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  1. math

    60 minutes are in an hour. 71 hours... 71 x ____ =
  2. math

    it is 3! Congrats. 12/15 (x ?) = 48/60 14/20 (x ?) = 7/10 3/4 (x ?) = 75/100
  3. math

    Find the multiples of each denominator (bottom number) for example the mutiples of 5 would be 5,10,15,20... Find the Lowest Common Multiple of both fractions Once both denominators have the same denominator remember whatever you did to the denomnator to make it hat number you ...
  4. marketing

    What about a delivery service that delivers food from restaurants that don't deliver. The clients call you... tells you the order they called in, you go pick it up from that restaurant and bring the so-called item to the clients door for a fee?
  5. english

    An adverb describes a verb and this one describes how they are planning (the verb).
  6. 5th grade

    Range is the difference between the largest and smallest values in a set of numerical data. Mode is the value that appears most often in a set of numerical data.
  7. 6thgrade math

    Three feet are in one yard...therefore 3x3...
  8. Social

    If you follow the emergence of a ancient civilization (ancient Greece/Egypt/Rome), or the paths of the early Native Americans..that may give you a clear path and in what succesion (what order) of when the above disciplines/goals/subjects were first achieved.
  9. Math

    Multiply 9% and 45 9% is the same as 0.09
  10. english

    Kitten is to cat as puppy is to dog is the first example i can think of
  11. 6th Grade Math

    Wait a second.... 14+2=16 16x2=32 32+6= 38 38x2 = I think you may have forgotten the 6 dollar tip Sorry 64 isn't quite right in my second calculation
  12. 6th Grade Math

    looks good to me!
  13. 6th Grade Math

    work this question backwards Start with the 6 dollars she had left and add up. 6 + 1 =7 7 x 2= 14 and so on...
  14. spelling

    position in the army
  15. spelling

    fill in the blanks with vowels? the first a oosition in the army a rodent in your backyard transportation in tall bulidings
  16. vocab

    Antonym means opposite. Check a thesaurus or dictionary or go to a word processor program. That may help.
  17. Math

    1.0825 is adding the tax to the items and giving you the total in a quicker fashion. 8.25% is the same as .0825. they add the one at the beginning so you don't need to add the 8.25% to the total as an extra step in my earlier response . I hope that makes sense.
  18. Math

    Once you add all of the items,get the total you multiply by 0.0825 and that figure has to be rounded to the nearest cent and then you add that figure to the total cost of the items as tax. then you get a total plus tax. Once again attempt and i'll check
  19. 4th grade

    check your question... i don't see any box
  20. 4th grade

    Check my response to your first posting
  21. 4th grade

    That sounds good to me but i would include the word average in a second sentence like " That is how i would find the average hat size." Teachers love to see math in pictures , words and numbers! I should know, i teach.
  22. 4th grade

    They want to know if you know how to tell them how to get the mean using mathematical language in your sentence answer. If you know how to calculate the mean then plug the words of hat and four students into that sentence. Attempt and i'll check your answer
  23. 4th grade math

    oops i meant 230 + ? = 300 /5 = 60
  24. 4th grade math

    Mean is the average of a set of numbers. So add and divide by the number of digits you added. This is little different. Let see here....50+60+40+80=230 / 4 = 57.5 close....hmmmm....Trial and error...230+60=300 / 5 =
  25. 5th grade math

    You have to list the question for help.
  26. Math

    It looks like your are doing equivalent fractions. There fore x does equal 12. I 'm not sure what you're are asking?
  27. Algebra

    When a number is exactly beside a letter it means multiply. So if the letter (n) gets replaced by a number (5) it still means multiply.
  28. math 11 review

    Ok for number one i can't follow your logic, but you have to solve the problem in the brackets before using outside information. For number 2... The equation would be written like this n + n squared = 30 therefore what numbers can you square that are below 30? Work ...
  29. Math

    kate: Your first answer looks good, but make sure you have your units or measurement right for the second. Always check the units of measurement. My own students forget little pieces of info like that.
  30. Math

    Convert 48 cm into metres by dividing it by 48/100. You should come up with a decimal answer. Convert all measurements into centimetres which leaves on 47 metres. To covert m into centimetres you have to multiply by 100. From big measurement to small (m-cm) you need to ...