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Basic Math
I'm really stuck in this question can someone please help me out in this one. Two cards are drawn without replacement from an ordinary deck of 52 playing cards. What are the odds against drawing a club and a diamond?

Marth this are my choices A) 0.9893 B) 0.0107 C) 0.4893 D) 0.5107 So I'm assuming it's letter B? correct

the product of two positive numbers is greater than either number.

ok thanks

simplify radical a little 3 in front of sqrt-27 is it -3

Simplify expression. Assume all variables represent nonzero real numbers. ( (3y^2)/2)^3 I started to reduce but it did not look right.

solve by factoring a^2 -121 = 0 (a-11)(a-11) is this correct?

Simplify the expression. Assume all variables represent nonzero real numbers (x^5)^-10

Solve by factoring x^2 -2x -24=0

Reduce the rational expression to lowest terms 3x^2-9x+6/10-5x

Solve by factoring a^2 -121 = 0

Solve by factoring x^2 -2x -24=0

balance this stoichiometric equation: SO2 + CaCO3 + O2 ------> CaSO4 + CO2

logic and set theory
yes, sorry those are supposed to be lower case.

logic and set theory
write this symbolic statement in words: ~P<-->~Q

$9 per hour, but now she makes 150% of that amount.

solve the equation x/3 = 4/x+1

what is the negative reciprocal of -7/3

Solve the equation -3/x = x/-3

how many carbon particles are there in 4.25 mole of C6 H12 O6? i do not get how to solve this. my teacher said something about conversion factors but i still don't understand how u isolate the carbon from the whole compound. can someone please explain how to get to this, ...

logic and set theory
... oh, thank you for that clarification =D

logic and set theory
describe the venn diagram for two disjoint sets. how does this diagram illustrate that the sets have no common elements? ... im a bit confused, because to me, if the sets are disjoint and hence nothing is in common, it wouldnt be a venn diagram in the first place because you ...


Your favorite cousin has moved to your town and is looking for a job. Her previous experiences are working as a cashier and sales clerk at two department stores. You know she plans to apply at similar stores in your town. But you also know she is a perfect match for a job ...


Willard assumes that if he does not assert himself first, he will appear to be a failure

Social Studies
Will products that are important to us and that have no close substitutes have elastic or inelastic demand? Is the answer inelastic??

Social Studies
How do we show on a demand curve an increase in the demand for a good? Could anyone help me.

find the measure of <4 and round your answer to the nearest tenth

find the measure of <2


health management
Can someone please look this synopsis over for errors. Comparing Electronically Medical Records Companies: Athenahealth is an (EMR) company with many benefits, and special features such as, speech recognition, making it easier for note taking and transcribing medical reports, ...

I think it really depends on what format you are using APA, MLA, etc. As a general rule, the first word is ALWAYS capitalized and all of the important words are capitalized...words such as or, of, in, and stay lower-cased.

What about the x?

x-sqrt(2x+1) = 7 My answer: same as: x - 7 = sqrt(2x+1) ==> x^2 - 14x + 49 = 2x+1 ==> x^2 - 16x + 48 = 0 split this up into: (x - 12) * ( x - 4 ) = 0 so, x can technically be 12 or 4 12 - sqrt(24+1) does = 7 x=12

Adv. Math.
Describe how the graph of y= abs(x-2) is related to the parent graph? My answer: The graph is shifted 2 units to the right (or in the positive direction) in comparison to the parent graph.

Rounding (math)
598,500 to the near thousand

3rd grade, social studies
had do i use communism in a sentence?

Medical information management and office practice
please check my answers. penn foster exercise 6 questions cms-1500 1.title in heading section? designated insurance co 2.location of title? right hand side top of blocks 3. cms-1500 form number? 4. location of cms-1500 top left side 5. spacing type of form? normal spacing for ...

Medical information
CMS-1500 forms Where does the title go? Location of the CMS-1500 form #? Date of CMS approval? Date of AMA approval?

