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Which equation represents the perpendicular bisector of AB whose endpoints are A(8,2) and B(0,6)? 10 y=2x-4 20 y=-1/2x=2 3) y=-1/2x =6 4)y=2x-12 So I did Delta Y over Delta X and got -4/8 or -.5. Since it says perpendicular I made it the opposite sign and flipped it and got 8/...

Every question above mine is answered. Did anyone take the time to read this? I don't even want a solution just the steps I need.

The perimeter of a triangle is 50. The length of the sides of a smaller, similar triangle are 5, 6, and 9. FInd the sides of the larger triangle. What steps would I take to solve this?

Explain the basic features of Dravidian and Aryan religious structures which became the basis of Hinduism. I jest need some more to add on to what I already have. Thanks. Dravidian (Harappan) religion had strong beliefs about fertility. Harappan worshipped gods and goddesses ...