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I would say this is a great way to pportray it. So I'd say true. If your book says otherwise, let me know. I will prove it wrong.

An advantage to eating meat is less animals die? Did you ask the question correctly?

Spanish 1
To answer question #30, veintidós. Mucho is wrong because it should say muchos if you're going to use that word. The rest....I didn't see your ideas of what they might be.

pre algebra
Is the 3z in parenthesis and the 0 is outside that? Or is the exponent 0 only for the z? It will make a difference, but I'll explain how to do it and hope you can understand. Let's work backwards. Let's start with what exponents do. If you have: 2^2 that is 2 ...

It sounds like you're having difficulty understanding masculine vs. feminine in Spanish OR singular and plural (or both). (Since whoever helped you before pointed out what to use). Singular = one. Plural = more than one. These concepts are also in English. I can have a pen...

It sounds like if her brother did not stop her, she would not commit suicide...she would ALMOST commit suicide. The word "stopping" is also the wrong tense. She would have committed suicide had her brother not stopped her. She almost committed suicide, but her ...

Easiest way to identify a sentence fragment is often seeing where the verb is. You have no verb. Another way is to imagine someone walking up to you in the street and saying it. "The great horned owl, an endangered species." Then they walk away. The first thing you ...

As you read them, take notes about what they are talking about. What things are similar? What things are different?

English 101
--writing articles for professional development and advancement. --writing proposals for funding. --writing ads or brochures for your company. I only wanted to put one, but the ideas kept (and still are) coming. What ideas did you come up with?

Your thesis is that a fence is needed, but the only thing you said about it is that "it will work." It sounded more like your thesis is saying illegal immigrants cause problems. (I'd also love to see the references for your facts. I don't believe them ...

12th grade
Big pizza that eat the platoons.

Hi Patty. I am just curious if your main language is English or, if not, what it is. The only reason I ask is because students here in Taiwan have trouble with this question a lot. I'm wondering if it's also from other languages.

computer science
Wow. Whatever teacher gave this assignment is not nice.

421 or 842 That, of course, assumes there are no decimal points involved. Otherwise, the options are limitless.

35/21 = 85/x What I did was put the width of the images on the numerator of the fraction. Multiply both sides by 21x to get rid of the denominators. We will have: 35x = 1785 Can you solve it from there?

Dances of other cultures? Biography of a famous gymnast?

comparing fractions
What have you come up with so far?

Debate: Policy
Have you tried google? There should be millions of articles and websites on each branch of the armed forces.

Global Issues
Most of China lives above the poverty line? China's considered "rich" in the media largely because they ignore their poverty problem. They don't spend the money or resources on it. An easy way to make a conclusion is just to restate your thesis statement and ...

english-ms.sue or writateacher possibly help?
What are you going to include in the body? That will tell us what your thesis is. I'm more with you, Amy. I need the thesis to help my paper stay on track.

American History
The 9th one? I guess? I can't see them.

It's correct.

Let's try it differently. 5/x = 2/(x-3) 5x - 15 = 2x 3x = 15 X = 5

egularwages = hoursworked * wages I assume there is an "r" in front of that? It should say regularwages? "grosspay = hoursworked * wages + (1.5 * wages * (hoursworked - hoursworked)) " hoursworked - hoursworked will always be zero. I would start your if ...

Yes. Except: more cleaner should just say cleaner. (No "more.") Crowed - crowd.

Others: Adverb : very I would change "fast" to "quickly." (Adverb again). "Fast" used as an adverb almost sounds too much like slang to me. All you could hear WERE people screaming. I am doing this on my blackberry and distracted by my TV and ...

Culture can mean many things. You can have a religious culture, which is always full of myths. You might consider your culture to be American ... Think of the myths about George Washington. Your culture might be from your ancestors, who moved to America. (Look up Irish myths ...

I'm just waking up, so really tired. I will try to look later, but it is a hard program to follow mentally. Haha I hope someone can help. Check back again in a while.

It's been years, so I forgot a lot. Should this: If state <> "" Then Say this: If state = "" Then I honestly forget. Let me know if that works.

It's from this line: txtOutput.Text = "A percent tip on bill is tip" It should say: txtOutput.Text = "A percent tip on bill is " + tip I don't remember if you need a + or & or what exactly it is. I think it's a +. Try that. Again....sorry if I ...

