the two equations in two unknowns, and I would be happy to check your solution : )
  16. HR

    Human resources is about the people. I believe you should be able to narrow it down. I would be happy to check your answer : )

    Not being a chemist... I did a google search and there were 71,000 hits : )
  18. Programming

    Wow! Clearly exactly what you have to do is well spelled out by the assignment. You just need to put it together piece by piece in C++ language : ) It should be a great program when you are done : )
  19. geometry

    What do you think the answers are? We can check your work once you have posted some. For #1 consider that supplementary angles are two or more angles that add up to 180 degrees. I would suggest sketching a diagram to aid you. THat should give you some ideas for your first ...
  20. Math

    The independent variable is located on the x-axis and is the number of tickets purchased. The dependent variable is on the y-axis and is the Cost of the tickets purchased. The cost of your bundle of tickets purchased depends on the number of tickets. :)
  21. Ethics

    Can you give an example of conflicting duties?
  22. math

    9 is correct... But you need to check 11 : ) It is not correct... YET.
  23. algebra

    You are correct :)
  24. math

    If you re-arrange 3x + y = 15 into y = -3x + 15 then sub it into the first equation you can solve for y : ) (-3x+15)^2 + y^2 = 85 (-3x +15)(-3x + 15) + x^2 = 85 (9x)^2 - 90x + 225 + x^2 = 85 (10x)^2 - 90x +225 - 85 = 0 either factor or use the quadratic formula to solve for x...
  25. math

    SinA/a = SinB/b Sin76/38 = SinB/29 re-arrange and solve for B : )
  26. Statistics

    If 32 is the average, and the standard deviation is 4, then 31.5 is very very close to the mean. Use your z-score to find the value to look up : ) z= (x-average)/standard deviation
  27. Finite math Probability

    What do you think?
  28. science

    a) herbivores all eat plants so if there are lots and lots of rabbits and a very little vegetable garden plot they may have to move on to find more food, or go hungry. b) carnivores are meat eaters. Take for instance deers and wolves that live on an island. The wolves eat all ...
  29. math

    Well... to start with "order doesn't matter" so you are dealing with a combination. Please state the combination expression you believe to be the make up of your solution. A tutor will be happy to review your expression. PS... what a tasty example : )
  30. Math

    If you are balancing the equation... on line two (B) you are subtracting 2 from both sides. As long as you mean the "addition property of equaltity" + (-2) then your proof is sound.
  31. Math

    Add 6, add 6, add 6...
  32. Math

    Yes, you are correct : )
  33. math

    # 21 and #20 are both correct : ) You are on the right track : )
  34. math

    #2 is correct : )
  35. math

    I long divided for #1 and did not get the answer you obtained.... Did you factor first??
  36. algebra

    That is correct :) "A" is the correct answer : )
  37. algebra

    We can only help you if you try first. Type in 1 question, your answer... and we will check it. No one is able to GIVE you the answers... or they will be banned for cheating...
  38. Algebra

    So sorry Tom... I misread the question... We need L/W = L/W so (1 + ?(5)/2= L/12 so (12)(1 + ?(5)=2L divide both sides by 2 6(1 + ?(5)= L So yes !! L = 19.416 which is letter D : )
  39. Algebra

    You will be solving for the Length L given the proprotion that has w/L = w/L where the first two numbers come from the golden rectangle (1 + ?(5)/2 = w/L and they give you a width of 12 so put it in, then solve for L : ) (1 + ?(5)/2 = 12/L L(1 + ?(5)= 12(2) L = 24/(1 + ?(5) L...
  40. Math

    Take the total volume of the pipe (the full radius of 5cm) and you will have to find the volume of the smaller pipe size with radius 4.5 cm Volume of metal = total volume of large pipe - (volume of internal pipe with radius 4.5 cm) So in conclusion... find both volumes then ...
  41. Math

    You are correct Reiny : )
  42. science

    Yes, sound waves pass through a block of wood.
  43. Algebra

    Nope... 12 students and you are "choosing" three to do their presentation. Order doesn't matter, so you have a combination 12C3 by definition of combination you have 12C3= n!/(r!(n-3)! = 12! divided by 3!(9!) = 12 x 11x10 /3x2x1 = ...
  44. math

    Volume = length x width x height but you may want to convert all units to meters first as your sand is measured in meters : )
  45. maths

    LxW=bx(altitude)/2 10x9=(12xaltitude)/2 90=6xaltitude.... divide :)
  46. Math

    THe first one is good. But on the second one you forgot the other restriction. You need to set your restrictions-before you reduce. You reduced the x-2 but forgot to set x-2 not equal to 0 for the final restriction : )
  47. Math

