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  1. Algebra 1

    How did you get A??
  2. Algebra 1

    Hey could you help me? What is the sum? 7/4 + ( - 1/5 ) A:31/20 B:39/20 C:6/9 D:-7/20 Is it C?
  3. History 9th grade.

    Hey guys! I have a hard time on this question. I would really appreciate it if you could help me :) The question is: How did conflict and cooperation within early civilizations relate to the use of resources? The hard part is finding the details about this question.. maybe ...
  4. math

    113 square inches
  5. math

    the advertised size of a pizza is the length if its diameter. what is the area of the crust of a 12in pizza ?
  6. Pharmacy

    Mrs. Montgomery, a regular customer, arrives at your pharmacy and needs a refill for her Synthroid, a prescription drug. While processing her order, you discover that she has no refills left on her prescription. It is 9:00 pm on Friday night and Monday is the Fourth of July. ...
  7. PreCalc

    6t + 5(t-1)/3 =4 Please help, I keep getting the wrong answer.
  8. History

    @Writeacher, you do know that he doesnt know right? Thats why he is asking for other's thoughts on it lol
  9. Social Studies

    Yes thats correct
  10. Reading Process LA Q

    Tisky number 4 is A not C
  11. Social Studies

    How Would You Describe the Land Elevation At The Start of His Journey In North America?
  12. Math

    Jessica has 8 1/7 pounds of dog food. Feeds 1/7 pound per day. How many days will dog food last?
  13. language arts

    no he isnt correct
  14. 7th Grade Math

    Okay I see now. Thanks John for your help.
  15. 7th Grade Math

    Sarah has $200 to spend. She buys a chair for x dollars and pays 6% sales tax. She has y dollars left. What equation models this situation? A. 200 - 0.06X = Y b. 200 - 1.06x = y C. 200 + 1.06X = Y D. 200 = 0.06X I chose answer A. Is that the correct answer? If not please show ...
  16. Calculus

    Determine whether the sequence converges or diverges. If it converges, find the limit. (If an answer does not exist, enter DNE.) limit n approaches infinity of an = e^(−6/sqrt(n))
  17. math

    Thank you
  18. math

    you deposit $200 in an account earning 3.5% simple interest. How long will it take for the balance of the account to be $221? is 1 year the answer?
  19. Math

    so 1 year?
  20. Math

    you deposit $200 in an account earning 3.5% simple interest. How long will it take for the balance of the account to be $221?
  21. Art (1 question)

  22. Art (1 question)

    An artist places a notebook and pen in the gallery of his latest exhibition and asks viewers to leave comments about his work. He is trying to help audience members become what type of observers? Answers: A. Active Observers ** B. Reluctant Observers C. Passive Observers D. ...
  23. Language Arts

    Yay! Thanks, I got that one correct I got all my answers right!!
  24. Language Arts

    1. Which of your senses can best help you picture this excerpt from “The Rider”? while you float free into a cloud of sudden azaleas / luminous pink petals that have / never felt loneliness . . . A. sight** B. taste C. hearing D. smell I think it’s A
  25. world history

    @Damon can you check two more? 5. How did the Meat Inspection Act help the public? a. Increased the sale of beef b. Inspected meat for human consumption* c. Helped streamline the cattle drive industry 6. Why did President Roosevelt and Gifford Pinchot want to protect forests...
  26. world history

    Check my answers for world history please? i put a star by my answer 1. What problems did Progressives hope to solve? a. Men’s right to vote b. Political corruption and respond to the needs of the people c. Take care of the rich *** 2. President Theodore Roosevelt's ...
  27. Geography

    The first point to make is that while photons (little packets of light energy) do not have mass, they do have momentum, and a change in momentum yields a force, so in actual fact light is able to physically interact with matter.Dec 26, 2013
  28. english

    because it is describing a noun right?
  29. english

    what kind of numbers? Large numbers adj.
  30. english

    large is adj!? right?
  31. english

    is large a verb?
  32. english

    world's is adject?
  33. english

    so people is the op?
  34. english

  35. english

    what is the subject noun?
  36. english

  37. english

    is people a subject noun?
  38. english

    is there a action in the sentence? a large number of the world's people have never seen an albino python.
  39. english

  40. english

    uh? Don't understand.
  41. english

    linking verb
  42. english

    is have a lv?
  43. english

  44. english

    is have a lv?
  45. english

    what is popular is it a adj?
  46. english

    it is p1?
  47. english

    so like this ? the weathered old raft was drifting downstream by itself.
  48. english

  49. english

    i do not understand how to get the answe
  50. english

    p1 sn v
  51. english

    what is p1 p2 p3 and p4 mean?
  52. measurement

  53. measurement

  54. measurement

    I did I do not get it
  55. measurement

  56. measurement

    how many years are in 1 millennium?
  57. english

    so pn? or prn?
  58. english

    a predicate noun?
  59. english

    a predicate adjective
  60. english

    OK uncle Dudley is the most popular storyteller in the county.
  61. english

    do I say is what? storyteller
  62. english

    is (is) a linking verb?
  63. english

    or a linking verb?
  64. english

    is there a action verd?
  65. english

    uncle Dudley is the popular storyteller in the county.
  66. english

  67. english

    no is uncle Dudley a subject noun?
  68. english

    is it subject noun?
  69. english

    I cant my mom wont let me
  70. english

    what uncle dudley?
  71. wordly wise

    OK I thought so
  72. wordly wise

    can u lax a metal bar?
  73. wordly wise

    OK good
  74. wordly wise

    am I right on this one? which of the following can be LAX? I said B a fishing line and C supervision D rules am I right?
  75. wordly wise

    B C
  76. wordly wise

    which of the following can SMOLDER? A a fire B anger C resentment D a flood
  77. wordly wise

  78. wordly wise

  79. wordly wise

    so your passages in your nose can be overcrowded?
  80. wordly wise

    the condition of being filled with fluid.
  81. wordly wise

    so it is B C D? right?
  82. wordly wise

    CONGESTION: the condition of being overcrowded
  83. wordly wise

    circle the letter or letters of each correct answer. which of the following can suffer from CONGESTION? A city streets B a theater lobby C a car D the passages in one's nose it can have more than one correct answer
  84. english

    what is a linking verb?
  85. english

    what is quotation marks?
  86. math

  87. math

    what is 28% of 250?
  88. math

    so it is 11.25?
  89. math

    what is 3/4 of 60?
  90. math

    ok i see
  91. math

    plz help i do not git it
  92. math

  93. math

    if a go-cart rider is traveling at 12 miles per hour how many hours will it take him to travel 3 miles? round your answer to the nearest hunderths place
  94. measurement

    how many feet are in 1 mile and how many yards are in 1 mile
  95. english

  96. english

    what is suddenly?
  97. ms sue

    are u a techer?
  98. math

    ok super duper saver mart is selling 5liter jugs. how many deciliters are in the jug?
  99. math

  100. math

    so the it is 50
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