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The cost of manufacturing lawn mowers is $12,320 in overhead costs and $396 per lawn mower in production costs. Marketing studies show that the best selling price is $452 per lawn mower. Find the cost function, C(x), the revenue function, R(x), and the profit function, P(x), ...

College Algebra
Consider the following Matrix: A= [-2 0 1 -1 -2 1 1 -1 0 ] Choose the correct description of A. Find A?1 if it exists. Multiple Choice homework question: 1) A is Nonsingular; that is, it has an inverse. A^-1= 2) A is singular; that is, its inverse doesn't exist. Thanks!

College Algebra
A motorboat takes 5 hours to travel 100mi going upstream. The return trip takes 2 hours going downstream. What is the rate of the boat in still water and what is the rate of the current?

College Algebra
Find the difference quotient f(x+h)-f(x)/h, where h cannot be equal to 0 , for the function below. f(x)=1/x+9 Simplify your answer as much as possible.

As Principal speaker in your school debate competition, write your arguments for against the motion television is doing more harm than good

A block and tackle pulley system is used to lift a mass of 200 kg.if the machine has a velocity ratio of 5 and efficiency of 80%.sketch the possible arrangement of the system

A2. Reviewed statistics indicated that there is an average of five thefts per day from a large supermarket operating from 08 00 to 19 00 six days a week. Find the probability that there (a) are no thefts in a week. [2] (b) will be ten thefts in any given day. [4] (c) are four ...

A certain disease has an incidence rate of 0.6%. If the false negative rate is 6% and the false positive rate is 4%, compute the probability that a person who tests positive actually has the disease.

A boxfour bed balls and six bule ball. Two ball are pink at roundom one atterthe order without relacement what is the probability. 1 They are both bule ball. 2 The first is the second is bule. 3 One is bule and the order is red

life orientation
Human rights violatio... make life to be hectic to some other people becoz they lose hope n trust

If you draw one card from a standard deck, what is the probability that you draw a king or queen? A) 1 13 B) 2 13 C) 1 169 Eliminate D) 1 26

A cookie jar contains 6 chocolate chip cookies, 4 oatmeal cookies, 8 peanut butter cookies, and 2 sugar cookies. If a cookie is pulled from the jar what is the probability that it is oatmeal or peanut butter?

A toy manufacturer has found that its cost,revenue and profit function can be expressed as function of production of toys in a week and C&R&p represent cost,revenue and profit respectively C=6000+2x R=20x-x^2 all over 2000...suppose production is increasing in the rate of 200 ...

Will a tax on oil production affect the supply or the demand for gasoline? Why? Which determinant of demand or supply is being affected?

A student has 60 square tiles each of which has a side of 16cm. He arranges them to form a larger rectangle of length 240cm. What is the breadth of the rectangle?

For the following sequences whose nth terms are given, write down the first six terms of each (a) 4n-1 (b) n3 (c) 5-2n (d) (-1)N *n (e) (n +1)2 (f) n¦ n+2

Yes they all get the same meaning except number 3 because only one thing has made it defferent from other,which is "sone"...And also #5 is a grammatical and it is commonly used..

A cylindrical container closed at both ends,has a radius of 3.5cm and a height of 8cm.calculate the total surface area of the container and volume of the container

Their is something wil called volting magma,it base under the ground so it was as soft as a pap and it alway expose to a place where their is a space or hole allowing the air to flow in and it wil forcefully rush out to move out,so when it reach the hole,it will now forming ...

Algebra 2
Yes,it is possible if they have enough workers and enough it is possible

Calculate The volume occupied at s.t.p by 0.24g of ozone ( o=16, G.M.V=22.4dm3

a stone tied to a strong is made to revolve in a horizontal circle of radius 4 m with an angular speed of 2 radian per second. with what tangential velocity will the stone move off the circle if the string cuts?

School of Christ International, physics
A value of 22.0m of nitrogen gas at 20°c is heated under constant pressure to 167°c What is the new nitrogen gas

Life Orientation
And 12

a window with a smooth hinge at the top is held open at an angle 30 degrees to the vertical by a horizontal force applied to the center of it lower edge. the force of gravity on the window is 3kgf acting through its mid point. draw a scale diagram of the arrangement and ...

How is type 1 diabetes mellitus similar to starvation?


How many mole of magnesium atoms are present in 0.50g of manesium (mg=24)

A sheet of gold of mass 100g and a teperature of 18.0 degrees is placed flat on a sheet of iron weighing 20g and at a temperature of 55.6 degrees. what is the final temperature of the combined metal.

As a technician in a large pharmaceutical research firm, you need to produce 200.mL of 1.00 M a phosphate buffer solution of pH = 7.19. The pKa of H2PO4− is 7.21. You have 2.00 L of 1.00 M KH2PO4 solution and 1.50 L of 1.00 M K2HPO4 solution, as well as a carboy of pure ...

A flagpole and a building stands on the same horizontal level.From the point P at the bottom of the building.the angle of elevation of the top T of the flagpole is 65 degrees from the top Q of the building the angle of elevation of the point T is 25 degrees.If the building is ...

help please anyone? i'm having a hard time solvig these problems LOGIC CONDITIONAL PROOF. HOMEWORK HELP PLEASE!? A. 1. A -> (B -> C) 2. (C ^ D) -> E 3. -F ->(D ^ -E) / :. A -> (B -> F) B. 1. (A v B) -> -(C ^ D) 2. (-C v -D) -> (E <-> F) 3. (E...

frank tosses a baseball card into the air. the card lands face up 30 out of 50 times. how many times can you expect the card to land face up in the next 75 tosses?

AP Chem

In your "C" answer, second line, you should have used 0.08m, not 0.0888m (that was the K constant). Therfore, the result is W=Fd= 71*0.08= 5.68 Joules

Determine the molar concentration of Ca^2+ and Cl- in a .075 M CaCl2 solution

Describe in Hamlet, Prince of Denmark the representative of the literature in the culture from which it comes.

Describe how the representative of the literature in the culture of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.


I need the english translation of the story PAPA SIEMRE TIENE RAZON

I need Help to Answer the following paragraph.(Exam389808 From Penn Foster) Part 4 Instructions: Listen to the passage and fill in the blanks with the words that you hear.You’ll hear the poem two times. En la 11. ___________ te llamé. De la oscuridad me llamaste. ...

Need Help with Spanish Exam 389808 :Part 4 only

Need Help with spanis Exams: 389806, 389807

Please me with Spanish exam 7 # 389807

World Goegraphy
I need help with my Elective on World Geography

World Geography
Nedd Help to pf Study Unit for Exam: # 6618 A _ B _ C

adult education
Which of the following statements about competition is true

. Hopkins’s use of “seared,” “bleared,” and “smeared” is an example of

The best in this kind are but shadows” is

is C really right????

PC Basics
When keyboarding a memo, you mistakenly type “Robbert.” To get rid of the extra “b,” place the insertion point before the first “b” and press the A. Backspace key once. B. Delete key once. C. Insert key to toggle into Typeover mode then press the ...

Vector points to the north and has length A. Vector points to the east and has length B = 2.0A. Find the magnitude of in terms of A.

Which one of the following items is an example of a symbol in “Bernice Bobs Her Hair”?

How would you prove that the volume of a cylindrical barrel is V = 2(pi)d^3t(4+t^2)^(-3/2)? Thanks

world geography

Windows XP Security-NEED ASAP
I need help with Penn Foster Test Using Window XP #038105, Internet Basic #083004