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Can u please help me with fourth edition improving vocabulary skills short version ? Chapter 1 sentence check 2.

world history
i need pennfoster answer text 007680

The World History
i need help with ppenfoster answer 007678

Using debating terminology can you help me define this please? That there should be compulsory exercise at work thanks a heap Minnie W

Social Studies
Okay! I don't know the correct terminology for what I call MINI-LAWS. MINI-LAWS are laws added on to one big law. Example: Math has to make up 1/3rd of all lessons taught. MINI-LAWS would include...grades 3-12, college exempt. So can you tell me what the correct ...

Your teacher should have given you what X= alternativly what Y= then you should work out what either X or Y stands for. Take your first equation for example.. 2x-y=4 Q. IF X EQUALS 2 WHAT IS Y? Substitute x with four 2(2)-y=4 Now times 2 by the number in the brackets 2x2=4 so ...

Oh my! I have absolutly no Idea what Caudal Prehension is, or short defecation time, or pulmonary vusculature! Can anyone help please? Thanks Minnie

Thanks SraJmcGin. Cn anyone elso post me some sites PLZ thanks Minnie

Hi there guys! Its me Minnie AGAIN! Still I seriously need some non-profesor sites to use for my project. Here is the clincher my project is about THE ADAPTATIONS OF ARBOREAL SNAKES thanks MS Sue for clearing up what Arboreal means. So can anyone post me some sites? Thanks a ...

Confidetiality of Health information
Incorrect. There is confidentuality laws protecting that kind of thing USA and the things on that pt chart would have been consented to by the patiants. Hope it helps Minnie

126 X604 That is the formula. Now work it out

it is a equation. Is that what you are after. Otherwise tell me what Y equals and I will help Minnie

HI guys! Could anyone help me please? What is a arboreal snake? Thanks a heap Minnie

My debate is in three days time PLEASE HELP!!! I have adopted the split: Society and Individual. My side on the debate is: negetive. The topic is: That womans and mens sport should have equal airtime on television. My first point is: Economy. What should my second point be?

OH BROTHER! It doesn't allow bullet points! Ach! Here it is one more time... Good evening ladies and gentlemen, chairperson. We the negative team disagree with the proposition set in the topic That woman’s sport should have equal air time on television Which can be ...

Hi there! If this was in a real debate do you think the split would work? And do you think that Employment would work. By the way it is in australia! Any stats to help with my Employment would be good... Good evening ladies and gentlemen, chairperson. We the negative team ...

Ummm does this work with my heading? Sport and the Economy Our economy is at an uncertain point. High taxes, high maintenance and don’t we all dread the announcement blaring on our TV? You know the one! The reserve bank has decided to raise intrest rates. With all that ...

What dya mean?

World War One
Hi there! Have any of you heard of the second battle of Villers-Bretonneux? I have and unfortunatly I need to know how many Australian Casualities there where. Can you guys help please Thanks Minnie PS> It was on 25th of April 1918

International Society
Does anyone know the terrorism threat in Australia? Thanks M

That is true, what I mean is in areas such as military how are we becoming americanized. What I need has to ber exempt from fashion movies takeaways and culture. I need the things that go on with the world not here at home in australia

1...2...3...4... This is so infuriating I have swapped the split on my debate and now "sob" I have to start all over again Could some one please give me some info on the Americanization of Australia internationally?

Social Studies
Casey, the three branches of government is Local, State and Federal

Social Studies
If you accept the fact that Australia is becoming americanized (causing harm) how would this affect australia's international image and realations? PLZ help me Thanks Minerva

So what I put down is right? Should it be: The Australian people are undergoing a change making the Australian people excessivly like the people of the United States of America.

Ok. What about this... The Australian people are undergoing a change making the Australian people excessivly like the United States of America.

Please revise this sentance: That we the Australian people are becoming to excessively like the United States of America Thanks Minerva

Debatind/ Sose
please I really need statistics and exact examples for my debate. I can not go up there and say many people think we are too americanized. We won't win. Please give me some stats. and eg. on the topic "that australia is becoming too american" Thanks Minerva

So what exactly is your Question? If it is which companies can I sue I think it would be both because Bord motors failed to cheak equipment and supplied a faulty car and Acme Brake company for failure to cheack equipment and supplying faulty breaks. You also need to cheak the ...

Debating/ SOSE
That Australia is becoming Americanized in a manner that is harmfull to its persons and culture. Could someone please give me some answers.

Debating/ SOSE
"That Australia is in a way that is harmfull becoming to american" Could someone please post some information on this i have been reasearching for ages! Thanks Minerva

maths, proportion
twelve men take 6 hours to finish a piece of work. after the 12 men have worked for 1 hour, the contractor decides to call in 8 more men to complete the remaining work. how many more hours would the 20 men take to complete the remaining piece of work? is this correct? 12 men 6...

would i feel warmer or cooler in a back t-shirt at night? i know that i will feel hotter in a black t-shirt on a hot day since black is a good absorber of radiant heat, so if it's at night? good absorbers are also good radiators. Why?

if i flip a coin, will the coin stop moving upwards first before it starts to move down? in other words, is there a moment when the coin is not moving at all? why? It stops and has velocity equal to zero at the top. ok.

what is thermal equilibrim, and what is thermal energy? what are fluid molecules? does convectin involve the movement of matter in a circular manner only? thermal equilibrium: no net flow of heat in or out. thermal energy: The sum of all the interanal stored energy in the ...

science e.m.f.?
please explain to me what is e.m.f. e.m.f. stands for electromotive force. It is the work done per unit charge (Joules per Coulomb) by an electric field when electric charge goes from point A to point B. It is measured in Volts. 1 Volt = 1 Joule/Coulomb If A and B are points ...

science, absolute zero
what is absolute zero? if 0 kelvin is the lowest temperature we can ever get, then does it mean that -273 degree Celsius is the lowest temperature we can reach? the book said "when we remove all of the energy from something, its temperature will be zero kelvin", what...

how do i calculate the sensitivity of thermometers?

science, temperature, thermometer
the thread of mercury in a thermometer is 17cm when placed above boiling water, and 9cm when dipped in melting ice. how long would the thread of mercury become if placed in a liquid with a temperature of 75 degree celsius. is there a method or formula for this? Yes there is a ...

'the scale of a mercury-in-glass thermometer is linear. one such thermometer has a scale extending from -10 degrees Celsius to 110 degrees Celsius. the length of the scale is 240mm.' what is linear? what is meant when the question said the scale is linear? how do i ...

how do i solve this equation? there is another answer other than 0, but i am not sure how to get it. 5x^2 + 7x =0 factor the term: x(5x+7)=0 Either term can be zero. You found the x=0, what value of x makes 5x+7 zero? Factor it to this form: x (5x + 7) = 0 There will be a ...

maths-- compound interest
find the compund interest on $2500 for one year at 4% per annum compounded half-yearly. which of these is correct? $2500(1 + 0.04)^2 or $2500(1 + 0.02)^2 The second one. 2500(1+.02)^2 Since the interest is compounded semi-annually you have to divide the annual rate of 4% by 2...

trighloroethane is a slvent used to remove grease from clothings. how, after use, is the solvent separated form the grease? a, chromatography b, crystallisation c, distillation d, filtration c. TCE (thrichloroethane) is very volatile. It evaporates and leaves the grease behind...

if a 10cm cube pipette were not available, which one of the following would be the best way of measuring a 10cm cube portion of a solution? a. weigh 10 times the mass of 1cm cube of the solution. b. weigh 10g of the solution. I think this is a trick question. There seems to be...