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  1. Chemistry

    Are the ions of a metal very different from the atoms of a metal? Give some important differences in the properties you abserved.
  2. Math

    From the top of a vertical mast 140m high,two lorries on the same ground level are observed, one due east and the other due west of the mast.If their angles of depression are 65 and 38 respectively; calculate the distance between the two lorries
  3. Math

    Tina has 1/2 quart of iced tea. She pours the same amount into each of 3 glasses. Which equation represents the fraction of a quart of iced tea that is in each glass? Mark all that apply. A. 1/2 ÷ 1/3 = n B. 2 ÷ 3 = n C. 2 ÷ 1/3 = n D. 1/2 x 1/3 = n E. 2 x...
  4. Math

    Lewis is putting 74 cans into cartons each carton holds 8 cans how many cans will be in the unfilled carton
  5. 7th Grade

  6. 7th Grade

    1. Twelve months ago, Donnie bought shares of stock in a Biotechnology Company for $25 per share. If the shares are now selling for $30 per share, what is the percent of the increase in the value of the stock? 2. Last month, Curtis bought a new mountain bike for $250. In a ...
  7. Chemistry

    What is the density of KCl at 25.00 °C if the edge length of its fcc unit cell is 628 pm?
  8. scale drawing

    I'm on the same question
  9. science

    Which of the following statements describe acceleration? 1.) an object is speeding up 2.) an object is slowing down 3.) an object changing direction 4.) an object that is at rest -1 and 3 -1,2, and 3*** -all statements
  10. Math

    Partial Products an Regrouping are alike because they both are multiplied bye one number an if there's more its carried above.Partial Products and Regrouping are different because Partial Products are step by step multiplication,while regrouping is just plain multiplication.
  11. History

    The first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence also laid out the concept of "______," the idea that legitimate governments are run by and for the People. • taxation without representation • consent of the governed*** • popularity contests
  12. Math

    Write a comparison sentence yo represent this equation. 6×7=42
  13. Chemistry

    A student needs to analyze a mixture containing an alcohol and a ketone by silica gel tlc. Consult the table of solvent polarities above and suggest a likely developing solvent. Explain
  14. government

    Why did the framers of the Constitution fear 'excessive democracy'? In what ways were the framers able to limit its influence on the structure of government?
  15. Science

    If I made an electromagnet what would the variables be. controlled, dependent and independent
  16. math

    there are 184 green marbles. the marbles will be put into 8 jars. about how many marbles will go into each jar?
  17. Math

    An automobile dealership uses CODE = 1 for new automobiles, CODE = 2 for used automobiles, and CODE = 3 for separate accessories. A salesman’s commissions are as follows: on new automobile, 3% of the selling price but a maximum of $300; on used automobile, 5% of the ...
  18. Science

    How does a tornado work?
  19. math

    What is 1.07 x 10 to the 4th power in standard form?
  20. math

    Which equation means three minus a number is equal to 7? A. g – 3 = 7 B. 7 – 3 = g C. 3 + g = 7 D. 3 – g = 7
  21. math

    tatiana is planting a gadern with an area of 25 square feet. what could the length and width of the garden be?
  22. Math

    6 is not c
  23. Math

    Consider a number. Greater than 2 which do you think is larger, the sum if you add a number to itself 10 times, or the product if you multiply the number by itself 10 times? Explain
  24. Help Math One Queation

    I think the answer 25.1 am i right
  25. Help Math One Queation

  26. Help Math One Queation

    A cone-shaped container has a height of 9 in. and diameter of 2 in. It is filled with a liquid that is worth $2 per cubic inch. What is the total value of the liquid in the container? Use 3.14 for ? . Anyone who knows the answer are just willing to help .. help pleases
  27. Analytical Chemistry

    1. If the unknown solid were not dried before analysis, would the calculated percent of KHP be too high or too low? Explain
  28. 4th Grade math

    Ms. Sue - Thank you!
  29. 4th Grade math

    A pitcher contains a liquit mixture of water and lemon juice. The water makes up 2/5 of the weight of the liquid mixture. There are 30 ounces of water in the pitcher. How much lemon juice is in the pitcher?
  30. Riddle

    Please help me solve this Riddle: What is a pair of two, black and white you'll get 6?
  31. Social Studies

