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human growth and development
Not familiar with that one either, but by process of elimination, I would say D also.

You're asking a very hard question. A lot of this will depend on the motivation itself of the students. Without knowing the students previously, the best you can do is plan for a lot of scenarios and hope one of them fits and works. Also, 25 students is a lot to work with ...

It sounds like a yes, because the RAM is the area where the information is stored.

DrBob actually is not smart in the normal sense. He got superhuman powers when a meteor crashed to earth some 35 years ago. Not knowing what it was, he ate it and his brain grew to 10x its capacity. Now that he IS smart, he recommends not eating random things that fall from ...

ACK! I disagree with Brit. #5 is wrong. It should read: I study a lot of subjects such as mechanics, ethics, and social studies. The other 4 look fine to me.

I've not seen people use PM with the 24 hour clocks. Is that correct? I honestly do not know.

Neither one really sounds right. When you use the simple present tense, you are usually speaking about what you do regularly (such as weekly, daily, monthly, etc.), generally (as in "I usually play the drums") or always ("I always play the drums."). I would...

computer science
I'll ask it again. What's your question?

computer c++
What's your question?

computer science
I would start by looking at chapter 3 and going from there.

classroom instruction
Then again, you CAN look at Montessori, where you don't have to capture their attention to what you're teaching as much as guide the students into learning what they're interested in. Ah...I love Montessori classrooms. :)

Not sure about most, but I would answer at least one way to find out the time of a program....

classroom instruction
In all honesty, I stopped reading after the words "I guess." That phrase makes it sound like you didn't really look into it. I honestly did not read past that point, but if I am reading someone's ideas of how to best do something and I saw the words, "I ...

History of Religion
The question of literal interpretation is sort of a hard question to answer. As long as writings and literary styles have been available, groups of people have always taken many of them literally. (Not to say it was intended to be that way). So, in a sense, ever since the ...

Yes. Marsha should also be capitalized. Be sure to worry about subject-verb agreement as well.

bus! (From the bus stop to business class)
I actually clicked on this hoping to help with a mechanic question. Be careful about your subject names. You may have lost a few good responses on here.

Edit plz!
"can u edit this small paragraph plz? thnx!" You made a LOT of mistakes in your question alone and the subject of the message. Be more careful. "Have you ever thought of your goals and skills that you would like to improve." Isn't this a question? "...

Question about the board
I am looking at many questions that just have 2 or 3 words to them and responses that talk about fixing certain paragraphs. Am I missing something or is the board messing up?

OK. Looks like you have an assignment to do, but I don't understand what your question is about the assignment.

English-Ms. Sue
Please post information if you ever write a book. I'll buy it.

child development
One hard part to this might be that there are many ideas of stages of development: --Montessori --Piaget --Kohlberg --Erikson I would also look to see whether your teacher wants a specific theorist.

You got it.

That's really the square root of 9. Look at the word "square root." What do you see? There are two words: square - which is a shape I am sure you are familiar with. root - which has many meanings. In this case, it is talking about one side of the square. So cut ...

Even with Ms. Sue's point, you still have to look at how this fits into how to look at and measure SMART goals. Here's a good web site to introduce the idea: If you have any questions while reading that, post them on ...

After teaching ESL for a few years, I managed to find a way to teach kids to write sentences. Most people simply don't think about this. Start with the verb. Most people start with the subject when they try to write a sentence then get stuck, but start with the verb. Once ...

But still, is it not fair to say that those cultures still had a strong religious influence? Religions are very deeply intertwined into cultures.

Marriage has to do a lot with religion, Bob. Religion is a big part of cultural customs and traditions.

Cultral Diversity
"2. Where did Chinese Americans originate from? " I'm guessing from England. (Note the sarcasm).

Creative Writing
"An only child has all the attention of his/her parents." ALL the attention? I assume most parents are still busy with other things. At the same time, how is that an advantage? "He/she is provided with better things" How so? "Since he/she is the future...

Child care
I would also say bored, but think they have more of a chance of controlling themselves when bored. They have almost no chance when they're tired. I don't like this question, personally.

Child care
Just a hint, but can you explain how finger paint lasts forever? I'd love to know to help cut down on costs.

Child care
"equipment and supplies" is too vague to answer here. What equipment and what supplies? It is also very vague because it does not describe the type of child care center this is. For example, a regular child care center will cost much more to run, after the initial ...

MOST forms, you add "s." With words ending in s, z, ch, sh, and x, you add "es." If the word ends in a "y," you drop the y and add ies. (family ---> families) If the word ends in an "o," you sometimes add "es" and sometimes ...

child development (answer included)
It's hard to write a paper in that limited amount of words, but this is good. The part I would change a little is with the early adolescence. "During this time, the child is making choices." That's characteristic of ALL ages. A word or two that is more ...

early childhood
I'm familiar with them and this is hard to answer. I say it's a tie between Maria Montessori and Piaget, though not sure it's fair to say that Maria Montessori developed the emergent curriculum (which means that it's more child-centered). I'd say letter &...

childhood Education
Why would the program director and caregiver have anxieties? Why would a child in the program have anxieties of the child coming into the program? Why would the enrolling parents and children have anxieties? If you start to list the anxieties each one would have, you'll ...

