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Phenol C6H5OH partially dissociates in water as shown C6H5OH + H2O --> H3O+ + C6H5O- If Ka is 1.6*10^-10 and the concentration of H3O and C6H5O are both 1.0*10^-5 M at equilibrium, what would be the concentration of phenol?

Geography of World Commerce
Hi I need help with Geography of World Commerce. Is there anyone who can help me? also do you assist with essays?

what is the theory that helps explain how the earth's topography is formed and how it changes?

Geography of World Commerce
Which cities are the major trading centers for each of the major continents, and what led to their development?

Algebra 2
solve one ninth = 27^3x-5.

what are the disavantages of job analysis?

the diameter of earth is 7928 miles. what is the diameter in inches? in yards? If the diameter of earth is expressed in 12,756km what is the diameter in meters? in centimeter? give yoiur answers in scientific notation

all subjects

The equation for the reaction of sodium with water is as follows: 2Na(s) 2H2O(l) £ H2(g) 2NaOH(aq) How many liters of H2 are produced when 12.0 g of Na reacts with H2O at 293 K and 99.3 kPa?

Calculate the volume of H2 produced at 300 K and 98.65 kPa when 48 g of Mg reacts with excess HCl according to the following equation: Mg(s) 2HCl(aq) £ MgCl(aq) H2(g)

A student collects 400 mL of oxygen at 9.80 kPa. If the temperature remains constant, what volume would this gas occupy at 9.40 kPa?

A sample of oxygen occupies 10.0 L under a pressure of 105 kPa. At what pressure will it occupy 13.4 L if the temperature does not change?

Provide an example of at least five ordered pairs that do not model a function. The domain will be any five integers between 0 and 20. The range will be any five integers between -10 and 10. Your example must not be the same as those of other students or the textbook. Why does...

What lyrics would you reference to indicate author Simon & Garfinkel's bias in the song the sounds of silence

How are health care administrators involved in determining the quality of care provided to patients?

Organic Chemistry
Which statements are FALSE about selecting a solvent for recrystallization? (Select all correct answers.) Any solvent can be used for recrystallization as long as the compound dissolves in it. The compound should exhibit a high solubility in the solvent at high temperature. ...

Organic Chemistry
Assuming you have a mixture of 2-nitrophenol and 4-nitrophenol, which solvent would be most suitable for recrystallization if you want to isolate 4-nitrophenol? Water Diethyl ether Toluene Acetone Ethanol

Organic Chemistry
Which purpose does recrystallization serve? (Select all correct answers.) It is used to purify liquids. To separate unreacted solid starting materials from the solid target compound. To remove a solid from a liquid. It is used to purify solids. Improve the yield of the compound

Organic Chemistry
Compound A is recrystallized from n-propanol. Given are the following solubilities (in 100 mL of solvent): 160 g/100 °C, 100 g/80 °C, 60 g/60 °C, 20 g/20 °C, 15 g/10 °C and 10 g/0 °C. How many milliliters of solvent are needed to dissolve 80.0 g of ...

what is the capasity of a god fish bowl

How much would I have to put away annually to accumulate 50,000 in 8 years given an investment of 10% compounding savings?


9th grade

Origen was the first Bishop of ______in what year. Studying for midterm and this is one of the questions I can't find an answer to

In Customer Relationship Management (CRM)what is lifetime value of customer? The definition states...The potential profit generated by a single customer’s purchase of a firm’s products over the customer’s lifetime. I am not understanding this fully

What was Eusebius branded as for his unorthodox beliefs prior to the council of Nicea?

us history
the slaved-based economy in the south is created by?

how to write a persuasive essay using a strategy of convincing my employer of the value of providing tuition reimbursement and making extra time for adult learning.

5+5= 10+10= 11+11=

how can you fill a flask with pure oxygen without mixing it with air

A 200 ft guy wire is attached to the top of a tower.If the wire makes a 55 grados angle with the ground, how tall is the tower?

