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Portland State
I almost answered, but realized this isn't a chemistry question. It's a question about Portland State.

Business-3rd time posting
Think of other forms of transportation as well. Airplanes, trains, etc. Shelter: renting vs. buying Just a few things off the top of my head

child day care management
I'd argue it's a trick question since I don't think "time out" can ever be properly executed.

You might look at: --What is a better investment long term? --Responsibility of the property upkeep. (When you lease, your landlord generally has to take care of a lot of it). --Mortgage crisis that happened recently in the US. Any other ideas you have?

5th Grade Math
The nearest hundred would actually be 3800. But the answer is completely wrong. 3400 x .9 = 3060. Nearest hundred is 3100.

pre- algebra
6^4 x 6^2 = 6^6 You're right, John. I think helper just made a small mistake.

pre-algebra-is my answer right
He quantity "z" has the exponent. So only that moves down. 4/z^4

You have to copy and paste the paper into your message. Just a tip for now: watch your capital letters.

4th grade math
Easiest way to start to learn how to do this is like this. Write down 3 "o"s then one "a" ooo a Now you have 4 of everything. Keep doing that until you have 32. oooooo aa There is 8. How many do you end up with? (Note: there is a way to do this with math ...

You first have to figure out the question. . . .

Pittsburgh public school
1) Is your SUBJECT "Pittsburg Public School?" Are you studying the school system in Pittsburgh in that class? 2) There are a few typos in this and it's hard to read. Can you retype it?

If they're not in parenthesis, the answer is 7x Write out exactly how it is in the book.

Happiest is superlative. I see 2 comparatives. (Larger and better). Superlative means the most (adjective). "Happiest" is "the most happy." Comparative is when you are comparing two or more things. "My dog is larger than yours" means "my dog ...

Return and cover are verbs. You do have pronouns, but didn't label them.

Write, I am assuming those were some other questions on the work. ??

It's hard to know how to help you improve since we don't know what you think or typed yet. What have you done so far?

Why isn't it B? :-) Ms. Sue is right for the idea of getting it right "for the test." (As opposed to "for life.") The reason we can't answer is because there IS more than 1 correct answer. We would have to know why your teacher thinks there is only ...

I need a sentence for John. (?)

penn foster
How would our guess be any better? You didn't even type out the words around it to give us a context. As a side note, is the subject correct for this question? I've had many classes that have labs (chemistry, biology, and physics), but I never had a Penn Foster lab. :-)

religion 110
Beyond that, the search for Truth, which is what a Theologian would define as some universal reality we all experience as humans, is something that is a large commonality among all religious groups. We learn a lot about our own religious quest by understanding the quest of ...

Are you sure you: 1) Typed the subject correctly? 2) Typed the whole question?

please please help
I could have helped earlier if you posted the subject.

I can tell you have a British teacher. :-) "1)I insert a 50-cent coin into the trolley and I do my shopping." Ok "2)I need to buy 200 grammes cooked ham and 150 grammes of raw ham." 200 grammes OF cooked ham "3)Then I need to go to the counter of ...

You forgot to finish typing the question. What choices? Which pair?

What help do you need? This is talking about their right to vote.

1) "Dieseases" is a creative typo. I am not sure if you noticed that. :-) 2) Who grew agriculture? Surely, the Middle Ages can't grow anything. People grow things. 3) "The Early and Late Middle Ages both went through bad times with all the wars and dieseases...

media world
Look up what happened to Cook's Source magazine for a negative aspect. (Or positive, in my opinion).

math fractions
Add 3/32

Have you tried looking at day 89? I think the answer is 25. Or maybe it's the second option.

pre algebra
The first thing you want to do is draw a picture of this. It will help you learn why you are doing these equations. In the picture, you will have a kite in the air. It will be attached, by a string, to a girl. The girl is not below the kite, but off to the side. The string is ...

You might have to find the Penn Foster web site. Usually, it would be "a" or "c". "B" and "d" sound pretty insecure.

java programming
What does happen?

It's not an accent mark. There should be a ~ over the "n."

Algebra 1
5^2 is "5 squared." xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx (Not a perfect square there because of the text size). How many are in 5^2? (Just count them up. It is 5 up or 5 across in every row/column). )

It doesn't matter. Both are equally as easy.

3x-y=9 2x+y=6 I assume that is one question. The easiest thing to get by itself is "y" in the 2nd part. If I have 2 xylophones and one Yankee, the way to get the Yankee by himself is to simply take away the 2 xylophones. 2x+y=6 y=6-2x Now we know what the "...

english perswasive essay
You need to write a little more than that.

Realize I will gladly give you GREAT ammunition to destroy your teachers assignment if this is the actual question.

Barney? The purple dinosaur? Genocide is a nasty messed up thing. There is no easy reasonable solution because it is just that messed up. What was the homework assignment?

Agree. If you said: The teacher will speak about the homeless in Florida. That would also be correct.

idk - sounds like science
Idk = "I don't know." Just helping. This sounds like a science question. You might want to ask your teacher the subject if I am incorrect. :-)

college 209
Anonymous, I am sure you will have questions later as well. Be sure to use the subject "grammar" when posting. :-)

Motivation like Ms. Sue's suggestion actually decrease long term motivation. It is only good for short term things students do not want to do. The question is why test so much in school?

Calvanism is still around. Are you sure you phrased the question correctly?

Ack! Carefully check your spelling, Marcie!

problem solving
0. If the TV is 25 inches and the biggest dimension of the truck is 20 inches (1 2/3 feet), the TV won't fit. He can load zero TVs sized 11" x 25" x 12"

If they took out taxes, should you still file to get a refund?

taxes That has to do with 2009 taxes in the US. I don't know about 2010, but assume it hasn't changed THAT much.

What dream?

