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Social Studies
Where did you post the timeline?

I wrote one. Now what do you need me to do?

Early childhood education
What are your thoughts?


Reciting has to do with speaking, not writing. It is a and b.

language arts
C is the only option that makes sense according to that price list. Good answer.

Note: I might not be correct, but I did put more work into this answer by just making up answers than you did in the post.

a) 2.34 rad/s b) .94 rad/s

Start with this: identify the nouns and the verbs.

This sounds like a question you have to answer. Do you not understand the question? Are you wanting us to help brainstorm ideas? What are you looking for here?

bautista creek
A gallon is about 16 cups if I remember correctly. So it is reasonable for him to say that. He can have 4 cups with him, and 12 more in the refrigerator in the next room. Therefore, he possibly has 16 cups of juice, which would be a gallon. I would ask him to prove he has 12 ...

The table is warmer than the drink. Heat from the table got transferred into the drink.

Math This might help some.

interior decorating
For accreditation, your school must: A) be evaluated by an accreditation committee. But this is true of other schools seeking accreditation as well. So that is the wrong answer. B) Must be a member of the organization. This is true of the director and often of the teachers in ...

Teachers aide
This is a flawed question. There could be a sign of abuse in there, or it could just be that the child accepts failure easily and has not had the chance to really build up skills to turn that failure into a success. My best GUESS would be emotional abuse if it is for a test. ...

Also most garages and auto repair places that are not chain stores are under 20 employees.

1) Go get two baskets or any other container. 2) Put three apples in one (or use three of something else) 3) Put three apples in the other. Do you have enough to make a pie with 7 apples?

Sorry. Just testing something. Posted 2 answers and they are not showing up. Wonder if a question shows up.

Sorry. No way to include the picture.

Start with Melanie. She can paint 100 square feet in four hours. So in 6 hours, she can paint 150 square feet. This is because she is painting a total of 6 hours. In 4 hours, she did 100 square feet. 6-4 = 2 hours left. Those 2 hours are HALF of the 4 hours. So in 2 hours, she...

life orientation
Good start. You only have about 150 words left. (How are we supposed to correct your paper if you forgot to post it?)

If you have a certain amount of money, then take away 1/6 of that amount and 1/2 of that amount, you'll have $100. So if "M" is money. M - (1/6))M - (1/2)M = 100 1/2 is 3/6. So M - (4/6)M = 100 (2/6)M = 100 M = 600/2 OR...$300

This sounds like a finance or math question, not an sfsu question.

Different from?

Which industries? Which impacts?

What answer did you come up with?

What problem are you having with this?

Start off by figuring out 40% (percent means you take 40 and divide it by 100) of ("of" means multiply) 175. So (40/100) x 75 = ? That will tell you how many boys there are now. Next, figure out how many girls there are now. (How many are left over?) Add 25 to the ...

You've posted 3 questions so far without work. What answer did you come up with and how did you get it?

lit- sentence rewording Those seem like quite different words you used, but that web site above will help you choose different words.

Look for the verb first. In your sentence, the verb is "gets." What gets (no water)? One pot gets no water. So the subject is "one pot."

0 is an integer. -18 is an integer. 9/10 is not, nor is 2.52943. Both of those are rational numbers, as far as I can remember. I might be having a mental block, but wonder if the question is written wrong.

Just to clarify, Steve might be right about what they're looking for, but it's a bad question. d IS still a rational number.

I didn't see your ideas on this. It's hard to correct what you wrote without knowing what your answer is. :)

Nothing there is italicized.

computers in day care
Despite the obvious problems I have with computers in day care, one of those is obviously false. Which do you think it is?

computers in day care
I vote for neither. It's primarily designed to market to parents and day care centers that don't know better.

What is the whole sentence?

Why were the words you said complicated? What you said seems simple to me.


Are you sure this isn't a math question, and not a "ross" question?

world issuse
Message. I started thinking about what increases each year, and came up with "age." I assumed it was two "s"s. The rest was easy. Side note: what does this have to do with world issues?

world issuse
Whichever teacher wrote this obviously doesn't know too many words. Look at how many words he or she got wrong in the question. I'll think about it, but am curious how a teacher that can't figure out how to spell "you" or "and" would correctly ...

I'd say b is the least likely answer. See how messed up the question is? Are you sure this isn't in relation to a specific person's ideas and asking what they think?

critical thinking
Watch Fox news for 5 minutes and you'll have an idea. Then post your thoughts and we'll be glad to check it.

eassay writing
To finish this sentence in the essay, you can take that phrase and follow it with a verb. You can then complete the preticate. You might also want to play with the word order to make it smoother.

This almost sounds like a multiple choice question. You might want to look below the question and see if there is an A), B), C), or even D) choice. I don't know anything about Huxley, but that might be a good place to start.

You forgot #3...the correct answer. :P

cja 334

Try reading them, making a brief pause where the commas are. One will sound more natural.

general knowledge
It's not tomorrow. It wasn't yesterday. Let's see... ;-)

Ok. I did it. Now what do you need to know?

The goal of the paragraph is what the author is trying to get you to do or understand. What do you see for that here? Did they achieve that goal? That asks you if they managed to do what they intended. For example, a food commercial's goal might be to make you hungry so ...

computer science - what is your question?
What do you need help with?

english homework
As far as making a dialog funny, you have to focus on a few things: --Very clear characters. You have to make sure you know what the characters are like. --Establish a conflict that usually comes from how the people might differently handle the situation. --Be sure to make the...

