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life orintation
I don't know the answer

Question 6: A manufacturer knows that the number of items produced per hour by its two factories A and B is normally distributed with standard deviations 8.0 and 11.0 items respectively. The mean hourly amount produced by Firm A from a random sample of 50 hours is 120 units ...

how do i record a refund on a accounting equation?

Yes, is the right choice,it does not hv maths,acounting,business studies and economics too

Life orientation
Whch topic are we 0ffering recommendations.for.pls specify

Life orientation
Uhm guys i chose a topic for poverty in community nd schools bt hw do i explain wat d0 i hv to start by writing

Life orientation
i actually havent chose any problem the thng is i dnt undrstnd this assignment (i really need help guys PLZ HLP)

Wel its kinda nt coz u wil nt be any competitive selling the same thngz as they are selling unles charging ur food less that's when profit cn be made