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  1. Physics

    METEOR SHOWER (Acceleration or Not) PLease choose the correct answer.
  2. Spanish

  3. Algebra

    what if hight was 8,15,22,29
  4. life orientation

    Six symptoms of intrapersonal conflict in a person
  5. math help

    ) Brian has 96 feet of fencing to enclose a rectangular space in his yard for his dog. He wants the rectangle to be twice as long as it is wide. Write and solve an equation to find the dimensions of the rectangle.
  6. Physics

    Janetjumpsoffahighdivingplatformwith ahorizontalvelocityof2.96m/sandlandsin thewater2.8slater. Howhighistheplatform ?Theacceleration ofgravityis9.8m/s2.
  7. Physics

    someone in a car going past you at the speed of 31m/s drops a small rock from a height of 1.5m.
  8. Math

    If I have 28 ft 9 5/8 inches and I need 3 equal rooms how big is each room supposed to be?
  9. the book animal farm

    I have to put characters into groups and explain why ?
  10. statistics

    1) A scale measuring prejudice has been administered to a large sample of respondents. The distribution of scores is approximately normal with a mean of 31 and a standard deviation of 5. What percentage of sample had scores below 20?
  11. algebra

    Two drivers travel 150 miles on a freeway and then stop at a wayside rest area. The first driver travels 5 miles per hour faster and arrives 1/7 hour ahead of the second. Find the average speed of each car.
  12. algebra

    Volume of a Box A box is constructed by cutting out square corners of a rectangular piece of cardboard and folding up the sides. If the cutout corners have sides with length x, then the volume of the box is given by the polynomial A box is constructed from a square piece of ...
  13. algebra

    Volume of a Box (Refer to the preceding exercise.) A box is constructed from a square piece of metal that is 20 inches on a side. (a) If the square corners of length x are cut out, write a polynomial that gives the volume of the box. (b) Evaluate the polynomial when inches. (c...
  14. math

    poop is tha answrrrrrrr herherherh :)
  15. chem

    Ammonia reacts with oxygen to form nitrogen dioxide and water according to the following equation: 4NH3(g) + 7O2(g) ® 4NO2(g) + 6H2O(g) You react ammonia and oxygen, and at the end of the experiment you find that you produced 27.0 g of water, and have 8.52 g of ammonia ...
  16. Science

    In the UK, what is the recommended allowance for: 1) salt in a day 2) water in a day 3) fruit in a day 4) calories in a day men 5) calories in a day women 6) fat in men 7) fat in women my answers are: 1) 6g 2) 6 - 8 glasses 3) 5 4) 2550 5) 1940 6) 7) Please can you check my ...
  17. english

    original summary for the picture of dorian gray
  18. Math

    What is -3y+3x=-7(x+3)
  19. Math

    What are the asymptotes of the functions "f(x) = 4x" and "g(x) = log5x"?
  20. computers

    Its for a webdesign class at school. i already designed the interface in photoshop. "Take your completed interface page and using the knife tool slice it up into parts that should be segmented such as the header, content area, links, footer. Then, save for web and ...
  21. General Knowledge

    Characteristics of Contemporary Dating
  22. science

    Essay Impacts of West Indian Manatee& Jamaican: on the Caribbean's economy
  23. modern physics

    a record player is switched from 33rpm to 45rpm.The artable changes speed in 2.0s.Calaculate its average angular acceleration and the average tangential acceleration of a point on the turnable that 15cm from the axis rotation. Why are you posting in multiple names? Please don...