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Are you sure the radius is 14"? That sounds more like diameter, which would make the radius 7". Regardless, let me give you some help so you can figure out the answer. Circumference = radius times 3.14 times 2 There are 5280 feet in a mile. With this info, you should...

math..word problem
Don't forget the one she ate before she gave 1/2 to Bill. I got that she started with 21.

I believe you are looking at the Inequality Theorem (T055) which states "the sum of the lengths of any two sides of a triangle is greater than the length of the third side." I think it will take you 10 or so steps to prove it. Good luck!

Math, for Elina
My problem is more with the diagonal being 42. Using a^2 + b^2 = c^2, the sides would not be 28 if the diagonal was 42.

pre algebra
Use FOIL (first, inner, outer, last) Multiply the first 2k*7k Then multiply the inner 7*7k Next, the outer 2k*-1 Finally, the last 7*-1 It will look like this: 14k^2 + 49k - 2k -7 Combine your like terms (the ks) and you are done! Hope this helps!

1. A square has sides the same length so to find the area, you would have x times x So x^2 = 32 Find the square root of 32 and go one place to the right of the decimal, round if necessary. 2. The base of the figure would be x and since the height is two times that it would be ...

Just divide the total amount by the number of parts. In this case, 10.99/12.

I think you mistyped the perimeter. Set the problem up base i/perimeter i = other base/perimeter the multiply across the equal sign top to bottom then divide by the other number. using what you have given above, it would be 5/1 = 10/x 10 times 1 divided by 5 so the answer ...

Just stick the y value into the equation and solve. 1. -5 =3x + 4 To get x by itself -4 from both sides -5 - 4 = 3x + 4 - 4 So -9 = 3x Now divide both sides by 3 -3 = x The rest are the same way.

You might want to recheck your (8,3) For y, try 9 and 6. Just be careful that you write them in (x,y) form and not backwards since y the number on the left in this one.

On 3. you have a couple of your answers written backwards. Remember that the first number is x and the second one y. (x,y)

You are right! The term "have left" indicates subtraction. Good Job!

You are correct! Good job!

social studies
The War of 1812 started June 18, 1812 (hence the name:) and though the treaty ending the war was signed in Dec. of 1814, fighting didn't end until the spring of 1815.

Do what is in parenthesis first. You get 12 + {12 - 36/4} Next do what is in the brackets 12 - 36/4 = 48/4 - 36/4 = 12/4 = 3 or 12 - 9 = 3 whichever way you prefer. Then, you are left with 12 - 3 Hope this makes sense!

I don't understand what you mean. Area of a square or rectangle is length times width. Please clarify.

Business Communication
Take out everything except the subject and verb and see which is correct. a) careers continue b) careers continues c) neither seem d) neither look Does this make it easier? The commas in c and d are actually correct. Your instructions are just asking you to look at subject/...

Do it one step at a time. 7 times -9 is -63 Now you have 6x - 63 = -50 Add 63 to both sides Now it's 6x = 13 Divide both sides by 6 The result is x=2.16 whic rounds up to 2.2

Business Communication
One should assume that you have done some reading in this area, but even if you didn't, you should be able to rule out three of the four answers by using common sense. You will get much better feedback if you state what you think the answer is instead of leaving it up to ...

This is correct!

5th grade
You have to get the variable (or the letter) by itself. In order to get rid of the +4 on the same side as the m, you need to perform the opposite operation. When you -4 from that side, the 4 goes away and leaves the m by itself. What you do to one side, you have to do to the ...

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college algebra
Just multiply the 5y and the 1 by 2. It is the same as 2(5y+1), which you would generally see, only written a different way.

college algebra
The bars on either side are absolute value bars. This just basically means the distance from 0 on a number line. It will always be positive (unless the - sign is on the outside of the bars.) So just remove the - sign...the answer is 2.8xy

College Algebra
Use the Pythoragorean Theorum for this one. The 10 foot ladder is the hypotenuse or c. a^2 + b^2 = c^2

I think you mean how fast, not how far. See if this looks familiar at all... it is a big long multiplication problem in which you do conversions then cancel top to bottom leaving mi/hr. Here goes... 110yd/10sec x 1mi/1760yd x 60sec/1min x 60min/1hr Do the multiplication and ...

Slope is y(two) - y(one) over x(two) - x(one so you equation will be (-6) - (-2) ----------- (-1) - 3 which equals -4 / -4 or 1 Another way to do this is knowing that slope is rise/run, plot the points then count up for the rise and over for the run. You should get the same ...

You need to know how many total tickets were sold. The only thing you can do with this is s(adult tickets)+2s(student tickets)=t(total tickets)

intergrated science
I'm not sure what you have when you ask for "other" examples, but the SI is the International System of Units and includes things like meter, gram, and second, along with mole, ampere, and Kelvin. You can pair some with prefixes like milli-, or kilo- to make ...

Just plug your numbers in and solve for the equation. In an ordered pair, the first number is x and the second number is y. Put your 8 in place of the x and solve y=2(8)+5, so y=16+5, so y=21 For the second one, do the same thing, putting -1 in the place of the x. The third ...

Just set up you equation and plug in what numbers you know. Volume = pi x r^2 x height 314 = 3.14 x r^2 x 25 multiply on the same side of the = 314 = 78.5 x r^2 now, divide both sides by 78.5 to get the variable by itself Finally, take this small, easy to work with number and ...

Just take these one at a time. First, if each step is 18 inches and you take 10,000 of them a day, how many inches will you walk? Just multiply these two numbers and you'll have that answer. Next, since there are 12 inches in a foot, take the number from the first step and...

math, urgrent, help
From what I can make out, the only change is the 16 in the first set to 106 in the second set. The way this will change the mean, median, and mode is as follows: The mode is the one that occurs most often and it doesn't change in this case. Which number is seen the most ...

Your problem will be set up as 40 divided by 3/4 When dividing by a fraction, flip the "divided by" fraction then multiply. So. 40 x 4/3. Multiply and reduce and you'll have your answer!