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  1. Math

    From 2003 to 2004 the number of applicants to a college increased 15% to 5060.How many applicants were there in 2003?
  2. Math

    Marissa and her friend walked to the park on Saturday. the park was 600 meters away from marissa's house. how far did the girls walk in kilometers?
  3. Physics

    Two point charges lie along the y-axis. A charge of q1 = -7 ?C is at y = 6.0 m, and a charge of q2 = -6.5 ?C is at y = -4.0 m. Locate the point (other than infinity) at which the total electric field is zero. I have no clue where to start so any information will be greatly ...
  4. Physics

    Three charges are arranged as shown in the figure below. Find the magnitude and direction of the electrostatic force on the charge q = 5.12 nC at the origin. (Let r12 = 0.320 m.) I did the math and for mag i got 1.41E-5 N.for the direction i seem to keep getting a wrong answer...
  5. Math connexus

    thanks yo tengu! my fav song is oh no by marina and the diamonds. :)
  6. Science

    How do people benefit from coastline?
  7. Math

    Suppose Elina used 15 tiles to make the rectangular design. How many different rectangles could she make with the 15 tiles? Write a list or draw a picture to show the number and dimensions of the rectangles she can make.
  8. Art

    Please help me I do connexus and this is the last quiz for the semester and I get it wrong then my grade will be a b and my dad will be mad. Individuals can use different criteria to analyze artwork. What would be an example of inappropriate criteria for analyzing this piece ...
  9. Art

    Please check my work i am in connecus and i can’t add in the pictures but if possible can someone check this. This picture is called “ the wounded foot” and it’s by Joaquin sorolla y Bastida and I really hope someone can check this answer thanks In this ...
  10. Literature

    I need to write a literature review using the following Research Question: How does one's self attitude/worth play a role in deviant behavior? The following is my outline. I am having two problems. The articles are so complex that I am having difficulty understanding them...
  11. Microeconomic

    The accompanying table below shows the demand schedule facing a monopolist who produces at constan marginal cost of $5. Price quatity 9 0 8 1 7 2 6 3 5 4 3 6 2 7 1 8 0 9 a) calculate the firm's revenue schedule
  12. Maths / physics

    A blue ball travelling at 2m/s hits a red ball at rest on a table. after they collide both balls move in the same direction. Both balls have the same mass. The blue ball continues to move with a reduced velocity of 0.2m/s what is the velocity of the red ball?
  13. Physics

    A blue ball travelling at 2m/s collides with a red ball at rest on a table. After they collide, both balls move in the same direction. Both balls have the same mass. If the blue ball continues to move with a reduced velocity of 0.2m/s, what is the velocity of the red ball?
  14. Math

    Write the equation of the ellipse using the given information: The ellipse has foci (–4, 0) and (–4, 4) and vertices (–4, –1) and (–4, 5);
  15. Math

    Write the equation of the ellipse using the given information: The axis has lengths 2 and 5; the major axis is vertical; and the center of the ellipse is (–1, –2).
  16. Math

    Write the equation of the ellipse using the given information: The ellipse has foci (4, 1) and (8, 1) and vertices (1, 1) and (11, 1);
  17. math

    Tom deposits $800 into an account that pays simple interest at a rate of 6% per year. How much interest will he be paid in the first 2 years?
  18. Algebra

    The perimeter of the larger table is 44 feet. what is the perimeter of the smaller table ?
  19. Math

  20. pre Algebra

    find the sum of 4, eight times a number and nine times the same number. simplify the expression
  21. Analytical Physics II

    A charged cloud system produces an electric field in the air near Earth's surface. A particle of charge -2.1 x 10-9 C is acted on by a downward electrostatic force of 4.3 x 10-6 N when placed in this field. (a) What is the magnitude of the electric field? (b) What is the ...
  22. algrebra 1

    simplify the square root of ( 18x^2 divided by 50) thank you I tried doing like 9x2x^2 divided by 25 x2...then i got stuck thank you so mom and dad can't help me with this kind of stuff
  23. pre algrebra

