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A courtyard is in the shape of a rectangle of length 11.2 and 7.2 breadth.find the measure of the largest square shaped tile that can be used (in the whole),to cover the courtyard completely many tiles are needed for purpose.

its e.2.0 m/s2, downward

i don't answer you

Write a program to bring workers' salaries so that if work 150 hours takes 5 pounds on each additional hour takes 2 pounds

Answer the next three questions on the basis of the following production possibilities data for Francia and Galacia. All data are in tons. (3 marks) Francia production possibilities: A B C D E Soup 60 45 30 15 0 Nuts 0 15 30 45 60 Galacia production possibilities: A B C D E ...

Information Literacy
1-When choosing your search strategy for a search engine, it's best to A. enter the least important word first. B. ignore alternate spellings. C. combine keywords into phrases by using quotation marks. D. use verbs, articles, and capitals My answer C 2- To determine the ...

Information Literacy
1-To determine the best place to begin your online research, you should first A. identify keywords and search terms. B. formulate your research question. C. choose several verbs and modifiers to help define your search. D. settle on a single, concise search term or phrase. My ...

Information Literacy
which of the following is true regarding doing online search for information A. If your search turns up no hits, you need to use a more specific keyword B. You'll get better results if you choose a single, general keyword . C. Using one or two specific key words save time...

Information Literacy
It,s important to include references in your research paper because references A. reduce the risk of a false conclusion B.are required on most writing assingnments C.prove that you didn't conduct your search on the internet D. give credit to authors

Information Literacy
which of the following is true regarding doing online search for information


You are driving a 2520.0 kg car at a constant speed of 14.0 m/s along an icy, but straight, level road. As you approach an intersection, the traffic light turns red. You slam on the brakes. Your wheels lock, the tires begin skidding, and the car slides to a halt in a distance ...