Statistics 250
a.far above average

Daniel cell is a primary cell which cannot supply steady current for a long time. Daniel cell produces an emf of 1.08 volt.

1. Write the balanced chemical equation for the reaction NaOH + HCI --> NaCI + H20 2. Extract the relevant information from the qustion: NaOH v= 30mL, M=0.10 HCI v= 25.0 mL, M=? 3. Convert to Liters NaOH v= 0.03 L, M= 0.10M HCI v=0.025L, M=? 4. Calculate moles NaOh: n(NaOH...

On january 1st, NetSolutions had a debit balance of $1,250.00 in the Office Supplies account. During the month, Netsolutions purchased $245.00 and $610.00 of office supplies and journalized them to the office supplies asse account upon purchasing. On January 31st an inspection...

12000 divided by 5 days is =2400x2=4800(tuesday)2400x3=7200

what is the value of the expression blow if a=4 and b=-4

207 Business ethics
A foreign individual filled an application in a company where his friend works, she works in a HR department and she is trying to accomodate him. The application went to final approval and the owner rejected because he has a policy where he doesn not want his company involved ...

207 Business ethics
I need help with propose new hiring practices for the company to follow. In your proposal address the legal and ethical issues involved in discrimination and affirmativew action policies

How do you journalize on Feb 10: Paid for goods purchased on Feb 3? for feb 3 I put down Inventory and Accounts payable for $5,500.

A gas occupies a volume of 140 mL at 35 degrees celcius and 97 kPa. What is the volume of the gas at STP? Please show the work.

Does anyone know how to say immiscible in spanish?

College Algebra
Why does the inequality sign change when both sides are multiplied or divided by a negative number? Does this happen with equations? Why or why not?

If 3 people are asked what day of the week they were born, find the probability that i) 2 or 3 are the same. ii) only 2 people are the same. - is this 1/7 x 1/7 ?? If 4 people are asked what day of the week they were born, what is the probability that 2 or more people were ...

There is exactly the same number of lollies in 10 different colours in a jar. (There are thousands of each lolly) If one lolly is picked out , the probability of being one colour is 1/10 and the second being same colour is also 1/10 <-- I do not understand why this is, the ...

There is exactly the same number of lollies in 10 different colours in a jar. (If one lolly is picked out , the probability of

A 0.972g sample of a CaCl2*2H2O/K2C2O4*H2O solid salt mixture is dissolved in ~ 150ml of deionized water, previously adjusted to a pH that is basic. The precipitate, after having been filtered and air-dried, has a mass of 0.375 g. The limiting reactant in the salt mixture was ...

A line parallel to 4x=3y-13? I came up with m=4/3 y-3=4/3 + 16/3 after working problem got ans y= 4/3x+25/3 confused???

Is this correct? Ans. y=2x+20.5

finding a equation in slope-intercept form. Through (-9, 2.5) and (-5, 4.5)

o ok thank you, so is everything else correct?

Y would you not round?

Let x be the number of miles driven on 60 gallons of gas. By setting up and solving a proportion involving x, find the value of x for the car that you have chosen. State the type of car, the mileage, and show both the set up of the proportion and the steps to solve. Include ...

that is rude!!

the answers are correct.

the legs of the isosceles triangle each measure 14in.find the length of the hypotenuse

Finite Math
I know but that's what the question asked. Thanks

Finite Math
If the life in years, of a television set is normally distributed with a mean of 46 years and a standard deviation of 4 years, what should be the guarantee period if the company wants less than 3% of the television sets to fail while under warranty?

Finite Math
Suppose a family has 5 children. Suppose the probability of having a girl is 1/2. find the probability that the family has exactly 3 girls and 2 boys?