    I still don't get the end part
  24. pre algrebra

    thank you, Scott or whomever simplify the square root if 108 ok. I got 9x12 which then prime factorization = then i get it means the square root of but then i get stuck thank you
  25. algebra 1

    is the set of all positive integers closed under addition? if yes..give 2 examples if no,,,give 2 examples that prove it is not
  26. algebra

    ?120 inch length of ribbon is to be cut into three pieces. The longest piece is to be 40 inches longer than the shortest? piece, and the third piece is to be half the length of the longest piece. Find the length of each piece of ribbon.
  27. math

    Communicate how can you find what each mark represents on a number line
  28. math 9th grade

    if xy is rational must either x or y be rational
  29. help scott biostats

    The proportion of deaths due to lung cancer in males ages 15-64 in England and Wales during the period 1970-1972 was 12%. Suppose that of 20 deaths that occur among male workers in this age group who have worked for at least 1 year in a chemical plant, 5 are due to lung cancer...
  30. help scott biostatis

    The proportion of deaths due to lung cancer in males ages 15-64 in England and Wales during the period 1970-1972 was 12%. Suppose that of 20 deaths that occur among male workers in this age group who have worked for at least 1 year in a chemical plant, 5 are due to lung cancer...
  31. Help scott biostats

    The value of mammography as a screening test for breast cancer has been controversial, particularly among young women. A study was recently performed looking at the rate of false positives for repeated screening mammograms among approximately 10,000 women who were members of ...
  32. biostats

    complete this: We estimate the probability by Pr( X ? 8) years where X is normally distributed with mean 5.24 and sd = 1.90. Assuming normal distribution we want prob that x >=8 P(x>=8) = P(Z >= (8 - 5.24)/1.90) = P(Z >= 1.45) = 1 - P(Z<1.45) =
  33. biostats

    what is the probability by Pr( X ? 8) years where X is normally distributed with mean 5.24 and sd = 1.90? HELP!!! thank you!
  34. biostats

    what 4 values do i need to enter into a box plot graph calculator? median and what else Thanks
  35. biostat

    based on the data below for a 25 day hospital stay: medical service provided 9 mean of medical services provided 11.11 standard deviation 8.29 surgical services provided 16 mean of surgical services provided 7.19 standard deviation 3.1 is there any difference in duration of ...
  36. biostat

    based on the data below for a 25 day hospital stay: males staying in hospital 11 mean of males staying in hospital 8.72 standard deviation 7.91 females staying in hospital 14 mean 8.5 standard deviation 3.48 is the duration of hospital stay affected by gender? which gender had...
  37. biostat

    based on the data below for a 25 day hospital stay: 1)patients who received antibiotics 7 mean of patients who received antibiotics 11.57 standard deviation 8.81 patients who did not receive antibiotics 18 mean 7.44 standard deviation 3.7 is the duration of hospital days ...
  38. biostats should say x, s, n x=mean s=standard deviation n=number of patients
  39. biostats

    Suppose we divide the patients according to whether or not they received antibiotics, and calculate the mean and standard deviation for each of the two subsamples: answers: x, s, n x sd n Antibiotics 11.57, 8.81, 7 No antibiotics 7.44, 3.70, 18 interpretation: It appears that ...
  40. biostats

    If a have calculated 2 standard deviations from a sample of for example 25 day duration in a hospital for 2 groups ( 1 group was given antibiotics , the other group was not given the antibiotics) The standard deviation for group given antibiotic was 8.23 and the standard ...
  41. statistics check my work..thank you

    Use “service” to assess if there is any difference in duration of hospital stay based on what type of service medical or surgical the patient received during the 25 days in hospital (Key medical=1, surgical=2) what is the sample size, mean and standard deviation? ...
  42. statistics check my work

    Use gender to assess if there is any difference in duration of hospital stay based on gender. what is the sample size, mean, standard deviation of the males and females during the 25 days in the hospital (key 1=male, 2= female) Duration ........Gender 5............. 2 10...
  43. math

