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I'm going to say it looks good, but it's past midnight here and I have to admit I lost focus while reading a few of them.


It sounds like this goes with something else you were supposed to read.

#2 - It's not your favorite soprano. It's your favorite song. #5 - "form" is a verb. I think you're confusing it with "from." Which word is the preposition? #4 is right. Unfortunately, I am no longer allowed to post internet addresses. (Darn ...

As a side note, I didn't read all of Bob's web site, but at least this point is incorrect: "According to John's Gospel (the only Gospel modern scholars consider to be based on an eye-witness account) Jesus' feet were fixed to the cross, and yet, he was ...

Try biblegateway period com

web design
When using hexadecimal numbers in colors on web sites, you can use them to change the background colors, font colors, and quite a few other things. There are a total of six characters in there and it will look something like this: <font color="#FF0000"> (That&#...

I'm just remembering back to my years of study YEARS I might be inaccurate with this a little. It has been a while since I talked about this stuff or even thought about it much, but I think the general ideas are right. Generally speaking, you might not need to ...

ACK! I would guess "poor punctuation." This is nearly impossible to read. Did it come with that lack of punctuation?