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  1. Calculus 2

    Convert r = 1 / (6cos(?)+8sin(?)) to an equation in rectangular coordinates (i.e., in terms of x and y). A similar example I found, where r = 1 / (cos (?) ? sin (?)), found the rectangular equation to be y = x - 1. How would this answer change for my problem now that sin and ...
  2. Calc 2

    Compute the total area of the (infinitely many) triangles in the Figure In the image, the height of all the triangles is 6/7. The x-values for the bases of the triangles from left to right are as follows: 27/64 , 9/16 , 3/4 , 1 Using the formula for the area of a triangle (A...
  3. Math

    here are the answers for connexus B D C C A A A B C D A C D B A C C D welp, thats 100% there you go.
  4. physics

    if an object is pushed along a rough horizontal surface and moves at a constant velocity, then...
  5. Science

    is it B?
  6. Math

    Yolanda buys two types of flowering plants. She buys 36 geraniums and 63 marigolds she wants to plant an eeach row will contain only one type of flowering each row will contain only one type of flowering plant Yolanda uses all the plants she bought in her garden determine the ...
  7. Math

    In the last basketball game, Kevin scored 2 less than a third of his team's points. Part A: Let n represent the number of points Kevin's team scored. Write an expression for the number of points Kevin scored. Part B: Kevin scored 14 points. How many points did the team...
  8. Math

    A 5-pound bag of potatoes costs$3.40 what is the cost per pound
  9. help with math

    A. 36^2 + 9^2 = 1377 DOES NOT EQUAL TO 64^2 = 4096. B. 144^2 + 25^2 = 20736 DOES NOT EQUAL TO 169^2 28561. Am I doing something wrong here?
  10. help with math

    Which would represent proof of the Pythagorean Theorem? A. Right triangle with legs of 36 and 9, as well as the hypotenuse as 64. B. Right triangle with legs of 144 and 25, as well as the hypotenuse as 169. Is it B? I don't know...
  11. math

    what is the expression for 8 less than the product of 5 and -4
  12. Social studies

    Nation states arguing over immigration polices?
  13. Maths

    I just need a base to start to help teach my child: Find the fraction: If 1 is added to it's numerator, then it is equivalent to 1/3. And if 1 is added to it's denominator, then it is equivalent to 1/4
  14. english

    “There is little reason to fear that women will acquire too much courage or fortitude, for their apparent inferiority…” What choice most closely defines the underlined word?
  15. Math/Precal

    how do i solve so left hand side equals right hand side? cos2x=(1-tan^2x)/(1+tan^2x)
  16. accounting

    pido corporation'd general ledger include
  17. Math

    how do i solve for b, when: (2pi/b)=8pi
  18. Chemistry

    how do i figure out "What is the energy of 1 mole of these photons" energy= 2.93x10^-19 wave length = 670.8 nm
  19. Delete Question posted

    Please delete question Posted by Donald on Sunday, January 24, 2016 at 10:00pm.
  20. Precal

    Find all values of theta in radians over radians over the set of all real nunbers given the equation: 2sinthetacostheta=sintheta
  21. Math

  22. Precal

    Find all values of theta in radians over th set of real numbers given the equation. 2sinthetacostheta=sintheta
  23. Precal

    A wheel rolls 140cm while rotating 210 degrees. What is the circumference of the wheel??
  24. Language PLZZ HELP ME!!!!!

    A D D D B cool.
  25. MATH

  26. MATH

    Gay = Happy/joyful. Gay = male homosexual. Lesbian = female homosexual. jman is correct.
  27. Spanish help

    What is wrong with my sentences in Spanish? Vamos a el cine el lunes. Yo compro videojuegos el lunes. El jueves yo voy a el gimnasio. El Domingo yo boy a la playa con mis amigos y comer a un restaruante delicioso. My teacher put circles and letters over the sentences so I'...
  28. Help Math

    Duncan wants to make an aquarium. The aquariums are available in two shapes, spherical (S) or cubical ©. He can choose either goldfish (G) or fantails (F) to keep in his aquarium. Which list shows the different combinations of aquariums and fish from which Duncan can ...
  29. Math

    So, choice A?
  30. math

    During a sale, a store offered a 40% discount on a particular camera that was originally priced at $450. After the sale, the discounted price of the camera was increased by 40%. What was the price of the camera after this increase?
  31. science

    In pea plants, the allele for tall (T) is dominant to the allele for short (t). Which of the following is the percent of offspring that will be tall if a heterozygous plant (Tt) is crossed with a homozygous tall plant? A. 100% B. 75% C. 50% D. 25% i think its B The nucleus of ...