    In most geometry courses, we learn that there's no such thing as "SSA Congruence" . That is, if we have triangles ABC and DEF such that AB = DE, BC = EF, and angle A = angle D, then we cannot deduce that ABC and DEF are congruent. However, there are a few special...
  44. maths

    find the equation of the tangent to the curve 3xy^2 -4+2y=29 at the point (1,3)using implicit differentiation.
  45. chemistry

    a weather balloon is filled with helium to a volume of 250 l at sea level, where pressure is 760 mm hg. assuming constant temperature, what will be the volume when the balloon raises to a height of 25 km, where the pressure is only 10 mm hg
  46. Verbal reasoning

    How old is May,if Mary is two years older ,and Robert ,who is a year younger than Mary,will be ten next week?
  47. Verbal reasoning

  48. Verbal reasoning

    If Tom is taller than Mary ,and Mary is taller than Ann ,who was the shortest ?
  49. math

    suppose that $2550 is invested in a saving account with a rate of 8.25%. how much interest will be received in 8 years?
  50. Chemistry

    Thank you so much DrBob222. I really appreciate your help!
  51. Chemistry

    So this is a three part question. I solved the first part correctly but I need help with the second and third. Q: The dissociation equilibrium constants for the protonated form of of alanine (a diprotic amino acid, H2X+)are Ka1 = 4.6 x 10^-3 and Ka2 = 2.0 x 10^-10. Assume that...
  52. Geometry

    2x+y=50 x+1/2y+(a^2+b^2=c^2) x=15
  53. Geometry

    Given: ?ABC, AB = BC Perimeter of ?ABC = 50 Perimeter of ?ABD = 40 Find: BD BD is the altitude and I got 15, 15+20+5=40 20+20+10=50
  54. Geometry

    oh yeah....
  55. Geometry

    Two poles of lengths 10 ft. and 15 ft. are set up vertically with their bases on horizontal ground 12 ft apart. Find the distance between the tops of the poles. I got 7.53 ft is this right, if not can you explain and post solution
  56. Reasoning

    Deborah's father is twice as old she is now.if their ages add up to 45 years how old is Deborah.
  57. Social Studies

    Ooo I get it now thanks you for your help ,the correct answer is C
  58. Social Studies

    I think that because each time Maria pays off the debt in full sooner than expected.
  59. Social Studies

    Maria ivanov has owned a successful clothing boutique chain for 20 years. Sha has gone into debt several times to expand her business.each time she paid off the debt in full sooner than expected. How will Maria's record affect the loans she is offered? She will be offered ...
  60. Social Studies

    In which h economic situation would interest rate decrease? Most people are saving rather than buying houses••• Average families are choosing to invest in new businesses High consumption is driving a surge in the services sector Increased job stability is ...
  61. Geometry

    In rhombus MPKN with an obtuse angle K the diagonals intersect each other at point E. The measure of one of the angles of a ?PKE is equal 16°. Find the measures of all angles of ?PKE and ?PMN.
  62. Geometry

    The distance from the center of a square to its side is 4 yd. Find the perimeter of the square. if you post the answer it would be a big help
  63. Basic Numeracy and statistics (math)

    A rocket is shot into the air with an initial velocity of 800m/sec. The equation h = -16t2+144t models the height of the ball. how long does it take for the rocket to hit the ground (h=0)?
  64. physics 1

    A floating cube is 10 cm on a side and has a density of 800 kg/m^3 . IT is floating in fresh water that has a density of 1000 kg/m^3. what percent of the cube is above the surface of the water? Again, my professor says it is 20%, but how??
  65. physics 1

    Glass has a density of about 2500 Kg/m^3. fresh water has a density of 1000 kg/m^3. if a 5 kg block of glass is sitting on the bottom of a freshwater fish tank, what is the normal force on the floor of the tank? 30N is what my professor says is correct, but im confused how?
  66. Geometry

    How much more pizza is in a 12-in. diameter pizza than an 8-in. diameter pizza? Round your answer to the nearest hundredth. Be sure to show all work and label your answer!
  67. Chemistry