    You have several equations to work with. We know tn=a(r)^n-1 and that t5 = t4 + 27/2 and that t3 = t2 - 9 we also know things like t5=ar^4 Does this inspire you to use the equations and use some of your solving methods?
  48. Math

    Thanks Ms Sue! With a holiday Monday... I had a nap : ) And am now off to rake grass :)
  49. Math

    #4 is correct. for #5 you forgot to write down what the question was you are answering.
  50. Math

    LOL! I checked #1 and #2 and they are both correct : )
  51. Algebra

    The first one has the common denominator of x, so just subtract the numerators : ) 2. needs a common denominator. To make the common denominator of c^2 you must multiply the numerator and denominator of the first fraction by c thus = 6c/c^2 + 4/c^2 = (6c + 4)/c^2 you could ...
  52. Math

    For the first one.... if you factor the denominator you will be able to reduce the rational expression. Be certain to state the restrictions on the denominator before you reduce : ) Similarly for the second one... you must factor the top and bottom, then state restrictions ...
  53. maths

    In Q1 would a long division (or synthetic division) give you the factors you need?
  54. Math

    The common difference between the terms is 11. What do you think the answer is? We will check your choice.
  55. math

    LOL! Good one! Correct answer : )
  56. Algebra

    So if you call your principal 1, then to triple it, it would need to grow to 3. Thus the accumulated amount in the account would need to grow to 3. Given A=P(1+i)^n 3 = 1(1 + 0.075/4)^4n 3=(1.01875)^4n since you can't recall logarithms (and may have missed that section of ...
  57. Algebra

    The Accumulated amount needs to triple... Do you know how to "undo" an exponent? AKA do you know how to use logarithms? If not... I will show you without them : )
  58. Math

    LOL! So funny : ) Did it work out now ??
  59. Math

    so there is a correct choice... just not the one you have chosen... yet : )
  60. Math

    Happy Monday! Did you try and look at the search feature on this website? Many of the same questions have been answered in the last 10 years : ) Pr(exp)=Pr(2)+Pr(3) =(54+62)/360 =
  61. Algebra

    You need to do a google search and gather the data first : )
  62. Social Studies

    A cell phone also means access to the internet, and with the internet come many opportunities for self teaching. Knowledge is power : )
  63. Social Studies

    A cell phone also means that you can be contacted if you are needed for a job. If you are looking for a job and give them your cell phone number you won't miss a call back for a job, or job interview.
  64. math

    Not yet... If 150 were caught and tagged (then there would be a great many tagged animals out there). The next time they checked only 12 had tags... out of the 300 caught. So either the squirrels removed their tags (not likely) or... there are a whole lot more squirrels out ...
  65. math

    a) (60+43+48+46) divided by 4 b) similarly for this one (add them all up and divide by the number of times they played) c) let me know what you think on this one :) we will be glad to check your work.
  66. math

    Nighty Night from Canada! I was up early to watch the Royal Wedding :)
  67. math

    Excellent : )
  68. math

    Dear Ms Sue... please check my math... as it is late, and I may not truly be thinking straight :)
  69. math

    in 2008 all 40 caught were tagged... so... in 2009 16tags/50 caught = 40 tags/TOTAL solving for x you obtain (50x40) = 16(TOTAL) 2000 = 16(TOTAL) thus divide both sides by 16... In 2009 there were 125 turtles Now you try 2010...
  70. math

    Free RANGE Chickens??
  71. math

    Heee heee heeee.... the "RANGE" of the question.
  72. Math

    Nummy!! Now back to the problem at hand... Notice in the wording it says "approximately" how many are needed. I believe this is a gentle, get them excited about cherry topping on a cake, and not a "space between the cherries" needs to be considered problem...
  73. Math

    You don't stack the cherries. You lovingly lay them side by side, just on the top of the cake : )
  74. Math

    Nummy! The baker is filling the area of the cake with cherries. Area=(pi)(r)(r) so the big cake has a diameter of 10 inches. The radius is half of the diameter so r=5 inches So the area of the top of the cake is 3.14159x5x5 = 78.53975 now you find the area of each cherry : ) ...
  75. Math

    You know that the diameter of the circle is 20 m, and the two ends of the field make the full circle. The perimeter of a circle is given by the equation (pi)x(diameter) So total perimeter = = circle + the two long sides of the field = (3.14159265)x 20 + 40m +40m =
  76. Math

    Try sketching it out first : )
  77. Algebra

    Try first with a number... say 7 first multiply by 2, that is 7x2=14 subtract 8, that is 14-8=6 divide by 2, that is 6/2= 3 add 4, that is 3 + 4 = 7 So what happened to your original number??
  78. Pre-Algebra

