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if i really wanted to post as you i would do this

language arts
This is cheating I am going to have to ban you from Jiskha

Par- has several meanings, including "near" or "beyond." Check these definitions.

History-Civil War
Reconstruction -- see this site for details. (Broken Link Removed)

Factors of 72: 1, 72, 2, 36, 3, 24, 4, 18, 6, 12, 8, 9 Which of those numbers also goes into 24 and 36? Which is largest?

Oops! I was wrong, Quidditch is right.


Yes, it has parallel structure.

That depends upon the age of the children, the materials, and the exploration the children already have done.

Oh, my! Is a person a compilation of his physical attributes? Is a person a soul temporarily enclosed in a physical body? Is a person a complex mixture of beliefs, accomplishments, hopes, dreams, personality, physical body, abilities, loves, hates, etc.? What do YOU think?

Assuming that the rest of the portfolio is in municipal bonds -- 1 - (1/8 + 1/10 + 1/5) = 1 - (5/40 + 4/40 + 8/40) = ?

My hunch is that your teacher is referring to the time the Civil Service Commission was started. Read the Wikipedia article that Bobpursley posted.

What does the Civil Service Commission have to do with radical ethnic strife? Are you asking about the beginning of this commission -- or today?

English lit
A common occurrence -- he has too much to drink and gets in a car accident.

English lit
A much better classic story for which you could write an adaptation is "The Gift of the Magi."

English lit
Of course, the rest of the story would be upbeat.

English lit
Perhaps you could do your own variation of "The Necklace." I also thought of a story with a tragic ending -- with the father shopping, stopping for a couple of drinks, and getting himself killed on Christmas...

English lit
Here's another classic story. Poor family stressing out because they have no money to buy Christmas presents. They're infected by the greed for more and more "stuff." Yet, they don't have the money even for a decent Christmas dinner. It looks like a ...

Yes, I think that works. Dickinson also shows a positive attitude toward things and ideas she can't see.

Study these sites, and then tell us what you think is the tone in each of those poems.

crt 205
We'll be glad to HELP you. Please post your answer, and we'll critique it and offer suggestions if necessary.

ms.sue check
Great! Job Good job

Y'all need to shut tf up I'm busy

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