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Solve the proportions. (Solve for x) 1. 3x/7 = 8/21 2. 20/10 = x+2/5

how do i plot the gibbs isotherm equation in excel given concentration and surface tension? I'm looking for surface excess which is the slope on the graph, the equation is r=1/RT(dST/dln(c)), ST is the surface tension. Do I plot the ln of the concentration versus the ...

Algebraically at what temp is Celsius 1/4 that of Fahrenheit?? ie C = 1/4 F

Mell and Lynne both go to the movies. They started with $12.50 and left with $8.00 how much money did Mell spend on Lynne??

social studies
determine and use ethical procedures aplicable to the inquiry? what does this mean?? for a report on religions. i need 5 ethical procedures HELP!!

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