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Ms, Sue, I have a question for you.
I need people to take an online survey for me. Don't worry, it's completely virus free. It's about factory farming, but it won't let me share a link here. I need more people to take it. So, can you allow me to post the link? Please?

Algebra I
You have to find the number of x intercepts that the graph of the function has.

Algebra I
Please help; explanation provided, too! y=-4x^2+x+1

what substances form if we add 3 O 1 Na 1 C and 1 H

The first part of the word. For example "hopeful". "Hope" is the first actual word, and it's first, so it's the base word. Another example is "careless". "Care" is the base word. I really don't know how to explain it../:

Well.."jour" is it must be "what day is it?" ?

Quel jour es?[:

Thank you,[: And the correct response would be, Je m'appelle *NAME HERE*..?

Tu t'appelles comment?[: