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I think f(x)=2cos3x. f'(x)=-6sin3x maxf'(x)=6 if sin3x=-1 when x=-Pi/6 f(-Pi/6)=0 The equation of tangent y=6x+Pi

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Math please help!
m(t)=9x2^(-t/192) 192=24x8 2.8=9x2^(-t/192) t=192xln(9/2.8)/ln2 t=323.4236495

p'=1/x' x'=3p^2-6p

We find a from a system: a +a+99d =7099.5 a+100d+a+199d=20799 We subtract from the 2nd the 1st: 200d=13699.5 d=68.4975 2a+99x68.4975=7099.5 a=159.12375 (0.12375=99/800)

cos(a)cos(b)-sin(a)sin(b)=cos(a+b) Answer:cos(45+120)=cos165

This value = H'(1)=-1/(2sqrt(6))

Calculus (urgent!!)
Critical number x=0 Increasing on interval (-Inf,0) Decreasing on interval (0,Inf) Local maxima x=0 Local minima x=none Concave up on (-Inf,-1)U(1,Inf) Concave down on (-1,1) Inflection points x=-1,x=1 Horizontal asymptotes y=0 Vertical asymptotes x=none

Calculus (pleas help!!!)
f'(x)=(x-5)^3+(x-2)3(x-5)^2=(4x-11)(x-5)^2 (A) Absmax=f(1)=64+11=75 Absmin=f(11/4)=-3^7/2^8+11=-2187/256+ +11=629/256 (B) Absmax=f(8)=173 Absmin=f(11/4)=629/256 (C) Absmax=f(9)=459 Absmin=f(4)=9

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