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Might just be zero. Looking to the left most digit, round it with the number to the right of it. For example, 24,899 would round down to 20,000. And 43.98 would round to 40.

The square root of a squared number is that number... it cancels it out. So basicaly all you got to do is (3-5)/8=-.25

5th grade math
One way you can solve this is by drawing a diagram. For example, a rectangle 16 cm by 12 cm. From that you will get the general idea of what it looks like. Then starting at one corner, which would be 0, make dots every 4 cm. Now for the long side, 16 cm, your should get 5 ...

A student takes a 32 question multiple choice exam but did not study and randomly guesses each answer. Each question has three possible choices for the answer. Find the probability that the student guesses more than 75% of the questions correctly. (Round your answer to three ...