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  1. Math

    Mrs Welsh paid $49.00 for one scarf and two shirts. The price of each shirt was $10.00 Part A: use rounding to estimate how much Mrs.Welsh paid for the scarf. Round to $50.00-$20.00=$30.00
  2. LANG

    Denotative definitions are also known as explicit definitions.
  3. 1st grade

    If you write it this way, your mom is cleaning it for you. Try this. My room is a mess. Mom said that I have to clean it now. Only use quotes if the words are exactly what is being said. Mom said, "Clean your room now!" I said, "I will clean it now."
  4. 1st grade

    Any time you are telling what is exactly being said, put quotes around it. Mr. K said, "Good luck on your homework." or "Good luck on your homework." Mr. K said. When not to: Mr. K wished me luck on my homework. See the difference? The second sentence was ...
  5. 1st grade

    |||| .. is correct. the | is used as a ten. the . is used as a one. They are base ten. Blocks are used for this at school. They are also called longs (|) and shorts (.).
  6. Algebra

    Define your numbers first: 1st number = x 2nd number = x +1 Problem says "Product of 1", so multiply x(x+1)=1 x^2+x=1 x^2+x-1=0 From here use Quadratic Formula or complete the square to solve.