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how do you get energy from sunlight

how do you do two step equations

How would one say the following in french... I would eat.. I should eat.. I could eat... I might eat... Are there specific verb tenses for them? thanks

Function Notation
Ive been shown that a function can be written like so f:X->Y,f(x)=rule where X is the Domain and Y, the co-domain. Firstly, what is the co-domain? Ive tried looking it up but all I get is "the set of which y values fall in". If that is the case, say for the ...

French/Italian/Spanish Translation
Sorry, i wasn't too clear about what the term meant. Ive been told that générique in French can also mean "opening" as in an opening theme or music of say, a tv show. Do the translations still apply then in that context?

French/Italian/Spanish Translation
how do you translate the french word générique into italian and spanish?

What is the difference between geographic midpoint and the midpoint calculated by halving the distance between two cities? Also, is Georaphic midpoint significantly different that the average longitutdes and latitutdes of two different locations?

What is a geographical midpoint (defintion wise)?

Science Report
Does the contents page of a science report go before or after the abstract?

Maths (coordinate geometry)
two lines y=-2x+6 and y=1.5x+1 intersect. What is the size of the acute angle at the intersection? Ive got 59.4 degrees. Any confirmation/slight alteration?

Physics (mirrors)
If a virtual image occurs at 20cm "behind" a concave mirror, would u put a screen 20cm before the mirror to obtain the clearest possible image? if not, where?

solve for r r^64-1 = 2.5x10^7 (r-1) any ideas?

with ln(p1/p2)=deltaHvap/R x (1/T2-1/T2)

Could you check my answers and if wrong, suggest the right one. 1. In gas chromatography, two measurements are made. Identify the qualitative and quantitaive measurements. dye color and retention time 2. Why are components such as polymers like starch and cellulose unsuited to...

Is there a vacuum under the jars or is it just been air sealed with air already under it?

what is the purpose of the double bell jars that surround the international prototype of the kilogram in Paris?