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Algebra 2
I am stuck on this problem that I have tried to solve so many times! The question is:The length of a rectangle is four more than twice the width. If the perimeter of the rectangle is 32 cm, what are the length and width of the rectangle? Here is my work: 32=2(2x+4)+2(2w) 32=(...

math help
Given that the point ​(5​,3​) is on the graph of an equation that is symmetric with respect to the y dash axis, what other point is on the​ graph my answer is -5,3 is this right??

Math word problems
A restaurant manager wants to purchase 200 sets of dishes. One design costs ​$15 per​ set, while another costs ​$45 per set. If she wants to use her entire budget of ​$5700​, how many of each design should be​ ordered? ____ for $15 set ____ ...

Criminal Cases
It didn't give me anything all it gave me was Google

Business math
On sept 14 Jennifer went to bank to borrow 4400 at 10.25% interest Jennifer plans to repay the loan on january 27 assume the loan is on ordinary interest a. what interest will Jennifer owe on january 27?. Interest b. what is the total amount jennifer must repay at maturity? ...

what is the answer to |19- pi|?

most -> least: H20, HClO, H3O+, OCl-, OH-

college math
is 3/11=7/19 a proportional fraction

arrange fractions from smallest to largest 3/7, 6/7, 1/7, -1/2, 2/7

The following data show the number of Chinese citizens who immigrated to the U.S. Use the data to predict how many Chinese immigrated to the U.S. during the 1990s. Decade No. of Chinese Immigrants 1950s 10,000 1960s 35,000 1970s 124,000 1980s 389,00

The house numbers on carr memorial ave follow a pattern. the first four houses on the left side of the street are numbered 8,14,20 and many more houses are on the left side of the street with numbers less than 50? Thanks!

Why do you use 1/3 in volume formulas?

what multiplication fact could you use to find a number that can be divided equally by 8 and 9?

Could you divide 14 shirts into two equal groups? why or why not

Is the product of 6 x 2 x 4 less than 50? Explain.

AP Chemistry
What is the equation for Pour A Rainbow?

what is the procedure when preparing and processing receipts? please someone help :)

ok thanks v. much :)

but then, when we are talking about poems what actually mean the sentance: "Sense of urgency and free flow created by lack of punctuation and run on lines"

is the "sense of urgency" and "urgency" the same?

could someone tell me please what is meant by "sense of urgency"

Ok, outside of grammatical errors does the paper do a good job of explaining and proving a point? Also, is it acceptable to have two quotes back to back like I did?

Paragraph 4 Not only does a parent’s economic status affect their children, but a person’s race and gender greatly deter economic advancement. Mantsios explains that “racial and gender domination are other forces that hold people down.” He believes that if ...

Paragraph 3 Class privileges are what a person is more likely to get from his economic status: a wealthy person will have much better privileges than a low wage worker. Mantsios tells the brief life stories of people from an upper, middle and lower class standing. By ...

Paragraph 2 In America, economic data can show the massive differences between the rich and poor. Mantsios writes, “The wealthiest 1 percent of the American population holds 38 percent of the total national wealth.” Whereas, “one of every eight people in this ...

Last time I tried this the whole essay didn't get shown. If I am doing something wrong please tell me how. "In “Class in America-2003,” Gregory Mantsios argues that America favors the rich and a person’s race and class standing greatly influences their ...

In “Class in America-2003,” Gregory Mantsios argues that America favors the rich and a person’s race and class standing greatly influences their wealth, health and education. By comparing the myths and realities of the American dream of equal opportunity, ...

Suppose that a firm is the only domestic producer of a commodity and that there are no imports of the good. The firm’s total cost and demand curves are given by the following two equations: TC = 6Q + ·05Q2 : Q = 360 - 20P q) The government wishes to impose a ...

As a gas is compressed in a cylinder... 1. The distance between gas molecules _INCREASES________ 2 The number of gas molecules _REMAINS THE SAME________ 3. Its volume _INCREASES________ 4. Its pressure _REMAINS SAME________ 5. Its density _DECREASES________ 6. Its mass ...

STAT-discrete random varaibles
a driver passes 4 sets of traffic lights. the random varaible X is the number of traffic lights he has to stop at. the probabilty distribution for x is given: x 0 1 2 3 4 prob 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.2 0.2 a) find the upper quartile of the number of traffic lights at which the driver ...

Could someone tell me what the structural formula of the product between Hydroxyl and carboxylic is? Many thanks a^2+b^2=c^2 Thanks