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World Geo.
I had to turn in the book before Tuesday otherwise, I would get a fee. I took as many answers as I could from the book before turning it in. Thank you for the helpful resources.

World Geo.
I'm sorry, I didn't see the continent word. Obviously it is most countries of Europe... Since it's the end of the year, we already turned in the books, so I don't have any other resources than the internet. These are just some of the 98 questions for the study ...

World Geo.
1. Why are elephants a main target for proachers and hunters? 2. Where did the main monotheistic religions begin? 3. What are the five pillars of Islam? 4. What three religions dominate East and Southeast Asia? 5. Somalia and Ethiopia form the physical region known as the...

Pre Algebra
I don't quite get 3c still?

Pre Algebra
This is about Reasoning Strategy... It says this: 3a. What is the y-intercept of the trend line? 3c. Write an equation for the trend line in slope-intercept form. I don't really know what they mean? Please help me.

Yep, thank you VERY much! Except that I don't really get 3a...

ok, for 3b, I would need to divide any point in the x axis by a point on the y axis? Or is that wrong?

This is about Reasoning Strategy, I really need help on this, I have a test tomorrow on it! Please help... Ok, here's what it says: 3a. What is the y-intercept of the trend line? (What do they mean???) 3b. Locate one other point on the trend line, then find the slope of ...

Please help, Locate one other point on the trend line. Then find the slope of the trend line. ...How do I do that?

Did you look up on the internet what Hess'Law is? That might help?

Science =) PLease help
How far do the continents move? and how have continents always been moving?

Math... Please help
Why is it helpful to graph the solutions of an inequality?

inequality means????

what do they mean? Write an inequality to show "a number,b, is positive" ?

multiply -1/5t x 5 which would be T then, multiply 4 x 5 = 9. then check ur answer by putting 9 into the place of t =) I think that's it... =)

English... Please! Help me
What are all the predicate parts? I don't get it.

what are all predicate parts ?

what are five parts of a sentence?

accelerated math
4 4/7 x 7 3/4 what will that equal to? how do you multiply that?

Math, pleae help... just want to see if i got it
-2(-6 + 4 x 3-3) would that be negative -30?

MATH, help please
how would y multiply 4 4/7 x 7 3/4? how do u multiply fractions witha whole #?

Math!! Please help
how can I solve the equation t=13 x 1 fifth? what would the total be?

Alex scored 13 points in the basketball game. This was 1 fifth of the total points the team scored. Write and solve an equation to determine the total points t the team scored. What is the equation?

Please help in english
I need an answer to what article adjective can be called? and also what's an adverb that comes right before the verb?

Yes, they do. =)

what can an article adjective be called?

what does an adj. modify? also, how do you know when a sentence is inverted?

Please help?!
what is the difference between commen or propper?

PLEASE HELP! this is for tomorrow!!! English hw
My hw says this: what is the question and answer flow for an exclamatory sentence? also... article adjective can be called?

Early Child Ed.
Yes, I think that B would be the best =)

What is the question and answer flow for an exclmatory sentence?