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  1. Social studies

    Between 1753 and 1783, what are the reasons why Native Americans lost their influence in North America?
  2. English

    Fame shall sound thy praise from sea to sea which figure of speech
  3. geometry sem 2 APEX

    Please make sure to post your answer with your question so you don't get in trouble for cheating :)
  4. Social Studies help please!!

    What are your thoughts on the question ?? How did the new method of transporting affect how people migrated ?? Ask yourself this. Tell me what you think, and i will try to help you the best i can
  5. Math

    Oh i have been waiting.... for more than a hour
  6. Math

    Help ?
  7. Math

    Which number is irrational? 3/17 ?25 0.6.....( the dots mean it go on forever) ?33*** Which numbers are rational? Select all that apply. 3.14**** ?50 2.3**** ?144 Which of the following is a possible measure of the area of a square rug whose dimensions are in whole feet? 18 ...
  8. Math Repost

    Which number is a perfect square would be 144 not 32 just realized my mistake
  9. Math Repost

    This is a Repost, could someone help me ?
  10. Math Repost

    Suzanne wants to put a fence around her square garden. If the garden covers an area of 100 ft, how many feet of fencing does she need? 20 ft*** 40 ft 10 ft 400 ft Which number is an irrational number? 0.12 0.1257486 0.1212121212........ (my answer is this one that i am typing ...
  11. Math

    Could i get some help please ?
  12. Math

    Suzanne wants to put a fence around her square garden. If the garden covers an area of 100 ft, how many feet of fencing does she need? 20 ft*** 40 ft 10 ft 400 ft Which number is an irrational number? 0.12 0.1257486 0.1212121212........ (my answer is this one that i am typing ...
  13. Math :(

    Thank you Damon for helping him. I was trying to figure this question out but i got stumped. What is ^ as a math symbol and what does it represent ?
  14. Math

    Silas is going to use 5 ounces of glue and 2 ounces of detergent. What percent of his slime is detergent? A 5%** B 40% C 71.4% D 28.6% E 42.9% F 60% G 250% A bank charges 18.12% interest per year on a credit card account. Jose' closed his account and has a balance of $529...
  15. Math

    Ohh ok Thank you! I
  16. Math

    When the first Harry Potter movie came out, "The Sorcerer's Stone," a local book store marked all the Harry Potter books up by 12.5%. If "The Sorcerer's Stone" paperback cost $7.37 before the movie came out, how much did it cost after the mark up? ...
  17. SS

    Customers cannot purchase every product. How does this fact affect companies that make products? A. They increase costs to make up for low sales. B. They decrease quality to make up for low sales. C. They provide better value so that customers choose their products. D. They ...
  18. History

    What was the primary goal of the Dawes Act? A. to provide farms for Native American families B. to preserve reservations for Native Americans C. to protect Native American cultures D. to encourage Native Americans to become farmers
  19. Social Studies

    Why was Henry Ford able to produce an affordable car? A. He only hired immigrants who would work for low pay. B. He used cheap parts made overseas. C. He developed a less expensive method of production. D. He allowed people to purchase new cars on credit.
  20. Math

    what are the perimeter and area of a rectangle with a length of 20in and a width of 50in
  21. Chemistry

    If a chemist titrates 300.0 mL of H2SO4 with a 3.0 M solution of NaOH and requires only 3.4 mL of the base to reach the endpoint, what is the concentration of the sulfuric acid?
  22. SS

    Wait so its D?
  23. Social Studies

    What was it tho, D?
  24. Social Studies

    Thank you Lisa
  25. Social Studies

    Which statement best describes the role of muckrakers? A.) They encouraged the growth of railroads B.) They reported favorably about the lives of the rich C.) They increase the power of trust D.) They exposed corrupt businesses and political practices

  27. Social Studies

    Yeah I thought it was C as well Lisa, didn't realize I never put it.
  28. math

    thank you :)
  29. math

    when adding square root of 9 and -7 which type of number is the sum? irrational whole number radical integer
  30. History

    I thought it was inherited...
  31. Music

  32. computers

    THX KittyWolf! I love your name!
  33. Physics

  34. Physics

    A force of 20.0 N gives an object an acceleration of 12.5 m/s2. What is the mass of the object?
  35. math hurry

    I got 100%. Hal is correct.
  36. Social studies

    are these correct?
  37. Social studies

    Are they correct?
  38. Social studies

    Thank you
  39. Social studies

    Yes sorry didn’t check my spelling
  40. Social studies

    Oops I choose A
  41. Social studies

    How did the Indian removal act of 1830 go against the war Chester versus Georgia ruling A. It extended a military campaign against Native American peoples who had farmland B. It notified all previous treaties that protected the interests of Georgians against Cherokees C. It ...
  42. Social Studies

    B A D Is correct.
  43. math

    list all the factors of the number 30
  44. s.s

    Ty so much Hal. He is 100% correct!
  45. math help

  46. science

    its merry go round
  47. science(pls help :D)

    shes wrong 6 is c and so is 4
  48. Math

    Make this sentence true 50/10+10/2=5
  49. Algebra

    1.C 2.A 3.C 4.C 5.D 6.C 7.C 8.D 9.D 10.B A B D D B A C.17 B.18 B.19
  50. Emergent computer tech.