    (3x+4)(x - 2) If you expand this out... The 3x has to be multiplied by both elements in the second bracket The 4 must also be multiplied by both elements in the second bracket (3x)(x) -2(3x) +4(x) +4(-2) = 3x^2 -6x +4x - 8 Then you have to collect like terms (the x's) = 3x...
  79. Math

    Hee heee heee... You are exceptionally witty this evening Ms. Sue... Dear Boop; What she was trying to tell you was that you can not post diagrams to this website, thus either you have to describe the picture, or at least state the dimensions.
  80. Calculus

    You can start by sketching the two functions and seeing where the region you are working with is bounded : )
  81. Math

    40dBm - 6 dB + 10dB - Lprop > -100dBm Your dBm's will never cancel out... regardless of what side you bring them too. Do you have to convert your dB's to dBm's first?? hmmm....
  82. Math

    The Sundae example... It is a "Combination" as "order does not matter", thus 6 choose 4 (which is not the answer you have decided upon) The number cubes... If you consider a tree diagram you need the branch along which both die turn up multiples of 3. The ...
  83. physics

    Good morning Rita! It looks like you have spent a great deal of time typing in your questions. Perhaps you can draft answers to each of them... then a tutor would be happy to go over them for you.
  84. physical science

    Isn't work = Force x distance?? Thus 10 x 2.5
  85. Math

    The pig travels 11miles per hour. If you do a distance time graph. Thus the time goes along the x-axis and the distance goes up the y-axis. So for the pig you would plot the points (1,11) then (2,22) then (3,33) etc. The equation is in the form y=mx+b where b is the base value...
  86. math

    multiply the numbers first, 1.4x8 and then deal with the 10 to the power stuff (since the bases are the same we would add the exponents (1.4x8)x10^5 but 1.4x8 is 11.2 so now we have 11.2x10^5 but in scientific notation you need a number between 1 and 10, thus 11.2 becomes = 1....
  87. Algebra

    Total Area - walkway area = pool area walkway area is LxW ... but you add 1 on to each side of the pool : ) = (x+5 + 1 + 1)(x + 1 + 1) = (x +7)(x + 2) Your pool area was correct at x^2 -5x
  88. algebra

    Sorry... my answer above got way to zellus with the html language (I mis inputted your question). Here is the correct solution : ) 4 ? 18 + 5 ? 32 =4?(9x2) + 5?(16x2) = 4x3?2 + 5x4?2 = 12?2 + 20?2 = 32?2
  89. algebra

    You have entire radicals that need to be turned into mixed radicals (then you have to collect like terms : ) 4 ? 18 x ?18 + 5 ? 32 =4?(9x2) + ?2 (9x2) + 5?(16x2) = 4x3?2 + 3?2 + 5x4?2 = 12?22 + 3?2 + 20?2 = 35?2
  90. Math

    Do you usually set up two equations in two unknowns for this ? Or work at it with proportional reasoning? Both methods are valid : )
  91. Maths

    so you will be re-arranging to get r all by itself... it is a wee bit tricky due to the r inside and outside of the bracket. Do you usually treat it like a quadratic and factor it? Because that would be a lovely solution : )
  92. MAth

    Bring the 35 to the Left hand side, then use the quadratic equation (if you cant find the factors in an easier way). You start it, I can fill in your blanks : )
  93. english

    If you look at all of the responses below yours about "allegory" I am certain you will be able to piece together your answer : )
  94. Math

    B=AB/A (7,5,11)/(1,3,-6) B=(7, 5/3, -11/6)
  95. Math

    You are working from an initial point and a direction that your vector will be going. The direction is (x,y,z) - (-8,2, 5) = (x+8,y-2,z-5) and if you sub in a point then the vector is (-8,2,5) + t(x+8,y-2,z-5)
  96. math

    So you have the three years + what is left at the two years A=p(1+i)^n for the first three years BUT the rate was given for 5 years A=5000(1 +.05/2)^3x2 A=5000(1.025)^6 A=5000(1.159693418) A=5798.85 after the three years... Then he took out 3000 so the new Principal is 2798.47...
  97. math

    2x-3=15 if you balance the equation you add 3 to both sides 2x - 3 + 3 = 15 + 3 2x = 18 You need x all by itself and right now it is a times by 2 (using the opposite operation divide by 2 to get the value of x) (2x)/2 = 18/2 x =
  98. Maths

    Oh my....
  99. math

    There are many posts this morning that help with these type of questions. We would love to check your answers :)
  100. Business math

    365 : )
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