Think of all the things you enjoy doing...

crt 205
Punishment by death.

Actually, an easier and more visual description is here:

Here's a good explanation of those:

Is this an answer or a question?

<<a. I just bought CDs by Regina Spektor, John Legend, and Prince. b. I just bought: CDs by Regina Spektor, John Legend, and Prince. I picked B because d suffices fine for this.>> I'm not sure what "d" says. "A" is the correct answer here. ...

If you look at You can narrow your search by the date. Look at the links on the left after you do your search.

Media technologies have had a huge impact on social and societal issues. This paper seeks to... ...wait a minute. Unless you can somehow transfer the grade to me, I can't really do this. Good luck! Matt

Those web sites either have illegal, pirated movies or small ones that you're likely not familiar with.

small engine repair
Have you tried looking at the questions?

catholic religion
I know false prophecy and idolatry. (Chapters 12-14...somewhere in there. Not sure) I can't remember any others and don't see any through a quick scan.

religious education
You're going to first have to define what you believe sexist means. That term itself is not something that has a clear cut answer. Then the hard part comes from actually answering the question of whether Christianity, Sikhism, and Judaism actually fit into those things. ...

"The Picture of Dorian Gray" is a book. So you probably have to read the book and write an original (not from somewhere else) summary (telling what the plot, setting, and characters are in the story). Not sure what else you're having trouble with. Please ask ...

english1a - topic/thesis
I'm not really sure how you'll tie in your idea of what you want to write about with the questions.

Treat the < as an equal sign for a minute to solve the equation. The first thing you want to do is get "y" by itself. 5y-3 < 13 Let's just imagine the left side of the equation first. Let's say you have 5 bags of oranges, each containing a certain ...

lord of the flies
Chapter 7 is between Chapter 6 and Chapter 8. You might find your answers there.

auto repair technician
Ask what you need. More specifically, ask what you don't understand. Don't reply here. Post a new thread since this one is about to fall off the front page.

Sounds like they already have 3 kids. They'll get the surrogate mother to have their 4th child. (I'd have to read the rest of the article to be 100% sure).

3 comes next.

A stamp? :)

Wikipedia is a good place to start: But it's often not accepted by teachers. Look at some of the links at the bottom to get more sourced information.

Another thought... With sentences, and a foreign language, I found it easy to teach my kids to start with a verb. If the word is already a verb, that's the easiest thing. If it's not, you have to find a verb that works well with that. I will give you one so you can see...

Spanish 1
I'm not sure exactly what you're having trouble with, so I hope this helps. All of these are questions. They're all pretty much asking similar things. "Do you like ________?" Te gusta/te gustan means "You like." Literally, it is a little ...

English Grammar part 2
Re: this question: I got a great response in another forum. Here it is: It sounds very awkward, but I can just about see it being acceptable in a very specific situation. Firstly, I'm assuming it is NOT an unreal situation, ...

English Grammar
Slight correction: It was, "I like to have a cat." Somehow, that sounds worse.

English Grammar
As many of you know, I'm an ESL Teacher in Taiwan. I came across a sentence that does not sound right, but I am wondering if it's grammatically correct. "I like to have cats." I've NEVER heard it said like that before, but I cannot think of any reason why...

Intro to Psychiology 1
You're right. D. After you have a hypothesis, you need evidence to back it up before it's accepted.

Intro to Psychiology 1
The answer is almost in the question. The question is: "It is the proper role of a psychological research SCIENTIST to:" (I emphasized the word "Scientist.") A scientist is a person who studies something using the scientific method. The scientific method ...

Here's a really good web site to begin to help you understand the question better and give you a good direction on where to take it:

Bobpursley plz help
Chrissy, I think Bob was just trying to help when he said not to put his name in the subject. A lot of times, people might post something like that and expect a quick reply. I don't check this very often (every few days), so if someone put my name in the subject line, I ...

A lot of this has to do with where the person is as well. Some jewelry, as Bob mentioned, is taboo to certain groups of people. Others is not. Some is taboo to some groups of people and not others. Generally speaking, no matter what, you wear jewelry to get it noticed ~ ...

I can't speak for Ms Sue, but I know there are some people that are good with accounting on here. I, usually, am not. :) Ask away and be sure to put accounting in the subject.

Critical thinking
I think #3 was yes and #4 was no. Or #3 was car and #4 was monkey. Either way, I guess I'm ok. (I'm dropping a hint that unless you repost the questions or a link to the questions, there's no way we can help). :)

If you think about it, that won't work logically. Your 2nd pot is wider than your first pot, so it will have to be more shallow to fill the same amount of water. V= pi x r^2 x h So the first thing we have to do is figure out the volume of the first cylinder. Pi = 3.14 The ...

