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social studies
How were the immigrants of the early 1900s similar to and different from the African Americans of the great Migration?

mystery number math please help

life science
are you a real teacher

That helped me too.

I am so sorry that i answered it incorrect but the real answer is C.

I think that you are correct.

7th grade social studies help quick please
You guys don't need to be rude. I have had problems before on this sight.

ETi=ETf Ek+Eg+Ee =Ek+Eg+Ee Intial/final speed is zero, and having a ref point from the bottom, hf is zero and xi will be zero since in the beging the spring is at equiibrim. Finally ur hi=xf, since the strech will be the distaince traveled. From this info and the equation we ...

Physics-Help, confused!
ETi = ETf Ek+ Eg+Ee = Ek+Eg+Ee since vi and vf is o Ek is taken out, and having a ref point at the bottom Eg is for ETf is taken out( final hight =0 meters). Also spring is at equilibirum in the beinging, so Ee for ETi is also taken out( xi = O meters) so then Eg= Ee and mghi...

A body is launched from the ground and 9.00 seconds later its velocity is 25j+28k m/s. The horizontal range is therefore?