It's been a long time since I looked at programming, but let me guess. All you are getting is something that says, "A percent tip on bill is tip." Notice what you put in quotation marks. Again....I could be way off on this. It's been YEARS!

Visual Basics 2008
This problem actually turned you into a woman named Stacy. You might want to check my response in that question a few lines above this question. :-)

Acc/ Federal Taxation
I don't have an answer for you. I no longer live in the US. I might suggest googling the terms limitation on medical expenses and income tax. I hope that helps. Wish I could help more.

Both sound really wrong. We'd never say either. You are a girl between the ages of 13 and 19. (The "years old" is redundant, but can still be put in there.)

Math 2nd grade
Numbers that are greater than 70 and less than 80 is where you want to start. 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 Which has 4 ones?

This sounds pretty straight forward. What is your question about it?

It's important to understand why things are how they are in education. For example, people simply accept the current system, with unfocused short periods set to a bell simply because it's what they had. However, it's important to note how much that came about to ...

You're right.

Purgatory Reformation

allow them TO decide

Criminal Procedure
It's not c. Without consent, the police officer would need a search warrant unless it is an immediate emergency. (Which they can often get). I would also guess b.

commas and apostrophes
I guess learn how to use them and check your work!?

As a side note, I think the reason this is often a mistake has to do with how we think about what we are saying. People think the subject is "here." With most of our sentences, we simply have the subject-verb-object model. That is incorrect in this case.

The checklist and tips are the subject. That is certainly plural. I am thinking "are" is correct, but most people would SAY "is" during normal conversations. I would love to be proven wrong, so wait for other answers.

Both are right. "That makes two of us" means that, at least, we both agree. Depending on the actual tone when said, it can also mean, "nobody else thinks so, but we do." This can also apply to actions. "I am going to the football game today." &...

How Children Learn
There are a few ways to answer this. Is it an open ended question or are there choices? A good starting point is that children learn through interactions within objects and other things in the environment, but it gets more complicated than that, especially once you note that ...

Child Developement andHuman Behavior
Looks like your teacher forgot to give you the options. :-)

at the college I went to, this would at least be "science."
Just clarifying the subject so you can get help.

Child Psychology
Sounds like, somewhere, your text sites a study that answers this question from that one (possibly erroneous) study. It can't be answered based off the information here.

Do you agree? Why or why not? Have you heard of any research either way?

I answered as well in one of them. Hope it helps.

What I do to help students write stories is give them a basic idea of where to begin. For students who really have trouble, this has been the easiest way. Do not begin thinking about your story yet. Instead, answer these questions: 1) Who is in the story? Again, do not decide ...

place values in math
Units Tens Hundreds Thousands Ten thousands Hundred thousands Millions Ten millions Hundred millions Billions

Bob's right. One thing is consistency, however. Do not jump from tense to tense without a specific reason to do so. I always have trouble reading essays or stories where the person starts in present, switches to past, throws in a few futures, and is overall disorganized.

An adjective is a word that describes a noun.

Barb, OK. Here's my advice. 2+2 = 4 6+2 = 8 you ACTUALLY have a question or request for advice that we can answer? :-)

This isn't a homework help page just for your school.... :)

AED 201
It's a great question. Somehow, I cannot read your initial thoughts on it. Did you post them?

web design
If you have any image program, this shouldn't be too difficult. Just use the type tool to put the information into the image.

You'll have to contact whoever made it then.

"Within my HOUSE of patterned horn." What do you think? :)

penn foster
I'd disagree with that answer, but see the logic behind it. I'd say it's more important to develop a philosophy. Without a philosophy, you don't really know what you're selling. If you don't know what you are selling, you do not know if there is a need ...

That's as far as you can go with that equation. You might be a smart alec and say that a "w" is an upside down "m," so "w" equals 81...but your math teacher wouldn't agree. :)

childhood care
Really? You can give first aid to a variety of situations. If a person is not breathing, you can perform CPR (which is first aid) then they'll be admitted into emergency care at the hospital. My instinct is to go with C First aid is the help that is done FIRST. This ...

I had to look this one up. I wasn't sure myself. Unknown author. Use the first few words of the title as the reference in the text (capitalize all words in title): ("Structuring Lawmaking", 2002) Author is listed as "Anonymous". Use it as if it were the...

Note: For some reason, my rectangle did not turn out too well. Sorry about that.

