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early childhood
Um...since we don't have the questions, those look as good as any other, I guess.

The best way to do this is look through each chapter. After each one, ask, "what happened in the chapter to move the story forward?"

This is flawed. 4927 gives us xx, meaning 2 of those numbers are in the right place. It cannot be 4 or 9 because 4986 says oo It cannot be 2 and 7 because 5872 gives us ox Double check it and retype, if needed.

Helicopters, but it takes more than 5 letters eliminated.

Those are right.

Start by finding your verb. What is the verb in that sentence? Then change it to a gerund. Then figure out the correct preposition to use: By To With Through These 4 will be pretty common, but there will be others.

I save money by watching for sales.

Which words are italicized?

100% would be all of them. 30% are in the club. 100-30= 70 So what is 70% of 550?

Ok. Someone else was smarter than I. I should have waited, I guess.

It depends on many factors not said in the problem. How high does the ball go before it starts coming down, for example. The problem is not solvable.

mmh - the correct answer and spelling of "math."
I have no idea what Anonymous did. That answer makes no sense. x^2-13x+36 is the same as: (x-4)(x-9) Any number multiplied by 0 is 0. For example: 100 x 0 = 0 8 x 0 = 0 63655215777999400525 x 0 = 0 So if x-4 equals 0 OR x-9 equals zero, then we know that x-4 times x-9 equals ...

I think the easiest way is to find a list of indoor games then look at potential safety issues with them. (Just brainstorm obvious ones).

English - Native speakers
Your brother has a wife. His wife has a name. You have 2 posessives here. brother's wife's

English - Native speakers
Yes. There is also debate about what to do if you are talking about a name. For example, if your name is Tony Jones and you have a family, people argue over whether you would say: --This is Tony Jones's family. Or --This is Tony Jones' family. Nobody can seem to settle...

Nirvana Powerpoint Question
Nirvana is considered by many to have changed a lot of the music industry. Look for commentaries on why.

I am sure a google search will produce a lot. Be careful of your spelling, just to be sure. I noticed you missed two letters in the words "you" and "about." You might want to use spell check to weed out the easier spellings, just to avoid confusion.

I like it. I often write a title off something specific that stands out in the article as well.

5/11 There are 5 points between (and including) -1 and 3. There are 11 points between -5 and 5.

The thesis statement is: Facebook should be limited by parents and users. The other things you mentioned are in a different sentence. Take out the "I believe" part. It makes the argument sound much weaker. Now that I answered, I have to go check my facebook. TTFN

Someone with a similar (or same) name as you posted this question later with, amazingly, the exact same thesis statement. Check the answer above.

6 - "is." It is a message. 8 - "founded" is probably a better answer. Though if someone is looking through a place they don't know, maybe he found several cities. Hard call. 9 - you probably picked the best answer, but released would be ok, too. 10- ...

English (Syllogisms)
It looks like a few are quite wrong that you missed. Let me give you one example: ------- Students who want to make good grades study. Michelle studies. Therefore, Michelle wants to make good grades. ------- What if Michelle studies because her parents force her to? Corrected...

90 divided by 2 equals...

1) Is 50,000 larger or smaller than 35,000? 2) Which commission should she therefore receive? 3) What is 50,000 times the commission percentage divided by 100?

please help me or take a look
Yikes! How are you getting that answer. First off, you should learn that this class you are taking is math. It is not "please help me or take a look" class. :-) Moving on.. 3-7= -4 +4 x -4 = -16 5-16 = -11 -3 x -11= 33 37 + 33 = ?

English 101
You would have to start by deciding what you think is right. Until you do that, you won't get anywhere.

Isaac, a rectangle has: --4 sides --they aren't all equal unless it's a square --4 90 degree angles, none acute. How did you come up with rectangle? It doesn't fit ANY of the descriptions.

Equilateral triangle

programming 2
What part are you stuck on?

One thing that has happened in some small towns is the big stores are met with resistance if they try to push out a smaller store.

Usually, if a person is selected as a candidate for a position, they have training, experience, or other qualifications for the position. I would have to know what position you are thinking of before I could expand more.

