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  1. chemistry

    using the kinetic theory what happens to the particles in oxygen as it cools down

    Prepare a bank reconciliation - Ending Cash balance per bank P 18,972.67 - Ending Cash balance per book P 16,697.76 - Deposit in transit P 3,251.42 - Bank Service Charge P 20.00 - Outstanding Checks P 4,163.51 - Note Collected by bank including P 50 interest (Owner yet beennot...
  3. Math

    In a school, 4/9 of the students are boys and the number of girls is 775. Find the number of boys in the school.
  4. Math

    In our textbook it's -Rs12 So what is the formula for finding the answer
  5. Math

    A man lost Rs 3 on every bottle of medicine he sold. Find his gain on selling 7 bottles of this medicine?
  6. History

    Any idea on the answer to this?
  7. Math

    The length of a rectangular field is 300 m and it's breadth is 2/3 its length. If a road of width 10 m is built along the inner wall of the field, what is the area of the road?
  8. Math

    The length of a rectangular field is 300 m and it's breadth is 2/3 its length. If a road of width 10 m is built along the inner wall of the field, what is the area of the road?
  9. Math

    The perimeter of a rectangle is 200 m. If one of its sides is longer than the other side by 16 m, find the length of each of the sides
  10. Math

    The perimeter of a rectangle is 200 m. If one of its sides is longer than the other side by 16 m, find the length of each of the sides
  11. Social Studies

    Thank you Anon! But it was, 1. D 2. A 3. A 4. B
  12. Social Studies

    My answers are 1.A 2.A 3.C 4.D can you tell me if I'm right?
  13. Language arts(Anyone) (connexus)

    Maybe you should worry about yourself ( Notdog ) and stop stalking people in this site only to put them down. I'm sorry you have nothing better to do. Sometime's we just need a little confidence that were on the right track. The answer was clearly marked. Put your ...
  14. Math

    The mass of a flourine atom is 3.16 × 10^-23. What is the mass of 1,000,000,000 flourine atoms? Express your answer in scientific notation to the significant figures. Thank you

    Anyone know if these are correct?
  16. MATH

    Write an inquality for the situation. Sam scored at least 26 points. A. K > 26 B. K => 26 C. K =< 26 D. K> 26 Hey guys please help. ASAP
  17. MATH

    Write an inquality for the situation. Sam scored at least 26 points. A. K > 26 B. K => 26 C. K =< 26 D. K> 26 Hey guys please help. ASAP
  18. Mathematics

    correct indeed
  19. life orientation

    advise a friend who responds to conflict by confrontatin on why it is not healthy in sustaining positive relationships
  20. Language

    it is c
  21. Math

    bean is correct everyone
  22. math

    if you are traveling 26 miles at a cost of .30c for each 1/7 of the mile, what would be the total cost of the trip?
  23. computer

  24. math

    another question I have, is what if you deposit $125 in American currency saving account, if the exchange rate is the same how much American money would I get if I exchange $400 in Canadian currency
  25. math

    thanks so much that helps a lot!!!!
  26. math

    out of 9/15 and 3/10 and 6/10 which are equivalent? and could toy tell me why, I am having difficulties with this! thanks
  27. Math

    It is B
  28. life orientation

    To preved peples with news
  29. MATH if work is correct

    Determine the number of terms in the geometric ssequence: 1/25, -1/5, 1, -5,...., -78125 i get n=8 is this correct
  30. Language Arts

    HI's answers are correct! 6/6! Thank You So Much!
  31. social studies

    yeah, the needed information can be found in pearson e-text - near page 527(and 527)
  32. health

    thank you so much LizLiz
  33. English

    I'm guessing From fuming to mischievous. would that be wright?
  34. chemistry PLEASE HELP!!!

    Acetylene gas (C2H2) is used in welding. During one job, a welder burns 48.0 g of acetylene. Using a balanced equation for the complete combustion of acetylene, calculate the following: What is the balanced equation. The mass of oxygen used? The mass of carbon dioxide produced...
  35. biology

    explain the vascular system in the lilac flower.
  36. Chemistry

    i need help on a lab here are the results Mass of empty beaker and glass rod(62.62) Mass of beaker, glass rod, hydrated copper sulfate(66.02) Mass of beaker, glass rod and anhydrous copper sulfate(65.04) Mass of hydrated copper sulfate(3.4) Mass of anhydrous copper sulfate(2....
  37. Health

    Hmm, yeah I can see how that could right as well. Thanks
  38. Health

    I just don't really remember learning about natural medication in my health class
  39. Health

    I think it is; the harmful side effects are minimal on all products
  40. Health

    6. Herbal medications have which of the following properties? They are heavily regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. They are safe because they are made from "natural" ingredients. The amount of featured ingredients can vary from sample to sample. Harmful ...
  41. Calculus

  42. Calculus

    find the derivative of y= x^3+8/x+2 the / is meant to be a fraction bar, I am really really bad at finding the derivative of a fraction function, could you help by showing me exactly how, Thanks
  43. Science! Help!!