    Which of the following tissues would send a message to the brain indicating that someone has touched something hot? A. Epithelial tissue B. Nervous tissue C. Muscle tissue D. Connective tissue i think its B Which of the following describes the classification of humans? A. The ...
  33. science

    Plant~Deer~Tiger The first step in the energy chain that created the bonds of proteins in the tiger's muscle cells in the food chain shown above is the A. deer the tiger ate. B. plant the deer ate. C. photons the sun made. D. carbohydrates the plant made. i think B
  34. science

    When salt (NaCI) is added to water, it disassociates into Na and Cl-ions. Which of the following types of chemical bond is present in a salt molecule? A. Covalent bond B. Ionic bond C. Hydrogen bond D. Disulfide bond i think its B An example of active immunity is the transfer ...
  35. math

    Which of the following is the number of milliliters in 2 gallons? (Note: 1 gallon = 4.4 liters; 1 liter= 1,000 milliliters) A. 440 B. 880 C. 4,400 D. 8,800 i think its D The hypotenuse (side C) of a triangle is 13 inches long. Which of the following pairs of measurements could...
  36. math

    17. Which of the following is the correct simplified fractional representation of 0.03030? A. 303/1,000 B. 303/10,000 C. 3,030/1,000 D. 3,030/10,000 i think its B
  37. math

    Barry's Blueberry Patch Come and pick your own blueberries for $3.00/lb Purchase prepackaged blueberries for $3.50/lb A family picks 1.7 lb of blueberries and purchases an additional 0.5 lb of prepackaged blueberries. Using the pricing displayed above, which of the ...
  38. math

    Barry's Blueberry Patch Come and pick your own blueberries for $3.00/lb Purchase prepackaged blueberries for $3.50/lb A family picks 1.7 lb of blueberries and purchases an additional 0.5 lb of prepackaged blueberries. Using the pricing displayed above, which of the ...

    A bicyclist can coast down a 5° hill at a constant 6.0 km/h. Assume the force of friction (air resistance) is proportional to the speed v so that Ffr = cv. (a) Calculate the value of the constant c. (b) What is the average force that must be applied in order to descend the...
  40. science

    @Your Helper School is confusing, and a lot of the stuff we learn is something that we will never use in our life, and most likely just forget. However, when we do forget these things it doesn't matter since we don't need to use them, like the scientific name for a ...
  41. Physics-HELP

    An airplane is traveling 775 km/h in a direction 42.5° west of north (Figure 3-31). (a) Find the components of the velocity vector in the northerly and westerly directions. northerly km/h westerly km/h (b) How far north and how far west has the plane traveled after 3.00 h...
  42. Physics-HELP

    An Olympic long jumper is capable of jumping 7.5 m. Assume that his horizontal speed is 8.8 m/s as he leaves the ground. How long is he in the air? How high does he go? Assume that he lands standing upright, that is, the same way he left the ground.
  43. physics

    A child on a sled (total mass 41 kg) slides down a hill inclined at an angle θ = 22° at a constant speed 3.5 m/s. (a) How long does it take the child to travel 40 meters down the slope? (b) What is the frictional force on the sled? (c) What is the coefficient of ...
  44. math help!!!!! Thanks

    yeah bestanwrs is correct! 100%! thx!
  45. math help!!!!! Thanks

    Really? is write, trust him. I got 60% too.
  46. math help!!!!! Thanks

    @all - bestanswers is correct. if you trust laruto and Trust me Im just like you, you will get 60% TRUST BESTANRWERS! really guys, stop being jerks by saying crap, ya mean, I guess most of the people coming on this site are trying to cheat (instead of its intended purpose to ...
  47. Language Arts

  48. Math

    Complete number line from 0 to 3 in thirds. In fractions.
  49. math

    fly happy airlines lets each passenger bring 2 suitcases. their cargo area can hold 30 suitcases. How many passengers can fly on Fly Happy's plane?
  50. math

    there are 4 quarters in a dollar. Steven earned 3 dollars last month. How many quarters did he earn?
  51. Please help me with this question.!!!!!!

