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27. A communications satellite transmits a radio wave at a frequency of 5 • 109 Hz. What is the signal’s wavelength? Assume the wave travels in a vacuum. Show your work. (3 points) I at least need the formula and how to solve it... not the answer.

Plz help me... one science Q!
18. A pebble drops straight down into a tub of water, setting off ____________________ waves that travel at the boundary between the water and air. (1 point)

28. A 20-N force applied to the handle of a door produces a 44-N output force. What is the AMA of the handle? Show your work.

world history
3. How did the Soviet Union respond to the normalization of relations between China and the United States? (1 point)Brezhnev invited Nixon to visit Moscow. Soviet companies set up a thriving trade with China. The Soviet Union cut off diplomatic relations with China. The Soviet...

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That's a good poem ;D keep it up!

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