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Social Studies
What are two helpful developments in Georgia and the rest of the country that occurred after the Revolutionary War ?? Please help me I'm comfused

A. D. D. there you go hope i helped you

Find m<HIR if m<RIN =80, m<HIR = 8x+2, and m<HIJ = 19x-6

h(x) = 2-4x A. h(-5) my answer is -62 B. h(4) my answer is -34

No. My classmate and I are working together.

Please can you explain how to solve the problem?

Physical Science
How will you prepare a laboratory procedure to verify the validity of the hypothesis? Give example.

Maths age problems
Tom is 6 years older than James. In 5 years time their combined ages old are they now?

Here is a linear inequality to solve: 8x + 8 < 3 (x + 1)

what is electromagnetic radiation

i dont understand compare the victorian period to modern day life like in christmas carol essay

A 0.299 kg bead slides on a curved wire, start-ing from rest at point A as described below: A: a crest (hill) 6.15 m high b: a valley between A and C C: a crest (hill) 1.85 m high The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . 1) If the wire is frictionless, find the speed of the ...

Language Arts
Ms.Sue! Please help!

Language Arts
Please help!

Language Arts
Please help! In an essay discuss the way in which Naomi Shihab Nye treats loneliness in "The Rider" What does loneliness mean to the speaker? How does bicycling help her leave her loneliness behind? Cite passages from the poem to support your points. My answer: ...

Write a paragraph in French of at least 10 sentences talking about a trip you hope to take in the future. What do you hope to do? Write in comp;ete sentences in French.

If 2.5x10^-3 moles of O2 were produced in the reaction, how many grams of H2O2 had to react?

College Math
What is the change in Michaels total pay for each copy of History is fun he sells? What is Michaels total pay if he doesn't sell any copies of History is fun?

College Math
Michael is a software salesman. Let y represent his total pay (in dollars). Let x represent the number of copies of History is Fun he sells. Suppose that x and y are related by the equation 1700+90x=y .

30 is the product of Chrissy's height and 2.

A patient presents with hypertrophic scarring to her chin from a burn received one year ago. Scar management has failed. What ICD-10-CM codes are reported? Select one: a. T20.03XA, L90.5 b. T20.03XA, T20.03XS, L91.0 c. L90.5, T20.23XA d. L91.0, T20.03XS D

From a group of 65 students who failed Business Mathematics in 2010 we found the following reasons: 35 for not attending class (C); 30 for not doing homework (H) and 25 for not visiting tutors (T). Fourteen did not attend class and did not visit tutors; 15 did not visit tutors...

Technical writing
Identify the sentence that is punctuated correctly. Select one: a. Once inside, my mother's house seemed much larger than it appears on the outside. b. Once inside my mother's house seemed much larger, than it appears on the outside. c. Once inside, my mother's ...

Technical writing

Technical writing
Identify the sentence that is punctuated correctly. Select one: a. My parents moved to West Virginia when they retired because the price of living is cheaper there. b. My parents moved to West Virginia, when they retired, because the price of living is cheaper there. c. My ...

Technical writing
Identify the sentence that is punctuated correctly. Select one: a. In December 2013 I visited my aunt for Christmas in Allentown, Pennsylvania, for the first time in 20 years. b. In December 2013, I visited my aunt for Christmas in Allentown, Pennsylvania for the first time in...

Technical writing
Always use a comma before somebody's name in a sentence. A.true B.false B

J codes do not include drug_____. Amount?

Technical writing
Which is the correct comparative form of easy? Select one: a. easiest b. more easy c. easier d. easyer C

Technical writing
So is it c because the pad is a subject as well right

Technical writing
Identify the subject and complete verb in each of the following sentences. A pen and a pad of paper are in the top drawer of my desk. Select one: a. paper/drawer; are b. pen; are c. pen/pad; are d. pen/paper; are D

Technical writing
Thank you Ms. Sue

Technical writing
Identify each as fragment, run-on, comma splice, or sentence. Edgar Allen Poe invented the convention of the solution that is overlooked. Because it is so obvious. Select one: a. fragment b. run-on c. comma splice d. correct sentence A

