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A rectangle's length and width is a ratio of 17:2. The area is 136 square yards. What is the length and width. I have no idea on how to even attempt to work this problem. Please help!

A rectangles length and width are in a ratio of 17:2. The area is 136 square yards. What are the length and width. Have no idea how to even start to work this problem other than 17L X 2w= 136

SS Checj My ANSWERS Please
Thank you.

Science (grade 7)
What Unit? What Lesson?

C D A A 100%

Whose attitude towards Scrooge is the most severe? Marley's Bob Cratchit's the Ghost of Christmas Present**** Mrs. Cratchit's

the Ghost of christmas present

Whose attitude towards Scrooge is the most severe? Marley's Bob Cratchit's the Ghost of Christmas Present Mrs. Cratchit's

When hired at a new job selling jewelry, you are given two pay options: Option A: Base salary of $16,000 a year, with a commission of 10% of your sales Option B: Base salary of $20,000 a year, with a commission of 3% of your sales In order for option A to produce a larger ...


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What change in temperature is neeeded when 40.0g of water absorbs 2500 calories of heat?

Find the amount of energy absorbed by 10.0 g of water when the temperature is increased from 10.0 degrees celcius to 20.0 degrees celcius? What is this amount in calories? KCAL?

Global Economics
RedBall Productions is a new company based in Orem, Utah. RedBall supplies stock images of still photography. Utah's state corporate income tax consists of a flat tax rate of 5% on all corporate income. RedBall Production's taxable income in 2005 was $500,000. What ...

Genetics 160


its ri8 man..

Life orientation
5 human problems impact of flood on the community provide relevent sources to support your claim

math 5th grade

math 5th grade

A 1100 wrecking ball hangs from a 10 -long cable. The ball is pulled back until the cable makes an angle of 28.0 with the vertical.By how much has the gravitational potential energy of the ball changed?


2.65E4 moles e x (6.022E23 e/mole e) x (1 e/1g) = ? kg.

what is the name of the compound (cooh)ch=ccl(cooh)

1.5 revolutions. If it starts at 3 rev/sec and ends at 0 rev/sec and decelerates uniformly, then the avg is 1.5 rev/sec. It spent 1 second, so 1.5 rev/sec * 1 sec = 1.5 rev

Magnitude of the force (F):bullet mass: 1.9g 1/2 x mv^2 = F x d 1/2 x 1.9 g x 373^2 = F x 0.125 F = 1057.4 N Time (t): 1.9g x 373 =1057.4 x t t = 6.7 x 10^-4 s

7th grade
Help! It makes no sense!!!

Given a colored end product is produced, the presence of protein could be detected by spectrophotometry. Outline how you would go about determining the appropriate wavelength to use and the amount of protein in a sample. For the first part, is that like a simple procedure on ...

how do you solve cot theta divided by csc theta is equal to cos theta?

Math- consecutive intigers
ang dali lang pala ng intigers

Bob is right, it did not complete 3 revolutions, but the answer for a) is still correct, for the wrong reason. Wheel completes 2 revolutions in 3 seconds. Period is amt of time to complete 1 revolution. Think of it as a distance problem. Distance (# of revolutions) = Rate (...

MN history
ok im woking on my project and like i don't know wat to do please HELP MEEEE We need more information in order to help you. A project on what topic? What kind of project?

in washington
by 2004 NASA wants to have a moon base that would be a base for trips to what planet Go to and enter nasa moon base -- see what results you get. If you don't get what you want, alter the search words a bit. =)

a propane explosion flattened an industrial warehouse in wisconsin's biggest city name the city You choose: =)

tis the season
starting on christmas eve tbs will air 24 hours of what classic christmas movie aout ralphie parker Just go to and click on Schedule -- then choose Dec 24 and voila!,,21122406,00.html =)

this n that
who got the most grammy nominations last week with 8 Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "eight grammy nominations" to get this information: Mariah Carey received eight Grammy nominations for her comeback CD, The Emancipation...

russia's KGB secret service is now called the A CIA B FSB C ICU I believe it is FSB. a study says residents of what state beat all others in charitable giving? A- New York B-North Dakota C- Utah

bowl bound
Who will face the ohio state in the BCS title game There are several results here that should answer your questions. =)

a propane explosoin flattened an industrial warehouse in Wisconsin's biggest city. Name the city Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "propane explosion Wisconsin" to get this information: Propane leak likely source of ...

In washington
John bolton resigned as U.S. ambassador to: A italy B china C the UN the UN

iraq study group
the iraq study shares pres. bushes goal of a: A. unified iraq B.partitioned iraq C. dissolved iraq B and C are not what the President has stated is his goal. A unified

for the first time an impersonator competion will be held at elvis'home in Memphis. ITS: A-the magic kingdom B-mar-a-largo C-graceland This is for the newsame at school Graceland

I have to do a report at school about how the movie Tom Sawyer and the book are different but I cant seem to remember toms little brothers name has anyone read the book and know? Thanks post back =)

does anyone know of a worker of the WPA in the morris or surrounding areas. If so post. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum again. Do you mean Morris, Ill? It is always helpful to clearly describe what you need. The following site is where you will find murals ...

history to psyDag
I'm talking about the workers project administration and I think I will be studying who or how many workers built buildings. I also want to know where they were built. Thanks, Mak This site will give you statistics and general information on the WPA. http://en.wikipedia....

How should I attempt to start a reasearch paper on the WPA? Which WPA are you talking about? Western Psychological Association? What aspects are you trying to explore in the WPA? You first need to determine what specific topic you want to explore. I searched Google under the ...

What did they do? I was only able to scan the word I didn't have time to read on? Sorry I should have been more detailed.

why did the wpa have an important role in our history books