    A recording artist released a compilation of songs on the Internet. The scatter plot below shows the number of downloads for her album, in the thousands, over the course of nine days. scatter plot If this trend continues, approximately how many thousands of downloads occurred ...
  52. Please help me with this question.!!!!!!

    Ms sue help help
  53. Please help me with this question.!!!!!!

    Ms. Alison drew a box-and-whisker plot to represent her students’ scores on a mid-term test. box-and-whisker plot Josh received 72 on the test. Describe how his score compared to those of his classmates. (1 point) About 25% scored higher; about 75% scored lower. Everyone ...
  54. Language arts help ms sue.

    1. Based on reading only the title and headings, what would you think the article was about? (1 point) a renewed interest in hunting and fishing an animal population with an uncertain future the threat logging poses to forest animals a group of dinosaurs roaming a local ...
  55. Math

    8 divided by 3/10 = 8 times 10/3= 26.6 repeating decimal 10/3= 3 1/3
  56. ovarian and uterine cycles

    On #6, what part picks up on negative feedback and sends out the command to stop ovulating?
  57. ovarian and uterine cycles

    There are two I could not find. Are those that I have so far correct? 1. Name the hormone that triggers development of a primary follicle. I had no idea. . . 2. The corpus luteum releases progesterone in the luteal phase. 3. Oestrogen and progesterone are two hor mones that ...
  58. PreCalculus

    The x intercept is any x for which y=0. The y intercept is any y for which x=0. x intercept= 5 y intercept= 5/3 or 1 2/3 if you prefer. For the range, is there anything that y cannot be no matter what x is? Google has some great results on the first page for a search of ...
  59. algebra 1

    (n+9) times (n+9) FOIL n^2 +9n + 9n + 81 Do not forget the middle the O and the I (r-11) times (r-11) r^2 - 11r - 11r + 121 Can you guess why the third one is different? The positive and negative terms get rid of each other.
  60. math (check)

    @The right one yeah, its getting out of hand. this sight is a homework help, not a homework cheat. *sigh* these people make me face palm.
  61. Help me with this math ms sue.

    ...why did you just give him the answers?? *facepalm* you guys.., no! Just stop!
  62. Math

    square root of (1-cosx/1+cosx) = cscx - cotx prove the identity
  63. science(CHECK ANSWERS)

    1b 1b 1b 1b
  64. Algebra

    What is the equation of the line that is perpendicular to -x + y = 7 and passes through (-1, -1)?
  65. math

    A student says that the solution of 375 = x – 28 is 347. Explain the student’s error and find the correct answer
  66. Math

    Convert 2x-y>2 to slope intercept form.
  67. Pre-Algebra

    @random spam: *facepalm*
  68. paramount

    Can you help me with a short interpretation for this poem? "A Voice" by Pat Mora.
  69. paramount

    Can you help me with a short interpretation for this poem? "A Voice" by Pat Mora.
  70. social studies

    Jiskha is for homework help, notice the word HELP! Not homework answers, homework help.
  71. Math

    The area of a certain rectangle is 288 yd2 the perimeter is 68 yd. if you double the length and the width what will be the area and perimeter of a new rectangle?
  72. Engineering Econonmy

    You decide to open an IRS-approved retirement account at your local brokerage firm. Your best estimate is that it will earn 9 percent. At the end of each year for the next 25 years, you will deposit $4000 per year into the account (25 total deposits). 3 years after the last ...
  73. Economics

    Ben deposits $5000 now into an account that earns 7.5 percent interest compounded annually. He then deposits $1000 per year at the end of the first and second years. How much will the account contain 10 years after the initial deposit?
  74. physics

    A bicycle traveled 150 meters west from point A to point B. Then it took the same route and came back to point A. It took a total of 2 minutes for the bicycle to return to point A. What is the average speed and average velocity of the bicycle?
  75. General Question