Mathematical Methods
Looks like the best place to start is get the book called "Mathematics in Your World."

Sorry for the double post. My blackberry went haywire. :-D

A quarter is worth...well...a quarter dollar. That's 25 cents. A penny is worth 1 cent. Start not with the mathmatical formula, but with a statement. "If I take some number of quarters and add some number of pennies, I will have 60 dollars." "If I take some ...

Landuage Arts
We would be happy to look over your work and give advice.

it tesch
Yes. And deleting one may cause a few programs to fail.

Your question here: "Clearly define the term Ecumenism, including the four key elements" - My teacher said that the four elements are unity of faith unity oin sacramental life unity of Mission. What's the third one and ...i just don't understand what you have...

Then post the question and ask us about it. :-D

81 is what % of 2700? Let's look at all the words. 81 is a number, so we don't have to change that. "Is" means "=" "What" is the question word. So we can put a question mark. "?" % is "divided by 100." "/100."...

You'll have to look at table 1.1 to start. Then look at those web sites and answer the questions. It sounds like your teacher forgot to give you the book where table 1.1 is located? Or he forgot to copy it. Ask for it then go from there.

4th grade math
Is there a number missing in the last one?

Why the parties? I am not familiar with the book, but think you might get better replies from someone who is familiar with it if you explain why.

A translation page won't help you. Don't think in English first. That is a big mistake. Write what you think is correct in Spanish then go from there.

english grammar
Agreed. I did not read past the first few words because of that.

Are you sure you are not asking about ecumenism? That sounds more in line with your question.

"And" would also make sense, but "but" is more logical.

1st sentence is unclear. It sounds like you mean to ask: Do you have to take a make-up exam in June if you fail a subject? OR If you fail a subject in June, do you have to take a make-up exam? Putting "in June" at the end confuses what happens in June. (The failing ...

4. Time should not be capitalized.

5 - use "between," but also take out the "of" before it.

Yes to both answers.

Wait. Mistake. In each hour, there are 3 sets of 20 minutes. 2 hours has 6 20 minute sets. 6x15% = ? (Sorry)

In every hour, there are 3 sets of 15 minute blocks. So in 2 hrs, there are 8 sets. What is 8x15%?

computer Science (need answer ASAP)
The last line says this: "No one has answered this question yet." This is because you forgot to post your actual question, i.e. what problems you are having with what you wrote so far.

English Grammar
Actually, after a little searching, I found an answer that makes sense and fits even the dictionary. In that case, home works as an adverb to mean "to home" or "at home."

English Grammar
When we talk about staying somewhere, we use the preposition "at." (I am staying at the bar). If we talk about going somewhere, we use the preposition "to." (I am going to school). Why are we allowed to leave those prepositions out when we talk about home? ...

It's ok. Did you see that WriteTeacher answered your question?

pre algebra
Any number divided by 1 is the same number. 3/1 = 3 5/1 = 5 So what would the fraction be for 2?

Self-propelled metal ball. (I honestly have no idea,but after 10 minutes of brain storming, that is the best I could do).

main ideas
you can correctly say that they are both trees. ?? Might not be the best answer, but it IS true. :-)

If there are no guidelines, here are some ideas: --last Superbowl --effects of the flu and why students should stay home for it --different types of exercises --origin of certain sports Any other ideas?

What problems are you having with this?

What problems are you having with this?

What problems are you having with this?

I agree that both are correct. I would choose number 2 just because the question asks, "When IS...." Still, both are correct.


With number 4, the person you are thanking is NOT doing the thanking. If I go up to you and say, "thank you," are you thanking me or am I thanking you? Number 6, the verb is "march." You are marching. Both are whom.

Really! I see 2 wrong here. (She posted twice. See other answer).

A slat is a thin piece of wood or metal. Hickory is a kind of wood.

? What is your question?

left=original*e^(.692t/1599) left/original= e^ ( ) put in t=100, and solve.