Yikes!!!!! To be honest, I don't think I can. Do they at least give one example?

It looks like you simply do not understand the material, especially since several of these questions have been answered. I would suggest talking with your teacher so they can figure out what the problem is.

Them = more than one. Notice it says, "There was no apple *CAKE*" So what pronoun should you use?

What have you started with so far?

English 1
There are quite a few that are still incorrect. What did they originally say? That way, we will know how to better help you.



American Governement
Vote for peace?

This is harder than it sounds because we honestly do NOT know. It looks like you write this from China. In Chinese, different tones make completely different words. For example, 馬 and 嗎 have the same "sound" but they have a different tone. The first one...

"I liked the movie," said Jim. Jim said he liked the movie. You try one: "I ate a burger," said Cindy.

What is your question on it? I would look at what things newspapers have in them and add them. Your front page has the biggest news stories. Use that to include the resolution to the conflict in the play. Include a part for the reader to read the background story on page 2. ...

PLEASE READ before you ask a question
Before posting, please understand a few things. 1) If we see other tutors replied to your message, we might skip it to go to others at first. This may be a problem, which I will discuss in a minute. If you do not ask a question, you will not get an answer. 2) You type your ...

English Wording
Correction: I guess other uses are ok too. I sent it through the mail. Just thought of that right after hitting send.

English Wording
It's fine as long as you use the be verb in front of it. The check was sent through the mail.

Do me a favor. Stand up and shaggy for me. You'll quickly see it's not a verb.

I agree with Ms. Sue. The problem is....every page out there tends to have a bias. I think if you look at as much information as you can on something from many sources, you tend to figure out what is a good source and what is not.

Department of Health and Human Services
This is a page for homework help, not for discussions. Do you have a question about an assignment about this topic?

But then the 1 liter bucket has 0 liters of water.

You can't. The 1 pint bucket will not hold 2 pints. Also, there are 3 buckets. 3x2=6. The question is horribly flawed.

English(how is it?)
It is important to state your reasons early. Otherwise, it's hard to follow. I'm not sure, after reading this, WHY you think they should keep the 12th grade. For now, stick to the power of 3. 3 reasons. Sentence thesis: something like, "It is important that we ...

Depends. Are all pieces equal? How many pieces are there? Sounds like there is a circle graph you have to look at first.

child care
The question is asking why is it important for children to have friends. Is it important they have a group of friends so those friends can: --replace parents? --provide opportunities for competition? --foster love and understanding? --teaching about the world outside the ...

2nd the agreement.

You got it. The infant age is a time when children are really exploring with their senses and taking a lot in through touching.

Which do you think an infant can do?

If you want a starting point, you might want to watch this guy. I think he's dead on with his ideas of what is needed in education today: He's also entertaining. A few good laughs in there. Hope it helps.

1st grade
Do you mean rotate or move around the sun? If you mean rotate, this is a hard question to answer. It depends on where you are on the earth. If you mean going around the sun, it goes about 65,000 - 67,000 miles per hour. That depends on how close you are to the sun.

child care
The question is horribly flawed. We don't know WHAT the special needs are. If you look at answer "c," there is a question of what "appropriate" means. Appropriate for whom? Surely, a child who has severe special needs and is years behind maturity and ...

xrp2945 ss54312 --499589 (OK. My answer made as much sense as your question. Did you forget to ask something here?) :-)

Let's clarify some terms first: 1) %. This is a percent sign. "Cent" means "100." (A century is 100 years). "Per" means "for each one." (I can buy cans of coke for 50 cents per can). So what we have to do is divide. If we say 50%, we...

Sorry...misread these. There are 50 students that are in the class. Let me rethink this one.

Which of those 3 results say they don't like the green ones?

There are also students that own neither. The questions are not written well. Do you have an example of one the teacher did so we have something to work from to know what (s)he is asking?

The answer's right in the question. How many do you see that do not have cats?

Are you supposed to think of investors for your collage? I guess you might want to contact an art museum as a start???? I've not heard a question quite like this before, so that is where I would start.

I have some art, but no collages. If I did, they would likely not have stake holders. What is your question?

Northern and Southern? It's quite an over-generalization if that's it.

I'm in a state of confusion. That would also work and sounds great in a Travis Tritt song.

#1 is the future tense. The future tense talks about things that have not happened yet, but will later. In English, to make something future tense, we add either "will" or "(be) going to" before the verb. I will play baseball tomorrow. I am going to play ...

"Will" and "going to" are the same. "I intend to be 14 years old next year" and "I shall be 14 years old next year" mean the same thing. It's something we'd never really say. It means you want to be 14 and will try to make it ...

I assume the subject is chemistry. Just trying to help you get answers more quickly. :-)

Not sure why that posted twice. Oh well. :-)

Easiest way to solve it is to begin by writing an equation where they are equal. So... 1642 + .08x = 1900 + .065x Now, here's the thing. We're not looking to see what is equal. We are lookung to see when the first option is GREATER than the 2nd option. So we can say ...

English (Urgent!)
A hint for the future: reading them might help.

There are a few different models. A common one is that there is an introduction or exposition, an event, rising action, a turning point, a climax, and a conclusion that resolves the problem. A good description to help you out is here:

When I googled milk packs, it seemed to be almost any shaped cardboard container for milk. Cartons gives a very distinct image of the shape of it in my mind. I might be wrong, though. Wait for better answers, but that's my initial thought. I never really heard "milk ...

It is, however, a fascinating piece of information.

7th grade Math
Keep multiplying by 3/5. (Sorry. Typo)

7th grade Math
Keep multiplying by 2/5

vb programing
Yeah, but we'd have to know what you have so far and what the results are.

I would say this is a great way to pportray it. So I'd say true. If your book says otherwise, let me know. I will prove it wrong.

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