8th grade
why do states need to be concerned about laws passed in other states

consumer math
Carlos Martin received a statement from his bank showing a balance of $56.75 as of March 15. His checkbook shows a balance of $87.37 as of March 20. The bank returned all the cancelled checks but two. One check was for $5.00 and the other was for $13.25. How much did Carlos ...

if you wished to warm 100 kg of water by 15 degrees celsius for your bath, how much heat would be required? (give your answer in calories and joules)


prove the following integrals: a)sin3xcos7xdx = -1/20cos(10x)+1/8cos(4x) i know i have asked this question before but i am very confused bobpursley, can you please show me the steps of proves. thanks in advanced

calculus II university
prove the following integrals: a)sin3xcos7xdx = -1/20cos(10x)+1/8cos(4x) b)sin8xcos3xdx = -1/22cos(11x)-1/10cos(5x)

social studies
What was Willson's plan for peace?

social studies
what was the nick name for the soilders in the world war 1

Early Childhood Growth and Development
the answer choices are : A.the child finds the behavior self-reinforcing. B.the stimulation of the action is satisfying. C.the stimulation provided by the action is associated with a basic drive D.the child is caught up in a simple reflex.

If a person were driving 162 kilometers per hour on a U.S. highway with a speed limit of 70 miles per hour, would he likely be speeding?

If you were buying nuts, would you rather pay $9/kg or $4/ 500g of nuts?

20th century history
right now my class is studyign the 1920's which was a time period where ,odern life became more popular but tradionalist tried to return life to how it use to be. what is the sourse of this culrural conflict, and what was the outcome of the cultural conflict during this ...

3rd grade science
Explain how you can tell that an object is in motion

nf is 2

8th grade Math
The area of a irregular trapezoid is 38.

8th grade Math
How to find the area of a irregular trapezoid?

World Cultures
What are some crafts or games from Iceland I can share with the class for my project? (I've tried googling with no success).

Amy paints a house in 4 hours and Thomas paints the same house in 6 hours. How long will it take to paint the house together?

what a regular polygon

Culteral Diversity
A society that needed slaves and tenant farmers

ap european history
Louis XIV declared his goal was '' one king, one law, one fait''. analyze the methods the king used to achive this objective and discuss the extent to which he was successful.

math 157
The Political Noise Problem. The amount of background noise is important to television news reporters. One station developed the formula showing the noise level in decibels (N) as it relates to the time after the speaker stops talking in seconds (t). How many seconds after the...

New Testament Survey
D-Antiochus Epephanes

which do you think would be more dangerous near an open flame, an ionic or covalent compound?

Math Word Problem


help me write a formula that illustrates that I am in the market for a new home and there are 56 houses available and only two floor plans left using y and x

Social Studies quick question
Thank you Mrs. Sue!

Social Studies quick question
James Watt invented the steam engine in what year, and where? Are these right In the 1760s he invented the steam engine in Britain

Could you check these also thanks: Directions: Donnez des réponses personnelles. 1. Tu vas souvent au cinéma? Answer: Oui, je vais souvent au cinéma. 2. Qu'est-ce que tu aimes comme films? Answer: J'aime un film d'horreur. 3. Quel est ton ...

Could you check these thanks: Directions: Vrai ou Faux? 1. Un film doublé a des sous-titres. Answer: vrai 2. Un film en version originale est toujours en français. Answer: faux 3. Au cinéma, il y plusieures séances le week-end. Answer: Faux 4. On ...

what is 510,000,000 rounded to the nearest 10th or 10%

I NEED HELP ON THE NEXT WORLDS PLEASE i need the definition also please 1. Performance goals 2. Mastery goals 3. The effect of praise 4. Expectations and self-efficacy

I NEED HELP ON THE NEXT WORLDS PLEASE i need the definition also please 1. Performance goals 2. Mastery goals 3. The effect of praise 4. Expectations and self-efficacy

okay thanks

hi, i need help on this assigments can you help me please i need to find the following definitions please help me. 1. The danger of overdiagnosis 2. The power of diagnostic labels 3. The confusion of serious mental disorders with normal problems 4.The illusion of objectivity

What ist he difference between situational leadership and path-goal management?

Spelling/ Language Arts
thanks so much

Spelling/ Language Arts
Unscramble these words to make a sentence that makes sense the preliminary steps captain took to the organize team PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!

double bond

I don't know? That's a hard one.

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