    I am from connections too and the answer is B
  44. science:biology

    biology 210
  45. math

    hi sia
  46. math?

    Thanks guys
  47. Business Communication

    "It is the case that good communicators advance more quickly in the company." Which of the following statements would be the best revision of this sentence? A. "It is the case that good communicators advance faster in the company. " B. "it is true that...
  48. Business Communication

    If an audience is opposed to what you have to say or resistant to change you are suggesting, a good approach is to: A. Be as ambiguous as possible to avoid offending the members of the audience B. Begin the message with something both you and the audience can agree upon C. Try...
  49. Business Communication

    Providing an audience with some background information on a topic before delivering the main message is an example if responding to which audience analysis question? A. What positive aspects can you emphasize? B. How will the audience use the document? C. How will the audience...
  50. Business Communication

    When an audience feels your message is unimportant to them, you should: A. Use threatening language to show your seriousness of the matter. B. Make any action requested as easy as possible to accomplish. C. Avoid imposing deadlines for action. D. Make the message long and ...
  51. Business Communication

    Many companies have found that family friendly policies: A. Are good recruiting tools,but often result in relocation failures B. Are one of the six leading reasons that new managers fail C. Have given employees with children higher overall compensation levels D. Produce clear ...
  52. Business Communication

    With increased market globalization, intercultural competence: A. Becomes less of a challenge B. Is aided significantly by advanced technologies such as faxes, overnight delivery and email. C. Reduces the chances of interacting with people who speak another language. D. Is ...
  53. please help me!! with this science!!!!!

    Thanks Tris you helped a lot I got 100% and some of my Questions I awsered were correct so thanks a lot.
  54. english

    Hey, Can please somebody read and correct this text? I thning that this time it is very bad... But I can't say exactly why... maybe someone of you can help me? Thanks Minnie 1. What does Cohen point out before giving his seven monster theses? Before Cohen gives is seven ...
  55. business math-73

    Use the Present Value Table on page 358 of your text to compute the present value (principal) for an investment with a compound amount of $20,000, a 30-month term of investment, and a 14% nominal interest rate compounded semiannually. (Points : 2.5)
  56. math

    7. Using the combined wage bracket tables located on pages 282 and 283 of your textbook, calculate how much combined tax should be withheld from the paycheck of a married employee earning $910 per week and claiming three withholding allowances
  57. delete

    Thank you so much!! And it would be great if you can delete now this tread :) Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!!
  58. english

    and the last part: To see is in our search never found with an Adjective Phrase, whereas to smell and to look took nearly the same number of Adjective Phrases (see Table 2). We don’t found many subordinate clause complements in our research for the three verbs. To look ...
  59. english

    Conclusion In this conclusion we will summarize the similarities and differences of the verbs of perception. Table 2 can give a first overview of the different complements. You can see that although the verbs are semantically similar they are different in their complementation...
  60. english

    ok thank you.
  61. english

    next paragraph: The verb to see took that most different complements. We found 7 different complements, and see was never used as a noun in the example sentences of the BNC. The verb to see took 34 times a Noun Phrase like the verb to smell did. To see took two times a ...
  62. english

    exactly that is what I meant. So can it stand the way I wrote it?
  63. english

    I do have it in italics in my word text programm. But thanks for remeber me. With the sentence I mean that I found to look one time with a that clause where the that does not occur. So we call them that without that - clause complement. Do you understand it now?
  64. english

    Thanks :) and the next The verb to look took most frequently a Prepositional Phrase namely 38 times [1], it took ten times an adjective Phrase [2] and it was found one time with a that clause without that complement [3] and also one time without a complement [4]. The word look...
  65. english

    the next paragraph :) And thank you soooo much for helping me! Now we wanted to answer the research questions. We will have a closer look to the complements and try to find answers why which verb takes which complement. The verb to smell took mostly Noun Phrases ( [1] 34 times...
  66. english

    thanks and now the next paragraph :) Data Analysis Now we wanted to answer the research questions. We will have a closer look to the complements and try to find answers why which verb take which complement. Conclusion: The verb to smell took mostly Nounphrases ( [1] 34 times...
  67. english