Health information Management and office Practice
Regarding forms CMS-1500 1. What is the title in Heading section? 2. What is the CMS-1500 form number? 3.What is the spacing type of this form?

What is the largest inlet in the United States?

1.find the value of X. Simply answers that are radicals. hypotenuse is 10 sides (legs) are 6 and x. the total base is 12. 2. Find the area of the figure. Round decimal answers to the nearest tenth. sides of the triangle is 8 cm and total base is 7 cm

a0= (5m)0=

how to simplify these expressions using positives exponents to express the final result 6-3= 5XO= (2x)-1=

The switch used to turn on completes the circuit so electricity can flow through the bulb.

11th grade

Social studies needs your help!!
I am in a very tight situation. I am a grade 4 social studies teacher. In my classroom, I have students of mixed ability. Some students are above grade level, some on grade level and some below grade level. The bulk of students is below grade level. What activities or ...

english essay
could some one please proofread this There are many reasons why a person should go to college, aside from receiving a college degree. Many people have their own personal beliefs about why a person should attend college but I will share my own views on why college is important...

I think the troblesome is to differntiate whether it is function as an adverbial or as an adjectival a)Having had a good season, they hoped to win the trophy. having had a good season: could be adverbial participial phrase expressing reason ? c)The car parked in the garage is ...

Algebra pizzzz
What should you do if nobody sing with you?

what island continent is not within a major volcano area

8th Grade Math (Algebra1)
6-3= 5xO= (2x)-1 simpllify thesepositive exponents

her family's or families van was confortable. which is the correct possessive form of the noun?

5th grade
i don't now the answer.

Ok, the case is this. Six months ago, you closed your business. Now, a person has expressed an interest in acquiring the business. The potential buyer requests a current balance sheet, but you provide her with the one that was prepared just prior to closing. 1) Will the ...


yes i think it is because you divided right so you mulitply and that's who you got it right

Poem:Birthday by M.T Buckley
what is dis story bout

What does these phrases mean? Very confused.This is about Spielberg. 1. He makes movies when marketing controls the industry 2. Mystery offrs promises instead of threat 3. In his best films he tapped into dreams fashioned by our better natures appriciate any help

What does these phrases mean? Very confused.This is about Spielberg. 1. He makes movies when marketing controls the industry 2. Mystery offrs promises instead of threat 3. In his best films he tapped into dreams fashioned by our better natures appriciate any help

A bullet with a mass 0.05kg is speeding toward a block of mass 10kg. the bullet is initially moving with a velocity of 200m/s while the block is initially at rest....The bullet collides with the block, sticking inside, and knocks the block horizontally of the edge of a cliff. ...

It's ok..I asked for more time. I need to get this done though..

Hi, I have an assignement about and ad where you see backstreet boys advertising milk. Got milk ad Here is the assignment, I really need to hand in this lesson in half an, i'd really appriciate any help and i am very confused. write a response explaining the ...

Post a current issue between Native Americans and the Federal government. Identify the legislation that you think is linked to the issue, and explain why you think there is a connection.

two angles are complementary. if one angle is 10 more than twice the other, what are the angles?

Hi, can someone please revise my essay. I'd really appriciate any sugestions. There has been an ongoing controversy in Canada on whether the drinking age should be lowered to eighteen like most of the world (Russia, Argentina, Hong Kong, etc.) or if it should stay at ...

ok question: Isn't it strange that an eighteen years old can cross the border from Ottawa to Quebec and drink legally? Shocking statistics: The onlty country that drinking age is strictly nineteen is South Korea. One person's experience: I have proof that eighteen ...

I need help rewriting this sentence. There has been an ongoing controversy in Canada on whether the drinking age should be lowered to eighteen like most of the world (Russia, Argentina, Hong Kong, etc.) or if it should stay at nineteen. using this techniques: question shocking...