    Delete Posted by Donald on Sunday, January 24, 2016 at 10:00pm.
  76. factoring

    (4x - 11)(4x + 11)
  77. English Grammar

    Is this correct grammar? If you have accomplished what you aimed to do, are you not as equally successful, as the next person?
  78. Physics (easy level)

    What would a Potential energy to velocity^2 graph be?
  79. Economics

    Assuming a constant marginal cost, a lower price elasticity of demand would call for a relatively lower mark-up ration.
  80. Economics

    n auto-service establishment has estimated its monthly cost function as follows: TC = 6000 + 10 Q where Q is the number of cars it services each months and TC represents its total cost. The firm is targeting 35,000 net monthly profit servicing 2000 cars. a. What price should ...
  81. math

    Thank you Ms Sue
  82. math

    One number is four times another. the greater number is x. write an ecpression for the lesser number.
  83. physics

    A swimmer, capable of swimming at a speed of 1.3 m/s in still water (i.e., the swimmer can swim with a speed of 1.3 m/s relative to the water), starts to swim directly across a 2.2-km-wide river. However, the current is 0.91 m/s, and it carries the swimmer downstream. (a) How ...
  84. physics

    On a pleasure cruise a boat is traveling relative to the water at a speed of 4.8 m/s due south. Relative to the boat, a passenger walks toward the back of the boat at a speed of 1.3 m/s. (a) What is the magnitude and direction of the passenger's velocity relative to the ...
  85. Statistics/Math

    the height of American women are normally distributed with a mean of 65.5 and a standard deviation of 2.5 inches. find the Z- scores of the height of 63 and 68 inches
  86. algebra

    Find the number of ways the top four can finish in a race of nine people.
  87. algebra

    Daniel can plant an acre of corn in 6 hours. Working with Amanda, they can plant an acre of corn in 2 hours. How long would it take in hours for Amanda to plant an acre of corn by herself?
  88. algebra 2

    Larger=L, Small=s, L=3S , L-S=34, 3s-s=34, 2s=34, S=34/2, S=17, check L=3(17)=51, 51-17=34, it checks
  89. business

    1. The employees of Abs “R” Us, which includes 12 fitness parlors in and around the metro area, feel they can improve the performance of the company. They decide to pool their resources to purchase the company. This would be called a _______ buyout. A. leveraged C. ...
  90. Chemistry

    Why did you multiply by Avogadro's Number???
  91. 8th grade math

    The sum of three numbers is 81 and their ratio is 3:7:17. What is the value of the smallest number?
  92. PreCalculus

    I'm trying to find the x-intercepts of a polynomial function = 4x^4-3x^3-6x^2+2x+6. I don't want anyone to solve it, could someone please just tell me how to start factoring this so I can find the x-intercepts, I'm lost.
  93. slope math

    Write the equation of a line with the given slope and y-intercept. 1.m=0 b=-3 2.m=-7 b=1/2
  94. pre calc

    The length of a rectangle is three times its width. If the area of the rectangle is 45 ayrds squared , find its perimeter.
  95. math

    find 3/5 of 30
  96. math

  97. physics

    a snowboarder moves down a slope for which theta= 22 degrees. the coefficient of kinetic friction between the board and the snow is 0.21 and her velocity is a constant 8.3 m/s. what will her speed 100 meters past the end of the slope? how far will she slide before coming to a ...
  98. ALgebra

    The different of X-y=5, let x be the small and y be the large , three time the smaller=3x = two more than twice the large=2y+2, we are going to find con the first equation x=y+5 now we are going to plug that value of x in our second equation, 3x=2y+2, 3(y+5)=2y+2, 3y+15=2y+2, ...
  99. Physics

    A child goes down a playground slide that is inclined at an angle of 24.5° below the horizontal. Find the acceleration of the child given that the coefficient of kinetic friction between the child and the slide is 0.305.
  100. physics

    SOMEBODY ANSWER THIS PLEASE, Two people pull as hard as they can on ropes attached to a 170 kg boat. If they pull in the same direction, the boat has an acceleration of 1.59 m/s2 to the right. If they pull in opposite directions, the boat has an acceleration of 0.518 m/s2 to ...
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