Yes. They are saying : height + base 1 + base 2 + base 3 + base 4 has to be equal to or less than 110 inches. You're right because there are 4 lines in the perimeter of the base. If you draw a square or rectangle, it has four lines. 2 of those lines are 15 inches. 15x2 = ...

Good answer. Might throw them for a loop and say a return address sticker.

I believe it acts as an adjective describing the word "time." If the structure of the sentence is changed to: Long ago, there lived a princess. I think then it would be an adverb describing "lived." I would wait for further confirmation on that from someone...

English college
Here's a good article that helps:

The first part tells you what to listen to the story. There's obviously a CD or tape (or something similar) to go along with it. You'll have to listen to the story and decide what words go into those spaces. They'll basically read the story with the words ...

Not sure what the question is with this, but it almost looks like a factoring question, maybe? You can factor 7 out of both parts and get: 7 (x^2 + 3)

Computer Applications
I'm not quite sure what question you have about the assignment.

high school
"My point is, why should health, safety, well-being, food safety, labeling requirements on drugs and foods, and testing of drugs before approval have to do with promoting economic growth?" Because there are many benefits to certain things. It doesn't only have to...

english paper help highschool
You might want to look at how the Greeks used different words for love:

Happy 4th
Sorry about the off topic message. Just wanted to wish everyone a happy 4th of July (it's already the 4th where I the afternoon, none the less). Hope it's a good one! Matt

I don't really see your question in here. What do you need help with?

I figured I'd jump in here relatively shortly after you posted this just so you don't check back a day later and see this question. What have you done with these questions? Let us know so we know how to help you. Post your work and your solutions or post your question ...

Team building and conflict resolution
Hi Rene. We actually don't give out grades here at Jiskha, so we won't be graded on anything here. :-) Other than knowing what the Tuckman model is, I'm not sure what the problem is with this assignment. I would start by looking through your books and notes to find...

Be careful with that response, though. That tends to set up what one of my Theology teacher called a "Vending Machine God." This is where we simply ask God for stuff in prayers and it's like we think we're putting money into a vending machine. Enough prayers...

Hinduism Essay-help
You still must take a position and stick with it or you'll end up putting the reader to sleep and lose focus of your paper. I would begin with the idea of how Hinduism is different than Western religious traditions because it allows for such a wide range of beliefs. In ...

So you're basically asking if it's right that when someone has a broken foot, they sometimes need to use crutches? Yes...I think that's a pretty safe bet ;-)

pronoun case
Hi Nikki. I'm going to give you instructions on how to make something that will help make this easier to understand. Draw a circle on a piece of paper. In the middle of it, write "Verb." On the left of the circle, draw an arrow pointing left. Above that arrow ...

This is simple past tense. Answer D is present tense. (Your answer translated would be, "I already return it yesterday." Which one of those is 1st person past tense?

Math- Please check answer
Close. .400 is right and it's -2x So .400 - 2x You could make it easier and write .4 - 2x

Sounds like you need to read the ending.

Didn't one have asthma?

To add to Sra's answer, much of this depends on where the language is spoken. There are not many areas that use the Vosotros form. The way I learned in high school is to use the vosotros form there. This is because the "tu" is informal. When I got to college, my ...

Some problems to consider: 1) Death from a single car accident rarely, if ever, kills 5000. 2) Car accidents tend not to be intentional. More people die from car accidents every month - not car manslaughter. 3) The term "closer to home" is not very well defined here...

Hinduism's growth probably has more to do with the fact of its adaptability. Hinduism is not as dogmatic as other religious faiths. It developed over many different cultures and many different faiths over a very long period of time. As a result, it is still developing. And...

Let's break down what the words mean...then we'll understand it. Percent (%) means "per 100." So what you want to do is divide that number by 100. If you say 50%, that means 50/100 If you say 22%, that means 22/100 If you say 225%, that means 225/100 So since...

It means you forgot to post your thoughts of what the answer is or what you would do to try to solve the answer. If you don't post that, we don't know what you don't understand and we can't help you.

$142.60. You didn't read the question carefully is all it looks like. You figured out how much the markup would be rather than the price he paid for it. Subtract 230-87.40 and you get $142.60 So he will buy it for $142.60, mark it up 87.40, and sell it for $230. Matt

US HISTORY usually does a good job explaining the various countries.

A virus is actually a program that attaches itself on your computer and starts spreading into other programs or sending itself throughout the network. There are many different kinds of viruses and they're generally destructive.

You'll have to use a table. The HTML would look something like this: <Table width="75%" align="center" border="1"> <tr> <td width="50%"> <IMG SRC="locationofimage1.jpg"> </td> <td width=&...

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