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To Ms. Sue Math(Geometry)
I need an equation because I have to graph the change on a number line.

To Ms. Sue Math(Geometry)
Mathmatical pattern 4,6,9,13,18 I need formula as in y=x....

Math(Geometry) or mathematical pattern
Please help me

To Lauren - Ms. Sue, Monday, September 28, 2009 at 10:24pm What post? What is your question? In addition, your "name" can not be HELP ME NOW!!!! No one appreciates being screamed at to help you now! Using all caps online is like screaming at us. To Lauren - HELP ME ...

your very welcome Matt

yes that is correct

To drwls
hey thanks but is it like this? (look at previous post)

To Lauren
oh so ur suppposed to use word not variables in geometry?