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  1. Calculus

    so for #3 would it be for every 20 gallons, the amount of miles the car is able to travel goes down by 0.05?
  2. Calculus

    The fuel consumption (gallons per hour) of a car traveling at a speed of v miles per hour is c = f(v). 1) What is the meaning of the derivative f ' (v)? answer: rate of change of fuel consumption as miles go up 2) What are its units? answer: miles per gallon 3) Write a ...
  3. Calculus

    Find the implicit differentiation for each. 1) x^2 = (x-y) / (x+y) 2) (x+y)^3 + (x-y)^3 = x^4 + y^4
  4. Math

    There are a total of 81 coins that equal $5.75. There are only dimes and nickels in the container. How many dimes are there? How many nickels are there?
  5. History on Middle Ages(PLEASE HELP NOW)

    Im from connexus!
  6. math

    Draw 3 possible rectangular gardens Nan could make that use 360 feet of fencing. Include the length and width of each garden
  7. Math

    Hudson is already 40 miles away from home on his drive back to college. He is driving 65 mi/hr. Write an equation that models the total distance d travelled after hours h. What is the graph of the equation. When Phil started his new job, he owed the company $65 for his ...
  8. Medical teminology

    Thank you
  9. Medical teminology

    What is the Prefix, Suffix, and word root of the following questions. Antidote asymptomatic benign coagulate convalescence plasma therapy
  10. math

  11. Medical teminology

    uhhhh. tahnx, Is this the kind of help you get on this website, i mean really i already checked tHAT, wouldnt anyones first choice would be to GOOGLE IT?
  12. Medical teminology

    *I can
  13. Medical teminology

    Does anyone know a website where i cna search up the meaning of the prefix, suffix, and word root of the following terms: asymptomatic, benign, coagulate, convalescence, suture, therapy, plasma, and antidote?
  14. math

    The population of the US is about 3.02 X 10^8, and the average American uses about 1.5x10^2 gallons of water per day. Could this lake supply the American population with water for 1 day?
  15. Physics

    A 25 kg mass is on a level, rough surface where the force of friction is a constant 15 N. A horizontal applied force of 65 N acts on the mass. The mass is initially at rest. What speed does that mass have after being moved 2.0m?
  16. physics

    What is the speed of the bee if it travels 27 cm in 10 seconds?
  17. 10th grade, spanish three

    ¿Quién habla por teléfono todos los días? (Who spoke by phone every day?)
  18. English Writing

    could you correct that? Nowadays, we are in touch with bully, in television, news, friends, schools, and workplace. Bullying is a stubborn, conscious manners planned to hurt another person, either physically or emotionally. Within the past years bullying can turn violent and ...