I disagree with that statement about grammar. We often say things incorrectly. Both are ok. The second one sounds more like you know what you are saying. I would go with that one.

Cultural Diversity
Let me guess. You asked a question that shows you haven't even thought about the assignment. She called you out on it and now you're upset because you didn't do your job and assume it is her fault. Don't worry. We're used to lazy students calling us out on ...

The teacher forgot to give you the answers to choose from. Some ideas: ab < b ab > a ....?

Is it (-12x+10) / 5 Or -12x + (10/5) ?

Start by writing down what we know. --There is $360 between two people. --The names of the two people are Connor (which we will now call "C") and Luisa (we will call her "L"). --C gave L 2/5 of his money. They then had the same amount of money. So let's...

I think it's helpful to say something specific. For example, one of my kindergarten students was coloring yesterday. Her picture had different shades of colors in it that was not easy to do so smoothly. I didn't just say, "Good job." I said, "I love the ...

I'm sorry, but something might be wrong with my computer. I cannot see your answers. What did you write?

Tust her responses. I was typing and walking. Made a few mistakes.

1) My mum and I (not: I and my mum) went shopping and we bought a lot of souvenirs. Yes. 2) After a week (a week later) we came back home satisfied with this exciting experience. ------ There are slight differences in meaning. "After a week" seems to suggest you came...

Looks good now, but try to keep it all to one thread.

There is still a run on sentence in there. How can you rewrite the first sentence?

"A Florida treasure hunter " "Alexandria treasure may have been found " "the beliefs that it is Alexandria."

Take out "a" before Florida. I would add "the" before every "Alexandria."


Please check for any errors. Correct them and I would appreciate it. Thanks!!! ------- The first error I saw was how you wrote, "English." Only the first letter is capitalized.

language arts
Are you sure you can't think of things that are cold, smart, heavy, old, or hot?

BIS155 - Final Exam
I would have trouble answering this also since the teacher forgot to ask a question. :-D

world issues
You might want to look up old youtube clips of press conferences from George Bush Senior talking about it. You can also google newspapers from that time. Then look at newspapers from the current Iraq invasion. Then look at how the media is writing about Libya. Good luck. ...

You still didn't tell me your answers though. :-)

Are the ones with the letters your answers? If so, I disagree with them. Be more clear on what your answers are then I'll know how to explain it better. (I have my own answers and reasons).

1x8 and 5x1 don't have the same area. Wait for someone else to answer, but I am trying to figure out, logically, how they could possibly have the same area.

Public and Private schools
You don't necessarily learn about religion in a private school. Read more carefully.

Spanish All these can use "gustar," which means "to be pleasing to." Here is a link that describes it well.

Spanish This explains that strange verb pretty well. :-) Let us know what you come up with and we'll be glad to check it.

Answering the first question centers around something else I feel is just as important. Grammar is essential in online communications. Look at what you said: "One way to make online communication more effective" When someone sees this, they are waiting for you to ...

What exact problem are you seeing when you run the program? If I start there, it is usually easier to solve.

College Algebra
50 < 2w (correction)

When I was a bully, I collected money on the playground, but I can't do that now as a teacher. ;-)

It looks like you are writing as a student of English as a foreign language and do not understand the questions. If this is the case, let me know. I will be glad to help you understand the questions more clearly.

computer networking
You posted the assignment and forgot to ask what your question is about it or what you are having trouble with. If you let us know, we might be able to help. :-)

I actually thought D. Children that age begin to distinguish fantasy from reality and can think more logically. A really only happens as permitted. Yeah...rough assignment. I usually don't think multiple choice questions are good for these type of classes.

There is possibly an easier way to do this, but let me start off with this logic. Let's find out how many games she won and lost. That will give us a little more information. 72\100 x 2400 = 1728. She won 1728 games, so she lost 672. The thing we don't know yet is how ...

You forgot to ask the question. :-)

And that changes the be verb. Since acting is a non-countable, it takes the singular form, "was." (Sorry for the double post).

Same applies to #3. Use "acting."

There is something wrong with the problem itself. 24 x 1/2 = 12 24 x 2/3 = 16 24 x 1/4 = 6 That means there are 34 pieces of fruit. That contradicts the problem. I noticed this easily because 2/3 + 1/2 is already bigger than 1. The problem is not solvable unless there are some...

When figuring out the subject, take out prepositional phrases. In this case, the prepositional phrase is "of penguins." A group was... A group were... "Was" obviously sounds correct.

What does this have to do with 192? It looks like a yahoo answers question.

You're welcome. Yes...please do let her know she can post the question here with information on what she is having trouble with. We will be glad to help her. :-)

Sandra, Maybe an example might help. I have a book in front of me. I just opened it to the last page of chapter 5. Can you help me with answer 2? Try to answer my question and you'll begin to see why answering your question is impossible. I am not sure we can make the ...

stereotypes in psychology
Are good dancers = ballerinas. drive Hummers. = GMC consumers. have more fun. = than who? are great lovers. = expats living in Asia. (My perception, at least) cause trouble. = trouble makers. are ditzy. = ditzy people are on welfare. = those needing assistance. live off other ...

To get help more quickly, change the school subject to the actual subject. Strange codes will have people not open your message who can help. Just repost with the correct subject name.

college: math
I usually avoid opening these. Be sure to type the subject in the subject box.

Languge arts
The main characters are those that did mopst of the stuff in the book. Think back. Which characters do you remember most? Start with those.

fizik: some help Note that "ph" and "f" make the same phonetic sounds. Note other letters as well.

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