    Hey I know it is long ago since I posted more of my text but there was so much else I had to do... I hope somebody can correct it :) Then I took a second look at each sentence, because it often is the case that the BNC has very long sentences in which it is difficult to see ...
  68. physical science

    a string 0.5 m long is used to whirl a 1 kg stone in a horiziontal circle at a uniform velocity of 5m/s what is the tension on the string?
  69. To Minnie

    Hey, ok I can understand that, but it is quite a lot.. I think if I have finished there will be 17 sites...
  70. government

    In Chana's political structure, the central government's control over local subdivisions is best described as what
  71. German

    Can you give us the other answers? These 2 are incorrect... I think it has to.been -den-
  72. english

    I thank you! First for reading the letter and second for motivating me my saying my english is good :)
  73. english

    Hey you :) Can you please read that letter to my host family? Can you maybe give me tips what I can add? what I don't have to say? And look up the grammar? Thank you Minnie Dear Host Family, My name is Minnie. I’m 21 years old, my birthday is on 2nd September. I study...
  74. english

    I thank you both sooo much! Then,it will be all good tomorrow! And now.i need sleep. Thanks again!
  75. better?

    I*m a good girl :) Is it good this way? - Means that there must be more than one negative word in a sentences - Can be find in some languages like French, Spanish or Russian -> French: Je na vais nulle part. I’m not going nowhere -> I’m not going anywhere ->...
  76. english

    please, only this time, can you correct it?
  77. late

    Sorry I am realy late with it and need an answer...
  78. english

    Yeah, and is my grammar and writing all right? I need a handout for my class and don't want to have mistakes in it..
  79. english

    Hey, can naybody please look wheter I wirte it all right? Thanks :) Negative Concord - Means that there must be more then one negative word in a sentences - Can be find in some languages like French, Spanish or Russian -> French: Je na vais nulle part. I’m not going ...
  80. German grammar

    It is incorrect. Correct is Die Wellen sind sehr groß geworden. You choose the wrong verb form.
  81. english

    Ok, We liked to plan the game, and one of the childs asked what the mesining of it is... Thank you
  82. english

    Hey, as you know I'm German, but I love this clappping game (Hanky Panky). Down by the banks of the Hanky Panky Where the bullfrogs jump from bank to banky Where the eeps, ops, sodapops Hey Mr. Lilypad and went kerplop Is there any meaning? I am not able to translate it..
  83. German

    The explanation reiny gives is perfect!
  84. German

    Correct you can say so in german.
  85. english

    Ok, thank you
  86. english

    So negativ concord is the same as duoble negation?
  87. english

    Ok, so am i right, that in standart english is ne negativ concord? My teacher told me to explain who to build negativ concord. As i see in the link you gave me it is so that negativ concord occurs mostly with don't, aren't and something like that, in some english ...
  88. english

    Hello, I have to explain my study group negative concord, but I don't really understand what it is.. I read about it, I google it but what exactly is negative concord? Can one of you maybe explain it to me?
  89. German (i need help quickly, please)

    I don't understand you question.
  90. German

    Er musste gesungen ist incorrect. Gesungen is in the wrong form for the person Er
  91. German

  92. Algebra

    Which equation represents the axis of symmetry of the function y = –2x² + 4x –6? (1 point) y = 1 x = 1 x = 3 x = –3
  93. English Linguistics

    The Problem is that my professor, tell me the things an other way then do it... And know I don't know what I shall write friday on the quizz... I will look all the things up again and tell you then, whether I find something that makes all clear. Thank so much so far. You ...
  94. English Linguistics

    So you say it isn't a complement? Can you give me a definition of complement?
  95. English Linguistics

    Yes, in German the order of words can change the meaning. I found an other example, maybe you can exlain it to me? "I had never confessed to her my role in forging the first link in the recent chain of tragic events." TASK: Prove that TO HER is not indirect object ...
  96. English Linguistics

    Yeah, I see. But on his shetts it really is People gave the right information to the president. And then he prove that to the President is a complement by the way I tell you above... I don't understand it
  97. English Linguistics

    I can't send you the link from my professor... That's to bad, maybe I wirte something wrong or so.. You could have a look there...
  98. English Linguistics

    This don't really help me. Our example was: People gave the right information to the President. We prove that to the president is a complement because: it denotes a participant of the giving-event, it cannot be replaced by an adjective or a bare noun, or a pronoun in the ...
  99. English Linguistics

    Hey :) I have a quizz on Friday, and on the shetts, it seems to be a mistake... First it stands there: Complements can be expresseed by adjectives or a bare noun. Objects can't. And then at an example sentences cannot be replaced my an adjective or a bare noun -> it is ...
  100. Math 6th grade

    What is the largest fraction that can be made out of these numbers? 4,7,9
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