    How many grams of lithium are required to completely react with 61.9 mL of N2 gas at STP
  68. Business

    You are shown a coin that its owner says is fair in the sense that it will produce the same number of heads and tails when flipped a very large number of times.
  69. Geometry

    On the scale drawing of a floor, plan A room is 7 in. long on the scale drawing. Find the actual length of the room.
  70. Physical science

    Calculate the mass of carbon monoxide that was needed to produce 78 grams of methanol by the following reaction: 2H2+CO=CH3OH
  71. Physical science

    Determine the number of moles of sodium hydroxide produced when 2 moles of sodium and 3 moles of water react to form sodium hydroxide and hydrogen gas.
  72. physics

  73. biochemistry

    What is the concentration of H+ in a solution of 0.2 M NaOH? i got [H+] = 5x10^-14, is this correct? all i did was [H+][OH-] = Kw
  74. calculus

    The region bounded by the given curves is rotated about the specified axis. Find the volume V of the resulting solid by any method. y = ?x2 + 7x ? 12, y = 0; about the x-axis
  75. calculus

    Use the method of cylindrical shells to find the volume V generated by rotating the region bounded by the given curves about the specified axis. y = 4x ? x2, y = 3; about x = 1
  76. Algebra

    Factor: 2x^2 +13x-6 Please give step by step directions. I have tried doing it, but I can't get the right numbers. Thanks!
  77. Math

    If you are a connexus student the answer would be point K.
  78. Physics

    A 23.7 kg child, with a 4.35 kg backpack on his back, first stands on a sidewalk and then jumps up into the air. Find the net force (positive up/negative down) on Earth due to the child when the child is (c) standing still and (d) in the air.
  79. math

    if tatiana is planting a garden with an area of 25 square feet. what could the length and width of her garden be
  80. math

  81. physics

    I think that the answer is 1.8 3.6/2(for the time it toke to go up then back down)=1.8 I am only in 7th grade so i am just guessing hope this is the right answer though :)
  82. math

    thank you Reiny
  83. math

    A rope goes from one building to another. The distance between the buildings is 10m, and the rope is tied at each building at a point 8m and 4m from the ground. Find the length of the rope.
  84. Effective Learning Environment

    is this a real classroom?
  85. Effective Learning Environment

    i would pick either c or d
  86. Math

    i was just trying to help :( and i also did not guess and apparently got the right answer i found the area of the cycle then the cylinder
  87. Math

    i think that the area is 213.63
  88. math

    didn't i get the right answer
  89. math

    List the sides of triangle ?MNP in ascending order (shortest to longest) if: m?M = 64°, m?N = 48°, for this one i am not sure if your supposed to find the third angle and or the third side can you guys explain and show me the answer i got 132 degrees but can't find...
  90. math

    In an isosceles triangle, the perimeter is 75 cm and one of the sides is 25 cm. Find all its sides. Can you find all angles of the triangle? Explain your answer.
  91. Trig/PreCalc

    Find the interior angles of the triangle with vertices (-4,1), (1,-6), and (5,-1)
  92. math

    if 5 people want to share a 2 pound sack of potato chips equally by weight, how many pounds of potato chips should each person get?
  93. Math

    A ball is dropped from a height of 16 feet and always rebounds 0.25 of the distance fallen.How high did it rebound the 5th time?
  94. Chemistry

    Hi, How do you know how many ligands a metal ion needs to form a complex ion? So for example, with (Fe(H20)6)2+, how am I supposed to know that the Fe needs 6 H20's, rather than 4? Thank you!
  95. math

    what will it be??
  96. math

    determine which ordered pair is not a solution of y = -5x -4 (10, -52) (7,-39) (-7, 31) (8,-44)
  97. math

    thanks i will
  98. math

    i dont really get it :/
  99. math

    What is the monomial if a cube of a monomial is:1/8 a^27
  100. math

    4/9 b^6 writes as a square of a monomial is it (4/9 b^6)/2
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