    SRC is wrong it is jpeg or photo
  51. More SS help!!

    Thank you, I totally forgot to look in my text book. Thanks again Mrs. Sue!
  52. More SS help!!

    How Did Europeans Affect Africans during the 1800’s.? How did Africans respond in the 19000’s?
  53. Art

    I am sorry, I will help them next time get the answer, not give it to them. Thank you for telling me that...
  54. Art

    You are welcome!
  55. Art

    :) You will get a 100% I promise! Have a good day.
  56. Art

    I did Destiny. I got a 100%, That is OK.
  57. Art

    Destiny 1 is b, number 2 is b, and number 3 is b. Did that help at all?
  58. Art

    Number 3 is B
  59. Art

    Number 1 is A.
  60. Social Studies

    Thank you! That helped a lot!
  61. Social Studies

  62. Social Studies

    What influence did Egypt have on North African Culture?
  63. history

    More than 100 years after Akbar's death, the Mughal Empire began to fall apart. What were two of the reasons that caused this to happen?
  64. Math

  65. math

    (-1.15) x 3.2 = Please help me I have to use steps also.
  66. Probability and Statistics

  67. Social Studies

    1. Italy 2. Castillo 3 napoleon 100% right
  68. math

    I got 100%. Mr Pickles is correct. But on question #6, put it into your own words.
  69. ELA

    Okay writeacher, That weren't sharing answers they were checking, which isn't against any rules, I'm sure they would have known if they could get banned for telling answers, plus almost everyone tells people answers without being banned, although it is a ...
  70. Social Studies help ASAP!!!

    Hal is 100% right
  71. History

    a c d c c 100%
  72. Science

    YouDontKnowMyNameZD is 100,000,00% right
  73. SS HELP

    The answers are 1 B 2 A 3 C 4 C 5 C
  74. check my answers? language arts

    yes they are correct you did a great job ;)
  75. Language Arts

    CA is good, I go to MICA. C is correct
  76. Spanish 1 b

    All the spanish tests are very different, just do the work yourselves lol don't trust the letters
  77. Reading

    Mr. Reed Please
  78. Science

    Thank you
  79. science

    Which of the following is the best reason for the smaller number of drone bees compared to the number of worker bees in a beehive? a. the drones are always away from the hive pollinating flowers. B. because worker bees are smaller than drone bees, more workers can fit into a ...
  80. reading

    Thank you
  81. reading

    can you help me with 3? please
  82. Literature

    Thank you Ms.sue
  83. Literature

    WHAT IS MAMA'S STRATEGY? MAMA: There is someone who wants to marry Trina. JENNY: Who'd want to marry Trina? MAMA: Mr. Thorkelson SIGRID: Peter Thorkelson? Little Peter? (She gestures a midget.) (5)MAMA: So he is hardly bigger than your Arne. Does every husband have to ...
  84. ELA

    omg thank you guy so much !!!
  85. Art

    Always right is always correct! (suitable name)
  86. English

    Thankz YOO hi and BlerghBleaghBlopghBlorgh! (thank you)
  87. Social Studies

    100% all day is right
  88. English

    i took te test 1a 2d 3d 4b 5c
  89. Science

    is helper right????
  90. Linear algebra

  91. english answer check please, 4 questions

    1.D 2.C 3.D 4.D are 100% correct
  92. Health and Physical Education

    That was really rude Ms.Sue, People appreciate you and say good things of you because you help us. Then you just say "I hate you kids!!!" Hate is a strong word, you hurt many people.
  93. ELA 6th grade

    Anon is 100000000000000000000% right people
  94. Math

    A rectangle or garden bed is 3 2/3' x 4.5'. Bricks that are half a foot wide are being laid inside the perimeter of the garden. what is the area of the garden bed inside the brick edging?
  95. Pre-Algebra

  96. Social Studies

    All of those are correct except for number 3 which is d. Correct answers: 1.B 2.A 3.D 4.B 5.C Got 100% for connections academy 8th grade Lesson 11 Unit 6 Semester 2 students:)
  97. language arts: plz help

    D A C trust me
  98. Englsih

  99. English

    6. The _______ of an introduction to an essay establishes how you feel about your topic and the relationship with your readers. A. topic B. tone C. point of view IS NOT COORECT D. focus
  100. science

    an occluded front
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