    Is it South Africa
  32. Social Studies

    Out of the experience of an extraordinary human disaster [Apartheid] that lasted too long, must be born a society of which all humanity will be proud. The time for the healing of the wounds has come. The moment to bridge the chasms that divide us has come. Never, never and ...
  33. Social Studies

    The MOST LIKELY location of the Inaugural Address was in what country? a. Ghana b. India c. Rwanda d. South Africa
  34. Social Studies

    Is it A, Ms. Sue??
  35. Social Studies

    the amount of credit that is used. repaid before credit is extended. the unused portion of credit. added to the credit amount. These are the choices. I think it is C.
  36. Social Studies

    While credit is all or part of an amount a borrower may use, debt is
  37. Math

    During a class election 12 people voted for candidate A.If there were 42 votes total,what is the ratio of votes for candidate B compared to candidate A?
  38. algebra 2a solving systems using matrices

    write the system of equations represented by the matrix [0 1 2 4] [-2 3 6 9] [1 0 1 3] a: x+2y=4 -2x-3y+69=0 x+y=3 b: x+2y=4 -2-3y+6=9 x+y=3 c: y+2z=4 -2x+3y+6z=9 x+z=3 d: x+2z=4 -2x-3y+6=9 think its A
  39. math

    Quin has 28 state quarters collected. he wants to have a complete set of the 50 state quarters. How many more quarters does he need to collect?
  40. Literature

    What does this quote mean> "The world abounds with masterpieces, and yet they do not fill my two hands"
  41. English

    What does this mean? "The world abounds with masterpieces, and yet they do not fill my two hands"
  42. Math

    56 decreased by twice of a number
  43. math algebra

    A car was purchased for $3,495 and will depreciate 20% each year. Find a linear function for the value of the car at time t in years. Define variables clearly. Graph the function you found in part A. A claim is made that the car will not be worth anything in five years. Do you...
  44. Physics

    Did the give any angles?
  45. Chemistry (molarity)

    Molarity is another way of saying molar concentration. If you know the formula for molarity you will see that the change in volume will affect the molarity of a solution. The more water you add the more you will dilute the solution.
  46. la

    Part A how is this excerpt of an Express or Torrey essay organized a cause and effect be compare and contrast C problem and solution D chronological order
  47. Math

    Water stations will be placed every 400 meters of a 5-kilometer race. How many water stations are needed?
  48. science

    what are yall fav bird
  49. Calculus

    Okay I'm just confused about how many rectangles to use? Also, if I should only worry about [0,pi/2]
  50. Calculus

    n ∑(pi/n)(cos(pi/n) t=1 corrected
  51. Calculus

    Determine an upper/lower estimate for the area under the curve f(x) = cos x between x = 0 and x = pi/2 . Show how you arrive at this estimate. This is the question that my teacher wanted us to answer and I'm not sure how to even start the process. Should I use Reimann'...
  52. Chemistry

  53. Chemistry

    Assuming 100% dissociation, calculate the freezing point and boiling point of 2.45 m Na2SO4(aq). Constants may be found here sites. google. com/site/chempendix/colligative.
  54. Calculus

    I tried this way several times and it is not correct. Are there any other ways to doing this problem?
  55. Calculus

    A baseball team plays in a stadium that holds 68000 spectators. With the ticket price at $11 the average attendence has been 27000. When the price dropped to $10, the average attendence rose to 34000. Assume that attendence is linearly related to ticket price. What ticket ...
  56. Science

    A car travels 50 miles in 1 hour and 15 minutes. What is the average speed
  57. Language art

  58. Math

    Can you please explain how to get the answer for question above
  59. Calculus

    Give an example of a function with a critical point that is neither a maximum nor a minimum. Specify the relevant point(s). This is what I have and this is what I got wrong... A function with a critical point that is neither a maximum nor a minimum would be f(x)=x^2 if F(x) = ...
  60. Calculus

    Also, just got the news that we can not use the Pythagorean theorem b/c its not a right triangle that is why we are using the law of cosines...UGH!! If there is any other way to go about this please PLEASE HELP!
  61. Calculus

