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The third term of an arithmetic sequence is -12 and the seventh term is 8.what is the sum of the first 10 terms?

That's good but kind of mixed up.

Which best describes how factors such as natural resources, physical characteristics, and the relative location of North American nations may have helped prevent war between them? (3 points) North American nations are similar in climate. Nations with similar climates are more ...

The only other answer that makes sense to me is D


Why might it be better to save up some money and buy something later than to buy it on credit now? You may get protection for purchases that are lost, damaged, or stolen. Buying anything on credit will damage your credit rating. Paying for things on credit will hurt the ...

For the reaction to generate 2‐phosphoglycerate (2PG) from 3‐phosphoglycerate (3PG, ΔG = 0.83 kJ/mol; ΔGo’ = 4.4 kJ/mol. (R = 8.31 x 10‐3 kJ•K‐1•mol‐1) a)What is the ratio of 3PG:2PG in cells at 37C? b)Considering your ...

Maria has cloth in four colors (red, blue, green, yellow) and two styles (large, small) for the school logo. The flag she is making will have two different stripes with white in the middle and the logo. What is the probability that her design will have red and blue stripes and...