Take a look at this. Here is your picture frame: ____ | | | | | | |____| OK. It's not PERFECT, but what are you dealing with here? You're dealing with a rectangle. That means that every side is straight. It also means that one side is the same size as the side across ...

To Al 92 I haven't been on in a few days, but noticed you posted that follow up question. Sorry I missed it.

I would focus on culinary arts and communication for that type of show. Take a look at Xavier University's program in Electronic Media. It's one of the best TV/Radio degrees I have ever seen. The people I know that graduated from there have gotten fantastic jobs.

What kind of television show are you thinking of making? That may play a huge part in what you are trying to do. No matter what kind of TV you're going into, you'll likely need to start by understanding the parts of a story. During High School (don't know what age ...

I posted about this. Go down to the 3rd message or so by "Puppet" on this page:

One of those seems to imply that the bed might have been finding a place to sleep. Which one sounds like that?

English grammar
You need the article "a" before stable. I assume that should say, "branch's." The apostrophe is showing up strange on this computer.

3's right. (I'm a Montessori teacher...just adding that in. haha)

day care
I wouldn't plan a program for the week. My plan for the week centers around all the individual students and what they individually need.

First time was $10. Second time was $10. If you gain $10 two times, how much did you make?

And "yesterday" was spelled incorrectly.


Good for them. I hope they are quality.

That won"t work. Just test it with 2 very different amounts. Let's assume there are 1000000 boys and 5 girls. 1/8 of 1000000 is 125,000. 1/5 of 5 is 1. So 125,001 out of 1,000,005 people went. That is (a little more than) 12.5%. Your fraction of 13/40 is 32.5% and I ...

We would have to know how many boys and girls there were.

garmex academy. early childhood
Good answer. Does it go with a question also?

for SraJMcGin
ACTUALLY.... Simply asking a question means you don't have a starting point. If you ask a question and don't have any idea for the answer, it means you don't have a starting point. Looking at a search engine is the best thing to do on the internet. You start with a...

System recovery: can't finish my homework !!!!
You might be in deep dung and lost a lot. 13 hours means it locked up. To turn off the laptop, if it is frozen, hold down the power button for about 5-10 seconds. It is not recommended usually, but after 13 hrs, you kind of have no choice. You have a few options from there. It...

You'd clarify it more. You would say something like: My father reads the same newspaper every day. By that, I mean the EXACT same paper. You would say that with a stronger emphasis on "exact."

Health STD
Just look up chlamydia. Think of medical things that can happen and it will be easy to find 2 more consequences.

Given the fact that it said, "THE study," I would assume your teacher has a particular study in mind. I would ask what study they are talking about then see if they can help you find it.

Grade 12 Grammar
The question itself kind of annoys me; just in this example. The writer of the question assumes Sophie doesn't want to be called Sophie. (I much rather prefer to be known by my first name) That said, notice how the only female is mentioned as a less formal individual. ...

We would need to know the choices.

I would start by figuring out how many points he has total so far. 88 average * 4 tests = 352 points. So then the question is, 352 + how many points ALL divided by 5 tests = 90? (352+x)/5 = 90 352+x = 450 x = 98. Now, let's check our work. 352 + 98 = 450 450 / 5 = 90 OR...

There is a lot in this assignment. What problems are you having?

alcoholic beverages
Cork answer is correct. I have read that it's also so the sediment stays on the side so it goes into your glass as well.

hoq 2 scare my lil sister?
You could always try to convince her that netiquette is a genetic trait and, judging by yours, she will live a life of poor spelling and posting things on the wrong forum.

Stallion Creek?

Health Care
Go to the main page. Look down 4 questions below this one. :)

He was ordained as a priest. It later got revoked. He was never a Bishop as far as I can remember, nor find.

teenage pregnancy
Your thesis statement isn't showing up here. It happens to me on this web site sometimes, so I am not sure if it's me or not.

In the book, "The Building of Christendom," Warren Carroll describes it this way: "Some 22 of the bishops at the council, led by Eusebius of Nicomedia, came as supporters of Arius. But when some of the more shocking passages from his writings were read, they ...

It might be hard to prove steroid use is on the rise, but easier to prove people are taking steps to search for more than just the old steroids of the past.

Cultural Diversity
I would begin by looking at what the model minority is. This wikipedia article talks about it and even addresses your question to a degree:

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