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work= force*displacement since the question asks only for the work done of f1: Work(f1)=20N*.600m ans. 12J

Rejecting the null hypothesis of no linear regression implies that changes in x cause changes in y. True False

If X and Y are uncorrelated in the population, the expected value of the estimated linear regression coefficient (slope) is 0. True False

The time it takes to run a road race is normally distributed with a mean of 190 minutes and a standard deviation of 21 minutes. What values cuts off the slowest 12% of the racers?

For Tommy Bench, a minor league pitcher, the times between pitches are normally distributed with a mean of 36 seconds and a standard deviation of 2.5 seconds. If Bench performs 50 pitches, how many of them (to the nearest whole number) do you expect to have times-between-...

The assembly times for a toy car follow a normal distribution with a mean of 55 minutes and a standard deviation of 4 minutes. The company closes at 5pm every day. If one worker starts to assemble a toy car at 4pm, what is the probability that she will finish this job before ...

I need to have an essay written about a book and the scientific relation behind it. I would do it myself but I'm not sure I know what to do and it's a large portion of my grade and it's not due until June but I need it soon as possible so I can get the worry off of...