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  1. Algebra

    heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Connections academy homie whats brackin?
  2. 8th grade math

    ^no she's not dumb ass you just have different questions
  3. Algebra

    lol bullsh!t
  4. Art World Culture

    Yololo is right.
  5. Math

    hey someone finally posted the right answers.
  6. Polynomials

    fuuuuuk ya
  7. Pre Algebra

    hahahaha fu-ck connexus
  8. Math help!!!! Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!

    What are the answers?
  9. Math Ms. Sue please

    they are the same answers idiot
  10. math

    thanx john
  11. Algebra

    why are u dumbasse's still posting the answers?
  12. Theoretical&Experimental Probability please help!

    f/uck off
  13. Statistics

    its B #connexus sucks a$$