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  1. chemistry

    Ethane(a minor constituent of natural gas) burns in oxygen to form carbon dioxide and water. How many moles of oxygen are needed to react with one moles of ethane?
  2. Math

    you're all wrong, you idiots. it's 100 miles. 15 + .11m = 18 + .08m .11m = 3 + .08 .03 = 3 m = 100
  3. physics

    A railroad car of mass 26500 kg is released from rest in a railway switchyard and rolls to the bottom of a slope Hi =8 m below its original height. At the low point, it collides with and sticks to another car of mass 20000 kg. The two cars roll together up another slope and ...
  4. physics

    A billiard ball rolling across a table to the right at 2.2 m/s makes a head-on elastic collision with an identical ball. The mass of a billiard ball is 32 g. If the second ball is initially at rest, what is the velocity of the first ball after the collision? If the second ball...
  5. Math

    BFA and AFE are vertical meaning they are also supplementary (= to 180) so you you would set up an equation like 3r+12+-8r+210=180 then combine like terms you should get -5r+220=180 then subtract 220 from 180 leaving -5r=-42 then divide -5 from-42
  6. re drwls geography

    thankyou it was very kind for you to help
  7. geography

    In the river tees is the upper course at the begining where the source is and the lower course where the mouth is? thanks
  8. Geography

    I am writing a report for Geography about the River Tees . Where the river starts the source is this called the upper course? and where it ends is this called the lower course? thanks for help
  9. reading

    it is long and yellow
  10. Algebra

    Thanks! :)
  11. Algebra

    Okay,If I understand this is what I come up with. square root of 6^2-2^2=x^2 square root of 36-4=x^2 square root of 32=x^2 x=4 square root of 2*2= x=8 square root of 2= approx. 11.3 m
  12. Algebra

    I am sorry, How would I set this problem up?
  13. Algebra

    A homeowner wishes to insulate her attic with fiberglass insulation to conserve energy. The insulation comes in 40-cm wide rolls that are cut to fit between the rafters in the attic. If the roof is 6 m from peak to eave and the attic space is 2 m high at the peak, how long ...
  14. Algebra

    How do I work this correctly? I know the answer is 7 but I am doing something wrong.Here is what I have... x+ã(2x-5)=10 x+ã(2x-5)^2=10^2 x+2x-5=100 3x-5+5=100+5 3x=105 x=35 PLEASE HELP!
  15. physics