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what is the plural form of turkey. i think it is turkie am i right can somebody help me If you look up the word in a hard copy dictionary (as I did), you would find that the plural is turkeys. Looking it up yourself will get you similar answers more quickly. I holpe this helps...

the guide words at the top of the two dictionary pages are exploratory and exuberant which word would not be found between these guide words a-express b-external c-extrude d-exactly Which word do you think does not come between expl- and exub? If you post your answer, we'...

word histories
which would measure more water,a "bath" or a "gallon" see the section on capacities:

slove for y y-(-3)=(x-(-3)) Get rid of the () y+3=x+3 subtract three from each side. y=x

drama club sold adult tickets for $8 and kid tickets for $5. for the final performance a total of 226 tickets were sold for a total of $1670. how many adult tickets were sold for the performance? X = # of adult tickets Y = # of kid tickets X + Y = 226 8X + 5Y = 1670 Solve ...

1000 tickets for prizes are sold for $2 each. Seven prizes will be awarded – one for $400, one for $200, and five for $50. Steven purchases one of the tickets. a) Find the expected value b) Find the fair price of the ticket. The expected value= 950/2000

information literacy
What year was the oldest copy of Ralph Ellison’s Going to the Territory published?

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