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This problem is actually very simple. Just think a little deeper!

6/12 = 3/6 4/6 = 4/6 Who answered more?

4th grade
1+34 product 2+33 product 3+32 prodcut keep on going or faster skip a couple of numbers 10+25 15+20 and so on even faster start from the middle

354 x 365=

Grandparents would be 4G+ how many A's+ how many F's + how many K's= guests at party (P) Food substitute letters fro menu prices Grandparents 4G = 4 x $6.50 = $26.00 Adults and so on...

Try drawing them

Make both pizzas cut into 8 slices. Then make all fractions into eighths so Dad ate 3/4 or 6/8, Jenny ate 1/8, Danny ate1/4 or 2/8 and so on. 6/8 + 1/8 + 2/8 + Mom = ?/8 Try it out I'll check your answer

estimating in whole numbers and calculating to the closest tenth taking into account conversion from one metric measurement to another.

range lowest temp to highest temp subtract median the middle number when when ordadering a set of data chroologically mode which piece of data appears most often mean ...add all pieces of data and divide by the number pieces of data you added together interpret gragh to get ...

4th grade English
In this case the whole phrase Empire Satte Building is a proper noun. No one mentions,"have you been to the Empire State in N.Y.C.?". Therefore Building is part of the whole proper noun and must be capitalized as a proper noun should be.

5/8x is the same as 10/16x That should help

A = base x height /2 Plug in the numbers

you could try edhelper and click to algebra and check it out just don't get hooked into any paying it may not be worth it.

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