    Okay this is what I got... Minute hand = a = 8 Hour hand = b = 4 Distance between a---b = c And we are looking for dc/dt = ? The law of cosine states c^2 = a^2 + b^2 2ab cos (c) So… C^2 = 8^2 +4^2 – 2(8)(4) cos (c) Take derivative 2c * dc/dt = 0 + 0 + 2(8)(4) sin (c...
  62. Calculus

    Hello! I need help with this problem, its been irritating me for days! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Here’s the question.. The minute hand on a watch is 8 mm long and the hour hand is 4 mm long. How fast is the distance between the tip of the hands changing at 10...
  63. algebra 1, solving polynomials

    A graph of the function?
  64. Math

    Need help with this question too
  65. physics

    a ball is thrown upward from a bridge with a speed of 48 ft/s. It misses the bridge on way down and lands in water 160 ft. below. Find how long the ball rises, how high it goes, how long it is in the air, and its velocity when it strikes the water.
  66. Physics

    A infinite wire carrying a current 5A is bent at right angle find the magnetic Induction at a point on the perpendicular to the wire through its point of bending at a distance 35 cm from the corner
  67. Social Studies

    What major advantage did the colonists have over the British during the Revolutionary War? A. colonists had more supplies than the British B. colonists had European support C. colonists had a better knowledge of the land than the British D. colonists had more soldiers than the...
  68. Social Studies

    What is a name of a soldier in the Revolutionary War that was a low ranked soldier but then stepped it up?
  69. math

  70. Science

    Yes they are...what i want is a site or something that can help me research these question...For Number 1:measuring the distinct between to cites number 2:12 Number 3: False
  71. Science

    One:the sI unit measure for length the meter-would be most appropriate when Two:The metric System Of measurement is based on the number Three: Scientists use SI because it allows them to compare data and communicate with each other about their results (true/False ~Mia
  72. Science

  73. Science

    I forgot to put this in True/False
  74. Science

    in science, skepticism means coming up with inventive way to solve a problems or produce new things
  75. algebra

    The graph above shows the relationship between the time it takes in minutes for Rosina to walk versus run to different destinations. Give a written interpretation of the slope of the function.
  76. Algebra

    what's the question?
  77. Riddle

    A dead heart can start beating words with no sound can be known Where eyes can tell a story And you dream of the unknown Where your life can take you places But your thoughts are your true home When a smile is not yours But you happy that it was loaned ..........what am I ?
  78. Statistics

    many ground level plants in tropical rainforest have adapted to the shade of the forest canopy. these plants tend to function well as house plants since they require minimal sunlight. A botanist is interested in domesticating a particular plant found in the amazon rainforest...
  79. history

    Discuss why England's North American colonial empire had outstripped those of her European rivals by the end of the seventeenth century?
  80. geography

    Under the Soviet system, the government
  81. Social Studies

    i dont now the answer
  82. anatomy

    large tubes from trachea to lungs is a. anoxia b. diaphragm\ intercostals c.spirometer d. breathing
  83. math

    $58.90 give me the way u solved it!
  84. math

    the right answer is $58.90 lol dumb dumb hope it helped
  85. Math

    Y= 2x -1 and y= x+3 (2,4) (-4,2) (4,2) No solutions
  86. Math

    1/3 2/3 hygy
  87. ELA

    It's for a teacher Mrs. Brown how can I make it unique
  88. ELA

    I need an amazing title that rhymes with brown and maybe has the word brown in it..
  89. Language arts

    Can anyone tell me the answers for the dragon wings chapter 12 quiz (along with help for the essays?)
  90. 3rd grade math

    5/8 is my answer
  91. Geometry

    Average diameter of about 7900 miles. Jupiter has an average diameter of 86900 miles. The volume is Jupiter is approximately how many times larger than the earth?
  92. math

    can you help me with something different
  93. science

  94. chemistry

    acetic acid and oxalic acid exist in different states at room temperature. one is a liquid the other is a solid which is the solid? Explain.
  95. Math

    what is 900 times 8046?
  96. Readers

    To scale something can mean
  97. Chem

    Honore I don't understand...
  98. Chem

    why is sef4 melting point higher than sef6?
  99. S.S Japan

    Thank you!
  100. S.S Japan

    I read up and im pretty sure its C.
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