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Jeremiah is mowing the lawn which is 2 acres he has mowed 1/4 of a acre in 1/12 of a hour when he was done he had to mow the neighbor's yard which is 1 acre if he can continue at the same rate what is the unit rate for the number of acres can he. mow

a ball of mass 100g is dropped from the top of a vertical cliff 45m high. Given that the velocity just before striking the sandy beach is 30m/s and the ball penetrates the sand to a depth of 10cm. Determine its average retardation force

Math please check answer
Amy bought a computer for a total of $676.24 In the state where she lives the sales tax is 7% What is the amount of her sales tax ? I got $44.24

Religon JW vs Christians
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Religon JW vs Christians
I need to write and eassy reuarding the history of Jehovah's Witnesses and Chistians. Also I need to take the role of a Cristian and Debate a Jehovahs Witnesses ie why blood transfusions are ok salvation ect. I just need to know if any one could please tell me any web ...