For some reason, I cannot post URLs any more. Three w's. Eric. Ed. Gov That's more research stuff, but it's a good start. :-D

1 to the fourth times one to the first....add the exponents. 1^4 x 1^1 = (since 4+1 = 5) 1^5

subject mismatch
People usually do not "invent" purposes. They think up purposes, but do not invent them.

Do this the long way first. Then I will show you the shortcut. Draw 11 circles. Draw 1/3 of a circle. That is 11 1/3 circles. On each full circle, draw lines so they are broken up into 3 equal parts. Count everything. You should have 34 pieces. Each piece is one third of a ...

Religious Studies
A lot of what they want you to do is look at what you (not us) think the passages mean. With that in mind: --Timothy 3:16 - how do you understand "inspired?" Some people think this means God controlled the writers to write things down exactly that way so that an ...

Spanish-Please check my answer
"It is my book" describes who owns the book. (I do).

Spanish-8th grade-Totally confused
Number 3: subject: ellos, so you would have to use "su" or "sus." Since it is modifying "libro" (singular), it would be "su." (Though it is a strange sentence. I think it is saying they all have one book). 4. With nosotros, use nuestro. ...

Plz? Dere mite bee a gud persun too halp. Ok. Enough. I will not make fun of your typos any more. Just be sure to proofread what you write next time. :-) One thing you might want to look at is what school is like in Afghanistan. (I have no idea, but google might know). From ...

World cultures
Sounds like 5 to me.

Psychology isn't really qualified to intervene. (How can a non-concrete noun be qualified to do anything?) I would ask your teacher what they meant to say. This question makes no sense.

I assume if it violates the law, it won't make it past censors. You may need to write a complaint letter more about it on ethical grounds.

Math Trivia
I don't know how to do number 1 since it doesn't say how many lockers there are initially. It says "1--," but not sure if that should be something else.

Political campaign ads.... At least until they get better. :-) What do you think?

SmartPhone Help
I have one of these and love it. I'm working on it now. (Mine is from Taiwan Mobile, however). I can edit documents, but can't create new ones without paying. Usually, I just clear an old document and viola....I have a new one.

sure about the subject name?
Are you sure the subject is "Argosy University" and not something like "Sociology?"

I may have read this wrong, of course. After reading it again, I thought differently. There are 153 students taking both economics and math. That means there are: 205 - 153 = 52 There are 52 students only taking math, but not economics. 313-153 = 160 So 160 students are taking...

So out of 500 students, we know what 671 of them are doing. I think there are many unregistered freshman taking classes at that college. ... The numbers do not add up.

English - Native speakers
There is a slight difference of meaning here. "Starbucks had an effect on the foreign market." "Starbucks was presented in foreign markets." The key is what words preceed either "on" or "in." For example, "had an effect on" is ...

I tell my EFL students that if they are unsure, it is best to use the article. Here, the distinction seems to be a time (without "the") or a specific winter break (with "the"). They both mean the same's just how you say it. Both are ok.

Best thing to do is look them up in your Spanish dictionary. That will show you the accents. Have you tried this yet?

Let me at least help with this much: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

7.0710678 is the square root of 50. And that is approximate. I don't know how much more exact you can get without a better calculator.

To do this, you'll have to first look at what the New Deal is. Then look at capitalism and see what that is. You will need to argue for the statement being true, whether you agree with it or not. (That is what they are asking you to do). Google will help with searches. ...

Is the pizza a sphere? Always assumed it was more like a cylinder.

How thick is the pizza? (I can't imagine this question in a text. It seems flawed to me. I would wait to hear from others, but the information seems really incomplete).

Language Arts
You'll have to clarify with your teacher. Usually, I would want an overall summery with the main plot in a few paragraphs, but every teacher is different.

First thing you want to do is figure out the parenthesis. 8+3=11. So now we have: 4x2squared +9 \3-11 Now, the hard part about this is how you typed it. I am going to assume you typed it correctly. 9/3 is by itself the way you typed it. It is not: (4x2squared +9) \(3-(8+3)) ...

I am also confused since you said "these problem." I am not sure if it's many (these) or one (problem). My assumption is you have 2 equations: Y+2x = 3 and Y+2x = -4 Do you have to take these 2 and find out what x and y equal?

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