Mr. Walker would like to see you no later than at eight o'clock in the morning. Unfortunately, he didn't say what was bothering him, but he looked very upset.I was wondering, why do you think he is mad at you? And I am not sure what the last 2 senteces mean..

Hi..I need to rewrite this passage as formal. Walker wants to see you at eight sharp tomorrow. He didn't say what was hassling him but he looked pretty uptight. Why do you think he's on your case? You didn't skip yesterday did you? You don't think he's on ...

what is the answer to 5(w-2)=15

World History
Aristotle's role as tutor to the young Alexander the Great was vital because it 1) encouraged Alexander to preserve and spread Greek culture 2) helped perfect his skills as a general

It's a multiple choice question and I cannot choose between choice 1 or choice 2.

law and ethics
when the computer service bureau destroys or erases records, should the erasure be verified by thr bureau to the physician?

Here is a question on free trade. Country X and Country Z have a free trade agreement. If Country X buys trucks from Country Y and sells the trucks to a car dealer in Country Z, does the buyer need to pay duty on trucks. Why or why not? I think that yes, because good that are ...

christmas carols
down through the chimney with lots of----

2nd grade
Being on time by learning the daily school __ __ __ __ __ule.?

7th grade
Idk this it's so confusing... "Students in the school band are selling calenders.They earn $.40 on each calender they sell.Their goal is more than $327" "Here is the answer given: $.40c<$327 (1) What is wrong with that answer? (2) Solve the inequality and...

when finding the tangent line to the curve using T(t)= r(t)prime/ /r(t)prime/ and the eq. of the curve being r(t)= (e^t, te^t, te^(t^2)), at point (1,0,0) why does t=o. How is the parameter for t found or calculated?

is y2 constant or is dy2 missing or what?
yeah that's what i thought it was, i guess i am not settin my limits up properly ...but yeah y2 is constant. thanks

multivariable calculus
int (30y1y2)dy1 ?

7th grade
You multiply the rate and the time and your answer is the distance. Ex: Rate= 5 per hour Time: 2 hours Whatever that is it equals the distance.

3rd grade
Itistt correct because you can only add.

Algrebra II
In this word problem, I have to assume that it can be described by a linear function: A photocopying machine purchased new for $4500 loses $900 in value each year. a) Find the value of the machine after 18 months. b) When will the book value be $1200? Thank you for helping me ...

6th grade
i need help with my math homework please can you help me i will wait far the answeer

how can you fill a flask with pure oxygen without mixingit with air


I am stuck in this problem I need to calculate the molality first so I could find T but I don't know which one is the solvent and which one is the solution the problem is to calculate the freezing point of a solution containing 12.2g of benzoic acid, dissolved in 250g of ...


please I need help with this. what is the difference between molality, normality and molarity? and adhesive forces and cohesive forces? I am very confused. please help thanks

DrBob222 you are the best thanks for all you great. thanks

Calculater the amount of heat in kilojoules released when 50 grams of steam at 125 C are converted to 50 grams of ice at -125 C?

An aqueous solution containin 1 g of sorbitol in 100g water has a freezing point of 0.102 C. Elemental analysis indicates that sorbitol is 39.56% C, 7.75% H, and 52.7% O. What are the molar mass and the molecular formula of sorbitol? The Kf of water is 1.86 C/m.

the meaning of this quote the real heroa is always a hero by mistake

9th grade biology honors
Because jellyfish have more salt then the lake, it is gonna try to reach an equilibium, so it is gonna take more water from the lake and the cell will swell!!

Thesis statement help
what is a good thesis statement for the importamt of play in early childhood education

line segment 6cm and divide 5 congruent parts

world history
what effect did the trading civilization of phoenicia have on the ancient world

Engineering Economy
Compare the following alternatives on the basis of their capitalized cost at an interest rate of 10% per year. Petroleum Based Feedstock First cost, $ -250000 Annual operating cost, $/year -130000 Annual revenues, $/year 400,000 Salvage value, $ 50,000 Life,years 6 Inorganic-...

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