Annual credit sales of 7.75 million - divide this by 365 and that gives you the daily credit sales = 26,712 multiplied by the 34 collection period and your total is $908,219.18

physical science
A uniform stripe of eureka (resistivity 5-0 × ?10?^(-7) ?m) has a resistance of 0.80 ? per metre and is 0.25 cm wide. What is its thickness? (show work)

physical science
A block of carbon, 1.0 cm by 2.0 cm by 5.0 cm has a resistance of 0.80 ? between its two smaller faces. What is the resistivity of carbon? (show work)

physical science
. The maximum allowable resistance for an underwater cable is one hundredth of an ohm per metre. If the resistivity of cooper is 1.54 × ?10?^(-8) ? m, find the least diameter of a copper cable that could be used (show work)

physical science
What length of German silver wire, diameter 0.050 cm, is needed to make a 28 ?resistor, if the resistivity of German silver is 2.2 × ?10?^(-7) ? m (show work)

physical science
The resistance of the ohm is very approximately that of a column of mercury 1.06 m long and of uniform cross-section of one hundred of a cm^2. Find the resistivity of mercury.(show work)

physical science
Taking the resistivity of platinoid as 3.3 × ?10?^(-7) ? m, find the resistance of 7.0 of platinoid wire of average diameter 0.14 cm.

physical science
The heating elements of an electric toaster is typically made of nichrome wire (an alloy of nickel and chromium). As current passes through the wires, the wires heat up, thus toasting the toast. Estimate the overall resistance of a heating element which is 220 cm long and ...

pyhsical science
A wire of uniform cross-section has a resistance of R ?. What would be the resistance of a similar wire, made of the same material, but twice as long and of twice the diameter?

can you help me graph the function y=-5(3^x)please? f(x)=-5(3^x) f(x)=-5*3 f(x)=-5(9) =-15 =-45 Is this the correct way to work this problem out and how to I graph?

Technical writing
Identify the subject and complete verb in each of the following sentences.

Technical writing
The teacher should have been more patient with her students. Select one: a. students; should have b. teacher: should have c. teacher; have been d. teacher; should have been D.

Technical writing
In order to have a complete sentence, you need a ________. Select one: a. subject, verb, and a complete thought b. subject and verb c. subject, verb, and a prepositional phrase d. subject, verb, and a dependent clause

Technical writing
Two independent clauses joined together with no punctuation create a ________. Select one: a. complex sentence b. compound sentence c. run-on d. comma splice

Given that the battery produces a current of 2.5A that passes through molten zinc chloride for 3 minutes what charge would be dissipated through the electrolyte

find the maximum and/or minimum values of the function f(x) for the indicated value of x f(x)=x^2 -4x+3 2<_ x _>5

Math 115
Calculate the slope and write an equation for the linear function represented by each of the given table. A W 5 30 7 40 W=_?___ I PUT W=5x+5 and W=5+5x BUT IT SAID IT WAS WRONG.

Math Velocity
Jeff is standing on a bridge 5M above the river, He picks up a small rock and tosses it into the air, the rock reaches a height of 12M in one second and hits the water in about 2.3 seconds Determine when the rock reaches a height equal to the bridge but on the way down.

Women should be treated as equals
Obviously we women are the pillars of the world without us the world wouldn't be able to function properly and it is said that behind every successful man is a powerful woman

The signers of the declaration of Independence came from the 13 colonies as shown: Massachusetts: 5 New Hampshire: 3 Virginia: 7 Maryland: 4 New Jersey: 5 Pennsylvania: 9 Rhode Island: 2 New York: 4 Georgia: 3 North Carolina: 3 South Carolina: 4 Connecticut: 4 Delaware: 3 ...

Pre Calculus
A flare is launched straight up with a velocity of 200 feet per second. The function h(t)= 200t?16t^2 models the height h(t)of the flare are at time t. How many seconds will it take for the flare to hit the ground?

A book of golf balls contains yellow golf balls and white golf balls. You collect the representative sample shown (3 yellow, 2 white). If the bucket contains 50 golf balls about how many golf balls are white ?

What are the similarities and differences between mitosis and meiosis?

Grade 11 Physics
Harry, who has a mass of 54 kg, has just gotten a flybar pogo stick and is standing on top of a small wall. He pushes off the wall with a velocity of 1.7 m/s, gets on the stick and lands. The stick has a spring constant of 3.5 x 104 N/m and he compresses it by 20.0 cm when he ...

A ship sails 15.0 mi on a course S40°10’W and then 21.0 mi on a course N28°20’W. Find the distance and direction of the last position from the first.

Financial Accounting
On March 31 a post closing trial balance was completed On April 4, the business purchased a new truck on account. The residual value is $2400, and the estimated useful life is 5 years. How do I enter this information into a general journal? Do I even need to calculate the ...

suppose a skydiver (mass = 75 kg) is falling toward the earth. when the skydiver is 100 m above the earth he is moving at 60 m/s. at this point calculate the skydiver's

Calculate the time the car takes to travel 605m what answer

A model car travels horizontally after being released. The car travels a distaance d metres in a time of t seconds. d is directly proportional to t. The car travels 20 metres in a time of 2 seconds. A.Calculate the distance the car travels in 3 seconds.

Social Studies
I think the answer is A


system development
how to write a pseudocode for a system that allows user to create an account with features such as username, password, email, first name, surname, postal address

The brakes on a car permit it to decelerate at the rate of 0.80 m/s2. How much distance is required to stop this car when it is traveling at 60.0 km/hr?

An airplane, traveling 142.5 km/hr at the moment it touches the runway, runs off the end of the runway still traveling at 36.7 km/hr. If the plane’s rate of deceleration was -1.6 m/s2, how long and how far did the plane travel along the runway?

A deer runs into the road 1.24 km in front of a car. The driver, traveling at 70.5 km/hr, sees the deer and slams on the brakes which decelerates the car at a rate of 3.2 x 10-1 m/s2. Will the driver hit the deer?

mike reads thrice as fast as judy.the ratio of the number of words judy can read per minute to the number of words paul can read per minute is 5:2 if paul can read 140 words per minute,how many words per minute can mike read

John saved 8/5 of what Mary saved. Idf Mar saved P 390 lessthan what John saved, how much did both of them saved?

Martin had red toy cars and blue cars in a box. the ratio of the blue toy cars to the red toy cars is 5:2. When Martin put 15 more blue toy cars in the box, the ratio of the blue toy cars to the red toy cars became 4:1. How many red toy cars and blue toy cars are now in the box?

math age problem
Tom is 6 years older than James .in 5 years time their combined ages willbe36. How old are they now?

81,000! Thank you so much.

The scale drawing of a soccer field mis 1 inch= 10 yards. The drawing of a soccer field is 12 inches by 7.5 inches. Find the dimensions of the actual soccer field in square feet.

michelle inherited 5/8 of his father's estate. He sold 2/5 of his share. What part of the entire estate did he sell?

how to solve this po? 4(4x)^2 + 2(4x) + 5 I hope you can answer this for me. and thank you very much. :)

?Crees que en el futureo___viajar a otros planetas? !Claro que si!

The cow jumped over the moon. subject: the cow verb: jumped over object: the moon is the right?

Reserach Statistics in CRJU
A data set has n=10 pairs of X and Y values. This data has SSx=10, SSy= 20 and SP=10. Compute the Pearson correlation and explain r=sp/√ssx ssy = 10/√10*20= 10/√200 Simplify 200 under radical= 200 as 10^2⋅2. √(〖10〗^2 )×2= 10/...

Hey are you able to email me I have a question for you please

Manny is there a way we can speak thur email I have a question about your post.

Which one of the following activities is not directly connected with providing a safe and healthy environment?

nicole is a jewellery designer. she handcrafts all the jewellery she sells online. with every successful sale, she would make a profit of $30; however, if she makes a mistake during the process, she will lose $10. Nicole is starting work on her next batch of 20 jewellery. ...

If a missile is launched from a station 300 metres above sea level with an initial velocity of 500 m/s what is the height of the missile after 4 seconds

EDIT: You can't use non creative , but you can say uncreative

Yes, but it's better to use "unimaginative" instead of just adding "non" in front of a word to make it an antonym of the original word.

A cross-section of a sphere, which is 6 units from the center of the sphere, has a circumference of 8π units. Find the surface area of the sphere.

Find the number of vertices in a polyhedron if it contains 20 triangular faces and 12 pentagonal faces. a. 30 b. 32 c. 60 d. 120 * Also please show me how you got your answer, thanks

The surface area of a right cone is 55π cm squared. Find the radius if the slant height is 6cm.

how many electrones of each element are produced in this reaction? PbS +H2O -----PbSO4+H2O

this exponential equation has different base,but same exponent. 4^× -9(2^×)=-20 i know the 4 is just 2squared, but i am just a little confounded when taking it into practice ,plz help

i need help

How can I do an acrostic poem for the word REDOX?

A campground consist of 10 square campsites arranged in a line along the beach the distance from the edge of the campsite to the water is 4 yards the area of the campground including the beach Is 1050 yd.² what's the width of one campsite

Suppose you have an extremely unfair coin: the probability of a head is 1/5, and the probability of a tail is 4/5. If you toss the coin 40 times, how many heads do you expect to see? A. 8 B. 6 C. 5 D. 4

Data has been collected from a representative of a well-defined population to answer the question: "How much money does the average senior male at Normal Community High School have in his pockets at the end of the school day on Friday?" The next step in the study is ...

Calculate the number of moles of NH3 that can be formed from the complete reaction of 0.30 moles of N2 according to the equation N2 + 3H2 → 2NH3

Physics 101
A storage tank of negligible mass and 30m high is filled with gasoline. What is the force that acts on a square access hatch at the bottom of the tank that measures 0.5m x 0.5m

A chemist reacts 0.05 moles of solid sodium with water to make sodium hydroxide what mass of sodium was reacted ?

Language Art's HELP ASAP!

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